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We receive a continual flow of feedback expressing the ways in which the existing three online Ceremonies are supporting and transforming lives.  It's impossible to know how many thousands of people have been reached by these Codes. We have given away 12,000+ hard copies of the first Ceremony, however, it is the viral spread of the first three films online that has pushed views of these films into the hundreds of thousands. The feedback we receive from the variety of countries, demographics and age groups show they have gone far and wide. Each film an acorn that holds a forest. 

We are receiving feedback from people all over the world (including many 3rd world countries) letting us know of the importance these films are to them and their families. Much of the funding, that goes into the making of these free films, comes out of the Ceremonies we hold and the geometry sold. This year due to the fact that Ceremonies in Glastonbury last year and Ceremonies in Bali are not happening we must raise funds entirely from Geometry sales. Anyone who is benefiting from the films we make and want to assist in ensuring we continue to make them please make a donation...of any size. The Lucid Film Crew thanks you in advance.




If you would like to donate to the ongoing production of free videos, please click: DONATE


If you do Instagram, you are welcome to direct message Jiva or just have a look at: OIJIVA


To learn more about our work and the latest ceremonies opportunities, please visit:




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$75 USD + free shipping
Saya.Light - Teak Wood Shadow Lamp
Ships Worldwide
This a beautiful Laser cut Teak Wood Lamp that creates beautiful ambient geometric Shadows. This is the Small Size 32 CM in Diameter. Geometrically this Light is a Rhombic triacontahedron, made out of 30 diamond shaped faces. The Light Ships Flat with Led Spot Bulb and cable and can be assembled at home in a short time as a fun project. See More Pictures on Instagram @saya.light.
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$20 USD
Template DVD collection on Flashdrive
The quality is brilliant. Much higher resolution than You Tube and no commercial interruptions. Each Drive contains 3 films each of which is about 5 gigabytes:
"These 3 films have realized the revolutionary achievement of embedding a coded experience that initiates measurable, sustainable transformation, into film - an alchemically calibrated, holonomic convergence of sound, form and consciousness, permanently reconnecting
20 electromagnetic circuits that download the energetic nature of Source Consciousness into your energy field
and endocrine system, activating your disassociation
from the fear-based paradigm, initiating the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic matrix
and re-embracing the Human hologram into the interactive, co-creative holography of the true continuum".
The Ceremony of Original Innocence 
The Ceremony of Synthesis 
The Ceremony of Sacred Breath
The Drive also contains the CLEAR AND PROTECT CEREMONY script (the film of which will be completed soon
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$22 USD
Mandala String Theory
Its No longer a Theory - this is PROOF that these [ Bronze ] mandalas are connected by string. And they can also be connected to you. If that resonates with you then please choose which geometry you like
BE SURE to add a note as to the colour of string you want - BROWN - maroon - Black - Red - Purple
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$60 USD
classic pendant 1
These are 4 of our most classic pendants included here at a reduced price down from $75 to $60 so go in and chose which of these you would like to add to your collection
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$60 USD
Hyper tetra and Hyper cube / tesseract
  • 5 claimed
  • 16 remaining
upper left is Hypercube made with round silver wire 24k gold plated

bottom left is Hypercube made with flat silver wire 24k gold plated

Upper right Hyper tetrahedron made with round silver wire 24k gold plated
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$65 USD
Flower of Life Macrame Bracelet
String macrame in Black, Natural Brown, Blue, Purple

Serenity, Peace, Harmony 
Also known as  the Flower of Life, the Solar and Creation Mandalas develop from the geometric vesica Pisces, ‘the womb of creation’, describing the emergence of something out of nothing, the pattern of the creation of form.
Communion with these forms re-awakens the cognisance of our original Human blueprint, reconnecting us to the Benevolent Heart of Creation, confirming our remembrance of our celestial origins, alleviating fear and calming the overstimulation of the adrenal glands.
These forms are geometric components of reconnection in the Source Ceremony.
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$85 USD
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$100 USD
Template Music Phi Sonic Resonance
For this Fundraiser we have a special offer for you, the complete Template music download.
This is the complete music especially created for and used in all  Template Ceremonies from C1 to C 16.
All this music was created and composed by Juergen Taruna and Jiva Carter between the years 2009 and 2018, 

690 minutes, over 11 hours of beautiful and healing soundscapes, cosmic vibrations
and uplifting harmonic melodies.
All the carefully selected sounds in this music are tuned in natural tunings like  432 Hz - 64 Hz - 111 Hz 
and many after the Cosmic Octave defined by Hans Cousto

This is truly an outstanding and healing music collection.

In this special offer the full download package costs you only 100,- US $  ( the retail price for all would be normally over 240,- US $ ) 

After purchase please contact Juergen at > 
he will send you the download links.

