Beyond Bacteria

A Perk for contributing $2,500 or more
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by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego)

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This item has been discontinued by The Microsetta Initiative (UC San Diego).

Deeper shotgun metagenome and virome characterization of one sample, plus additional marker gene sequencing (16S rRNA, 18S rRNA and ITS, for you sequencing wonks) to characterize not just the bacteria but also the viruses, microbial eukaryotes (like giardia), and fungi in your gut. This Perk allows you to see everything, not just the bacteria, that’s in there. 18S rRNA is similar to 16S rRNA but for eukaryotes (like us); ITS is the internally transcribed spacer, a very fast-evolving region that lets you see very detailed information about the species that are there.

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