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The CYD Santa María Horse Rescue Needs Your Help!
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Imagine a picturesque farm in the foothills of Southern Spain with wildflowers and horses dotting the fields in the distance. You approach the farm and notice the home is abandoned and those horses aren’t sleeping, they are dead, littering the field in various states of decomposition. Then you see a young mare, not more than a skeleton with rotting flesh with hundreds of flies hovering over her, as she lifts her head ever so slightly, her big eyes pleading for mercy. Then you see another move and you realize some of these emaciated horses are still alive, grasping at life with each labored breath. The stench is unbearable and tears run down your cheeks as you shake in disbelief.  No, this is not a scene from a movie. This is a common occurrence in the life of Concordia Marquez of the CYD Santa Maria and the type of rescue she performs.

No animal should ever experience this abuse. The CYD responds to these situations and rehabilitate and resituates these horses. Sometimes euthanasia is in order to put an end to the suffering.

More than 40 horses were found abandoned on a farm. Extreme cases of abuse, such as this one, is what the CYD deals with on a daily basis. 

Concordia began the CYD more than 10 years ago when she saw a need for a safe haven for abandoned and mistreated horses who have experienced the worst in life. The CYD takes in extreme cases of abuse and neglect and rehabilitates and adopts out as many of the horses as they can.  Some even live out the remainder of their lives at the CYD, away from harms reach. The decision to put one down is always a hard one, and not one to be taken lightly, but to have a humane death surrounded by love in those final moments, rather than suffer, is sometimes the only solution.

The CYD does denouncia's against owners who subject their horses to neglect and abuse. That is legal action where the owners are fined and the horse is taken to safety at the CYD.

For every horse the Cyd rescues, there are hundreds, if not thousands, that don't make it in time.

The CYD will take legal action, a denouncia, and remove neglected animals from their owners. Some horses are left to rummage for food as they are no longer wanted. Some of these horses wonder into roadways causing accidents while others starve to death when food isn't found. The CYD is doing all it can to put an end to this.For every horse the CYD rescues, there are hundreds, if not thousands, out there that need assistance. Concordia also provides education to the community, so perhaps the next generation will ensure a better life for the horses. You will see her on television and in newspaper articles pleading her case. She has also taken her cause to Parliament, and even spearheaded a petition, which now encompasses horses under the domesticated animal laws rather than as property to be disposed of whenever you want as they were previously. This enables the CYD to perform denuncias, and hold those that abuse or abandon horses financially and legally liable.

 The local authorities work alongside Concordia and volunteers from the CYD as they remove horses from an abusive situation. Although the CYD responds to pleas for help, they do not receive any federal funding. The CYD relies on donations and volunteers.

The CYD needs your donations to help with veterinary care and supplies.But the CYD cannot do it alone. They receive no federal funding and rely solely on volunteers and donations. Volunteers and donations are at an all time low and they need your help to continue their effort. The Cyd is currently caring for 230 animals, some are fostered out but many remain on the premises. Their feed and vet bills are tremendous and they sometimes are down to the last couple bales of hay when miraculously a donation will come in or extended credit is once again given. What they need now is a miracle. They are in desperate need of money to pay for feed and needed veterinary care. From the crack of dawn until the wee hours of the night, Concordia, her sister Virginia and their ranch hand Luciano, work tirelessly, under the unbearable heat or relentless rain. They have given their lives to ensure these horses who have gone through so much receive a better life.

Luciano, the CYD's ranch hand, sits with a horse. Concordia, Virginia and Luciano have spent many nights with the horses to help them survive.

A blacksmith volunteers his skills to rehabilitate one of the many rescued horses.

Many of the horses require veterinary care which comes at a big cost for the CYD.Imagine that farm in the foothills with happy horses frolicking in their pastures, their bellies fed, knowing they are cared for and loved by their owners. That is Concordia’s dream - to end the abuse and the neglect and for the animals to no longer suffer. For now, those horses that are lucky enough to be saved by Concordia have a chance at that dream. For the others, let’s hope for a miracle, and work together to help Concordia fulfill her dream. This was love at first sight. After experiencing the worst in life, this horse is now loved and cared for.

The CYD has 230 animals to date. Your donation will help with feed and veterinary care. When the animals are rehabilitated, they are ready to be resituated, or live their lives out in peace at the CYD.Please donate what you can to the CYD Santa Maria as no donation is too small. All donations go directly to the CYD and will be used to purchase food and pay for veterinary care. Share this with everyone you know and ask them to do the same. Feel free to contact Concordia or myself if you have other ways you would like to help. She is looking for a miracle. I believe if we work together, that miracles can happen.

A couple of the lucky ones.

Happy horses safe from abuse on the grounds of the CYD.

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