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Be a Star for the FOXY LADY ROCKS THE SKY. The premiere of Nereida's new exhibit will show society that art shows can be as amped as rock concerts, and that visual artists should get some rock star treatment too. See the whole story

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Jimi Hendrix got it right; it’s all about the experience.

It was an early Monday morning on August 18th, 1969, when Jimi Hendrix finally graced the stage at Woodstock. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to witness that very moment when he electrified the 'Star Bangled Banner' and sent shock waves through the galaxy, only to forever solidify himself as a rock music icon. Every time I hear his songs, I think about that day, a moment in the life of a star that shined so bright, only to burn out so quickly.

The lives of the stars, both past and present, have always fascinated me.

I guess that's why they have been the subject of so many portrait drawings and paintings over more than 40 years of my life. It’s as though each stroke of the pencil or paintbrush takes me into this place where I’m actually in the company of Jimi or Marilyn or Tupac…the A-list goes on. I hear their songs, I watch their movies, I read their stories, and I feel a connection so strong that I am compelled to show the world something I cannot explain in words... they've whispered something in my ear that they want you to see through my eyes.  Maybe that's because I see more than their fame; I see their brokenness, and I identify with them.  I see their humanity, their joys, their pains, their failures and their fears, and I identify with them, because I really know that none of us are perfect in any way, shape or form. And that's why I’m so fired-up to produce an art show so on fire that you may never look at art the same way again.

The Exhibit

Over the past several months I have been working on my newest exhibit entitled “FOXY LADY ROCKS THE SKY: Welcome to My Starry Night”, an explosion of paintings, drawings and more, of the people who, in my opinion, "rocked".   I will be premiering the exhibit in my hometown of Rochester, NY, aka 'the Roc', in the Summer of 2014, with a 2-day event featuring a "rock star" style   Opening Night Premiere Party, followed by an all-day public viewing of the exhibit before I take it on the road; yes, the plan is to take "Foxy Lady Rocks the Sky" on tour. It’s time to let the world know that when it comes to the arts, the Roc is a creative force to be reckoned with. By kicking-off the tour with a Red Carpet Opening Night Party, the event aims to bring to this city that LA/Miami/NYC art scene vibe, where artists are more like rock stars and art shows are highly anticipated, must-attend events.  I'm fashioning this party after the one I went to in NYC at SPA Nightclub during Fashion Week in 2001, where I just happened to be sitting on a sofa when the cameras started flashing away and bodyguards rushed the couple sitting next to me, Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson, out of the club. That's the vibe I want at my art show. Why?  It's simple. I hope that it will change many people's thinking that artists should remain poor and obscure, while our art shows are uptight and boring.

I’ve been a struggling artist my entire life, and frankly I’m done with the whole ‘starving artist’ scene. I’m ready to be a rock star in this art world!  Without artists drawing and painting portraits to immortalize their subjects, or designing album covers, posters, flyers, t-shirts, videos, photo shoots, and magazine covers, celebrities would have a much tougher challenge conveying that rock star image. By premiering this exhibit in Hollywood style I hope that people will see visual artists in a different light, and respect us as much as the rock stars, the rap stars, the sports stars, or the movie stars that use our creative talents to help catapult them to stardom. 

The Expectation

Now I expect to hear, “But this is Rochester; it’s not LA, Miami, or NYC.”

Let's back up a few paragraphs, please.  You know, Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock...The Woodstock Music & Art Fair took place on a  dairy farm 40 miles south of the town of Woodstock, but because it was originally supposed to take place in Woodstock, it put that teeny little town on the map in a big way.  People from all over the world still flock there to this very day, even if it’s just to get a glimpse of the place where the biggest music event in history took place.  Many thought it would be just another outdoor concert; no one expected that it would draw hundreds of thousands of people!  Now I’m not saying “FOXY LADY ROCKS THE SKY” will be anything like Woodstock.  But did you know that a few big names: Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, by some accounts, didn't think that Woodstock was going to be a big deal and missed out?  Whatever their reasons were for not being a part of it, I'll never know. But one thing I do know is that with your help “FOXY LADY ROCKS THE SKY” can be a big deal and whether you're actually there at the event, or you're involved in making it happen, you will never have to say that you "missed it".

By contributing to my Fundrazr campaign you will be an integral part of the process in bringing this entire experience to life. The funds collected will be used for materials (paint, canvas, brushes, etc.) needed to complete the large pieces of the exhibit, as well as help to defray the event costs including venue rental (it is rock star fabulous! and I will post that info as soon as it is confirmed), promotional advertising, and exhibition installation. Your contribution will enable me to deliver the most amazing art show experience for all who attend, as well as keep me focused on creating what I hope will be the most beautiful paintings I've ever done. Any funds received over the goal amount will go towards touring this exhibit to other cities, so your contribution could very well be instrumental in bringing “FOXY LADY ROCKS THE SKY” to your area because I would love to come and meet you.

To keep updated with all that is happening with "Foxy Lady Rocks the Sky" please visit the official website .


I’ve been drawing portraits for about as long as I’ve been alive. I guess I just wanted to be like my mom; she was an amazing seamstress who used to sketch these beautiful illustrations of her fashion designs. She taught me to draw by having me copy pictures of models out of her Vogue magazines. And then I just couldn’t stop.

When I was in the 3rd grade I had to do a book report on the biography of John F. Kennedy, and even though I forget whether we had to include a picture or not, I do remember drawing his face on a piece of orange construction paper. I was already addicted to art so I’m sure I wanted to draw him. But that was the first famous person I did and I remember feeling personally connected to him. Maybe it was all of the stories my mom would sit and tell us about all the news makers during those years. I mean, JFK was assassinated only 2 years before I was born, so it was, no doubt, still fresh in the minds of so many. I could see how much his death affected her even though she never met him. I’m certain that is why I have always felt a need to know as much as I can about my subject, famous or not, in order to capture his or her spirit in the portrait. I already knew some facts after reading his biography, but it was my mom’s thoughts of him that made JFK come alive to me.


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