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THE BAKA are indigenous Pygmy hunter-gatherers living in the Congo basin. Due to the logging and mineral riches of their forest home they are being pressurised to leave and live in roadside villages ...


They are indigenous Pygmy hunter-gatherers living in the Congo basin who carry thousands of years of irreplaceable knowledge of the rainforest.


Due to the logging and mineral riches of their forest home they are being pressurised to leave and live in roadside villages where they face ruthless discrimination, abuse and loss of their culture.


THE FOREST VOICES TOUR - On the pilot tour in March 2014 we showed that The Forest Voices Tour both raised the Baka’s self-esteem and gave them a voice. Help us reach more communities in 2015.


In March 2014, Global Music Exchange(GME) organised a unique tour. Baka musicians from a remote part of Cameroon near the Congo border performed concerts in Baka communities around the Dja Reserve, where they have been in villages for the last 20 years. The music brought the communities together and we also showed films of Baka life and Baka discussions. We followed this by letting Baka speak to camera to express their views and wishes.

During this pilot stage we performed in 5 different communities and the feedback from all concerned was amazing. The only criticism was that we didn't go to enough communities. We intend to remedy this by raising the money for a more extensive tour in 2015.

Right now the Baka are facing huge pressure to leave their forest home to settle in roadside villages. They are told it is for their own good "to give them better access to healthcare and education". In reality they have little to look forward to except, at best hard labour, at worst alcoholism and prostitution.

One village we went to was Mintom. The Baka of Mintom have been settled for many years and have had good schooling. However their comments to camera show that their education makes no difference to the way they are discriminated against.

The people who make the decisions that affect the Baka's lives never hear what the Baka themselves think. The Forest Voices Tour will make their voices heard.


Transport is a large cost as there are only dirt roads in the area. The cost of a bus, including driver, assistant and fuel is 100,000cfa per day (about $200). During the pilot we realised that a better, simpler sound system would be needed. This would also give the oportunity for us to teach locals the skills in operating it.

The £14.8k goal will enable us to take 12 musicians to 15 different communities over a period of 20 days, supported by 2 professional technical crew members from Britain.

If we achieve this goal it will also pay for equipment that can be left with the musicians' community after the tour, and enable them to work as musicians, raising more well needed money for their community.

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Video download of song "We Are the Baka"
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Live performance of the Baka musicians and children sing "Nous Sommes Les Baka" filmed in the Cameroon rainforest
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Download of album, "Kopolo"
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Baka Gbiné's album recorded in the Cameroon rainforest in 2012
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CD of "Kopolo" by Orchéstre Baka Gbiné
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Physical CD of the album recorded in the Cameroon rainforest 2012 sent to your home. Also a download of the album while you're waiting for the CD to arrive.
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Download of "Kopolo" and "Gati Bongo"
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The 2 CDs by the Baka band, Orchéstre Baka Gbiné
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CDs of "Gati Bongo" and "Kopolo"
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The 2 great CDs by Baka Gbiné sent to your home
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A handmade Baka sleeping mat
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A beautiful handmade Baka sleeping mat made by the Baka women. This will be made to order between January and March 2015 in Cameroon.
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A Baka carrying basket
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Hand-made to order between January and March 2015 by the Baka in Cameroon. Also makes a great laundry basket
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