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Croatian composer Nenad Bach comes to America to reinvent himself in rock & roll and spread his message of peace throughout the world, with music as his vehicle. A documentary film by Vic Zimet & Co-Producer Stephanie Silber. See the whole story

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In the early 90’s, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (parts of the former Yugoslavia) were engaged in a blood-soaked war for independence. During these years, the region gave birth to the term "ethnic cleansing." Composer/rocker Nenad Bach wrote the song "Can We Go Higher" as a call for peace in his homeland. Having made a home in the United States during the 80's, he was nonetheless horrified to see the ravages of war in the once bucolic land he grew up in.

As a result, he was compelled in 1992 to mobilize a group of like-minded artists, among them the Indigo Girls, Richie Havens, Martin Sheen, Ellen Burstyn, and many more, to film the video for "Can We Go Higher" to help raise awareness about the atrocities taking place back home, even as the whole world was watching. It was this musical effort that caught the attention of producers at CBS magazine show, STREET STORIES, with host Ed Bradley, and a segment was created around Nenad. As if by destiny, the editor assigned to the story was Victor Zimet, who was profoundly moved by the artist and his message. Though the segment was seen by millions, Zimet felt that it was just the tip of the iceberg, and that there was much more to convey. Seven years later, he mobilized and began filming Nenad's story as it unfolded. As a filmmaker, he felt that Nenad was a person who had a mission statement of peace and justice, and wants to use music as his art and his venue to make us all think, as Nenad's band mate Joe DeSanctis was later to comment. This ethos informs the film, EVERYTHING IS FOREVER, as Zimet delves deep into the soul of an artist, who to this day has unfinished business.

The initial goal for the film is an alternative theatrical release which would have the Nenad Bach Band perform after screenings, at festivals , theaters, bars & any other suitable venues.

The Filmmaker : Vic Zimet & Co-Producer Stephanie Silber

My partner, Stephanie Silber, and I run a small, independent film production company called Home Team Productions and have been making films for over 30 years and have profiled some pretty amazing people, including Max Patkin, the Clown Prince of Baseball; singer Cyndi Lauper; Oscar winner Robert Duvall; and Rory Gallagher, a rocker too good for the Stones.  Each of these films explores the truths, the process, and the passions of these extraordinary people.


Our last indie film, RANDOM LUNACY, tells the story of post-modern hobo Poppa Neutrino, a man who raised his family homeless by choice. 

Over the course of its three-year long festival run, it became a world-wide favorite. The run concluded with the film's selection for the prestigious Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers, where it played to packed houses in eight states.

The Subject : Nenad Bach

Nenad was a rock star in Croatia, his native country, but in 1984 he made the decision to expatriate in order to follow his dream of finding a US market for his music. The singer/ songwriter has appeared, Zelig-like with musicians ranging from Bono to Pavarotti to Garth Hudson of The Band. He has hobnobbed with actors and heads of state in his role of unofficial ambassador for peace, having experienced the trauma of war back home, to emerge empowered to effect change. His song, CAN WE GO HIGHER?, became an anthem in Croatia. He remains committed to his work as "a citizen of the world," and as a tireless antiwar activist, the driving passion which infuses his life and the music he creates.

Nenad also writes and records music for film and theater. He has scored many features and short films. One such project was “King of Cool,” an AMC biopic about the life of Steve McQueen. He also scored the Mladen Juran film “Transatlantic”, the 1999 Academy Award (Croatian) entry for Best Foreign Film. Other projects include “The Making and the Meaning of We Are Family” film by Danny Schechter in 2002; “Justice” by Evan Oppenheimer in 2003; and “Freedom from Despair” by Brenda Brkusic in 2004. We were thrilled to have Nenad contribute to the score for RANDOM LUNACY.

The Process

The making of Everything is Forever has at times felt like forever, as over the course of 15 years I have traveled the world with Nenad as he traversed the rocky terrain of the music business. As a crew of one I was able to capture most intimately the heartbreaks and exhilaration that emerge from creation. Nenad has made a Herculean effort to not only get his songs heard but his message of peace heard as well. One of the highlights of this journey was  to bear witness to his recording the haunting acappella sounds of Klapa, a Croatian folk form, with its universal themes of love, the sea, and the human fight for freedom.

The Money

The film has been edited and the funds raised will go toward mixing, online/ color correction, poster & art design, footage acquisition, DVD replication, and a host of other post production tasks. In the scheme of things $15,000 is a relatively low number for all that needs to be achieved, but as a guerrilla filmmaker I have learned how to turn small budgets in to a very professional finish.

When the film is finished, then what?

When the film is mastered, we will then build upon our success with RANDOM LUNACY, which screened internationally in selected festivals and art houses. We were honored to be selected for the Southern Circuit Tour. In addition, RANDOM LUNACY was awarded Best Documentary at the Connecticut Film Festival in 2009, which led to multiple screenings in the state over the course of that year. The alternative theatrical run also included screenings in libraries, lofts, and even on the deck of a tanker harbored in Brooklyn, NY.

To promote and publicize EVERYTHING IS FOREVER optimally, we will add an exciting new component; a live performance by The Nenad Bach Band after each screening. This will create a one of a kind event.

Digitally, we will once again use our contacts to get the film placed. For example, RANDOM LUNACY is available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Roku, and many other platforms. RANDOM LUNACY and another of our films, BLACK 47 at CONNOLLY'S, just completed a two-year run on Hulu. Our early efforts in distribution were featured as case studies in trade journals MICROFILMMAKER and STUDIO DAILY.

Anyone Can Help

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