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Magna Carta The Great Writ is unique. Other cultures gave us wonderful things - like democracy and philosophy. Science, arithmetic and trigonometry. Architecture and art. Structure and order. Then, for the first time, in 1215 AD the rights and liberties of the individual were recognized as the cornerstone of a peaceful society and they were codified. Individual Freedom was born.

Magna Carta set the path, it shone a light in a new direction, it showed mankind the way forward. The men of that day used specific examples to define general principles. Principles that live to this day. We have lost that path. We have lost sight of the light. We are drifting. It is time once again to find the path towards individual rights and liberties that began 800 years ago.

Magna Carta Canada Group shall, with your help and financial
support, fight to gain back or strike new codified rights and liberties for the individual within Canada. We will fight for privacy rights, property rights and a government that once again has limited power over free people. This will be done through aggressive lobbying, media messaging and stalwart defiance of further social engineering by showing Canadians that they must have resolve and passion in order to preserve what they hold dear. To show Canadians how to say NO.

The goals include, but are not limited to:

Property Rights -Amend the Constitution to codify and entrench Property Rights under Section 7 of the Constitution -

Self Defence-Modification of C-26 specifically to reflect a codified right to self defence, the defence of property and the defence of life.

Firearms- Rescinding of C-68, C-17, C-42

Privacy Rights -Introduction of a codified right under the Canadian Charter for the protection of private information -Elimination of warrantless entry and seizure -Elimination of C-51

Restriction of Government -Elimination of the powers of Order In Council

Access to information-Elimination of information redaction of Public Access to Information Requests (except for immediate threats to national security)

United Nations Agenda 21 -Elimination of the powers to ratify UN treaties in Canada 


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