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OBJECTIVE: Create a New caring shelter close to Bucharest, Romania - RHS DOG SANCTUARY to rescue and care 1.000 DOGS FROM DEATH ROW from Mihailesti, Bragadiru and Pallady Public Shelter Romania.

- 1 sqm of land costs 1 Eur.

- Each Eur you are donating will help us buy 1sqm of land where to build the RHS DOG SANCTUARY .

Our goal is to buy 10.000 sqm land.

So 10.000 Euros will cover the price of 10.000sqm land we will buy on a location close to Bucharest, 20-40km away, so it would be close to the public shelters we are rescuing dogs from.

After we will be able to buy the land, we will built the first paddocks to host the 150 dogs we curently care on the rental shelter we carry on in Curtea de Arges.

We rescued the 150 dogs in February and March 2016 from Mihailesti Bragadiru and Pallady kill stations next to Bucharest.

Our rental shelter is 150km away from Bucharest. This distance makes very difficult the rescue and imply big costs on transporting the dogs. For this reason we will buy the land not too far from Bucharest.

We will make a concret foundation, fence it with 2m high net and divide the area into paddoks. Each will have waterproof doghouses for 4-6 dogs and a playground so each dog will have a minimum 10sqm place to play. 

In the future, we hope to be able to build one new paddok every month to meet our goal which is to offer care in our shelter for 1.000 stray dogs we rescue from the death row with your generous help.

WHY: In Romania, stray dogs are killed after 14 days they were captured from the street and placed in public shelteres, if not adopted. As animal rights activists, today we are in despair, because even after having saved an animal from certain death in a killing station or unimaginable suffering in horror shelters, there is simply NO PLACE TO GO.
Animal Shelters are over-flooding and local non profit organizations or activists can not shoulder the financial implications of giving food, shelter and basic medical care to thousands of dogs in despair.

RHS DOG SANCTUARY is a chance to change this scenario.

With your help and the donations of animal rights supporters from around the world, we can provide a perspective for animals in need.

RHS DOG SANCTUARY will be a rescue center and a temporary home to dogs rescued from killing stations and unbearable suffering. We will provide food, shelter and medical care until they can be placed in a new permanent home.

WHO WE ARE: We are the youngest dog rescue and welfare organisation in Bucharest, Romania, under the name Romanian Humane Society - Animal rescue & welfare.

We are a goup of volunteers from all over the world - Germany, Australia, Louxemburg, France and Romania - helping on rescuing stray dogs scheduled to be put to sleep in Romanian state shelters.
We organise the rescue operations and bring the dogs to safe shelters.

When needed, we fundraise for covering the cost of the vet treatment of the rescued dogs.
Since December 2015, we rescued over 500 dogs.

Our page:

TIMING : please help us ASAP as daily there are caught at least 10 dogs in each of the Mihailesti, Pallady and Bragadiru public shelters, and each of them have no more than 14 days before they are put to sleep.

With your help, we hope to reach our goal no later than July 2016, so then we will have time to build the paddocks before the winter will come. 

MEANING your generosity - THANK YOU in advance for your generosity. Each Eur counts to save these poor dogs from death.

No amount is too small.

1 Eur can SAVE a DOG from the DEATH ROW.



The “ROMANIAN HUMANE SOCIETY - ANIMAL RESCUE AND WELFARE” Association is incorporated based on OG.26/2000 and according to the by-law, incorporated by court judgement no.43/31.03.2015 passed by the 4th sector district court Bucharest in the file no. 5196/4/2015, registered in the register of associations and foundations at the 4th sector District Court Bucharest under no.24/06.05.2015, tax code 34578697, bank account no. RO85BREL0002000932760100/RON, RO04BREL0002000932760200/EUR, RO29BREL0002000932760300/USD, RO36BREL0002000932760400/GBP opened at Libra Internet Bank, SMB branch, Bucharest, seated at Calea Serban Voda nr.41, ground floor, 4th district, Bucharest, Romania, postal code 040202, e-mail:


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