For those ones who have already almost half or half of all this music 
we can offer you the 'other' half pac
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$103 USD
Singing Sphere
Inside the central dome is a brass singing sphere - you could put a crystal ball if you like - OR _
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$125 USD + free shipping
Ships Worldwide
Box # 202... this Treasure Box is made from 'curly' or 'flamed' Mango, the lid and the left/right side are made from 'spalted' Tamarind book matches, the lid frame is black Macassar Ebony, and the bottom is made from Chinaberry.
- Price includes shipping
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$150 USD
Flower of life Mandala WALL HANGING
Wall or window hanging - See link for more info
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$150 USD + free shipping
Ships Worldwide
SPECIAL DISCOUNT down from $180 now 150 This piece is platonic solids nested with the addition of the Archemdian Cubeoctahedron.
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$188 USD
Eagle Black Pearl winged
This was inspired by the natural Black river pearl that already looked like a wing The stone on the bottom is amethyst
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$267 USD
Flying Jupiter
3d Sriyantra for the template represents Jupiter in ceremony 5 - Zircon opal and mother of pearl wings and clouds
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$275 USD
CREATION MATRIX SPHERE brass lrg palm size
Creation matrix - flower of life pattern wrapped on a sphere using the Bucky ball of iconic aqua-sphere as the basic structure. Diameter is 69 mm
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$280 USD
Water and fire
Heart star winged with golden mother of pearl - A drop of Sky blue Topaz and a dazzeling opal fire in water
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$288 USD
Hyper Merk Flying Machine
You Have Earned your wings - You May now pilot your own Merkabah. The universe inner and outer - is yours to explore
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$288 USD
Stellar Vortex Silver C6 #1 palm size
this Stellar Vortex in Silver is the geometry from C6 #1 here in palm size it is 4 hyper tetrahedrons
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$375 USD
CREATION MATRIX SPHERE silver small palm 36 mm
Creation matrix - flower of life pattern wrapped on a sphere using the Bucky ball of iconic aquas-phere as the basic structure. 36 mm
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$380 USD
Tantric Star Fractal
This is a Tantric star / Merkaba / Star tetrahedron / - with 8 more Tantric stars growing on its stellations - it has a vector equilibrium nested inside an octahedron in the middle . sterling silver - palm size
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$450 USD
Chakra protection Rainbow flower of life
Re frame the vortex that is your Chakra system - own it - embrace the universe - this is a slice of a rain sphere expressed in beautiful stones. Goes with ALL outfits :)
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$450 USD
Gift Collection
A great collection that can either add to your collection or be given as gifts.
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$675 USD
CREATION MATRIX SPHERE silver medium palmsize
Creation matrix - flower of life pattern wrapped on a sphere using the Bucky ball of iconic aquas-phere as the basic structure. 46 mm
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$2,000 USD
Wholesale Kit
Starter Selection Geometry Kit

but if you don't want to sell then its a great way to stock up on gifts and your personal collection at less than wholesale

This Perk is a Starter Selection, 1st time whole sale accounts start with this assortment of Geometry, Heart, Solar, & Tantric Stars & spinners etc. = a retail value of $4299. Template Ambassadors can sell geometry at festivals, markets & through the Internet. We can provide info books, DVDs and pamphlets - so you are not only helping to support yourself & families but also spreading the knowledge of Geometry as an intrinsic component in the journey of individual and collective transformation.
ONLY 3 AVAILABLE on the fundraiser
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$122 USD
Tantric star Tebetan cloud and rose quartz
I am adding this as the Last addition to the Fundraizer - as we are about to hit the mark - at which time i will cut it off - but not within the next 12 hours - this a sweet little piece 1.5" from star tip to bottom of gem quality rose quartz
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$125 USD
Chrysoprase Heart
Chrysoprase Heart with heart star and amethyst tear
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$129 USD
Winged Hyper tetra pyramid
See link for more info
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$140 USD
Butterfly Wings
Abalone wings - Labradorite and a spinning heart star

As a caterpillar comes to the end of its evolutionary capacity in its present form it begins to embrace the frightening prospect of total transformation. It builds it's own cave in which to retreat and allow for the metamorphosis that will utilise the propensities encoded into its matrix, to reveal the full extent of its transcendent, evolutionary design. In the still, quiet, darkness of it's chrysalis it surrenders to its own cellular's own magnificence.

Isolated, suspended in time and space, it is left only with its essential and elemental awareness. It has nothing to hold onto, nothing to convince it of its limitations. Beyond it's cave the sun rises and sets, the rain and wind, the rustle and creak, count the rhythmic beat of life and death beyond its isolated womb of rebirth. It must die to the past.The sense of self, that is reliant upon the ordering of the world to meet its mundane needs, is yielded to
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$140 USD
Opal-Amethyst 3d eye
This is a beautiful Amethyst sort of pinkish /Lavender / but with a soft opal feeling they are rare and sometimes called Opal-amethysts and pink amethyst. this one in the shape of an eye [Marque] is flying above the Mother of pearl clouds crowned with a heart star.
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$145 USD
Amethyst winged
Beautiful special cut Amethyst with Peridot and spinning Tantric star
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$145 USD
Larimar & SolarStar
Beautiful Larimar stone set under a Solar star - Inside the star is nested a raw Peridot
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$180 USD
The Butterfly - transmutation - Integration - change is inevitable
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$190 USD
Lapis Lotus with heart star
Lotus carved from Lapis lazuli
Added Cubic zirconia and 24k Gold plated [ geometry - heart star/stellated cube octahedron
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$220 USD
Humming bird Medicine is JOY - on this spiral of Bliss coming from the Heart - Star
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$220 USD
Lapis Shield - opal and wings
a Lapis Shield - with drop opal and mother of pearl wings . heart star 24k gold plate on sterling silver
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$225 USD
THE LOTUS - The symbol of a Lotus blossom holds a variety of meanings in different cultures around the Planet. The most popular perception of this luminous flower is that of a symbol of transcendence due to the fact that a Lotus blossom rises flawlessly up through the waters, unsullied by the mud and slime it grows in.

When I use it in my jewellery it represents integration and transformation. The root of the Lotus is embedded in the mire. It draws nutrients from the dark depths of the mineral-rich muck and translates it into a flower of shameless luminosity. The Lotus inspires us to acknowledge and appreciate the integration of the play of light and shadow, transmuting duality into wholeness.

Wings have many meanings for many people - most of the meaning is derived from religious or cultural ideas - angels - transcendence - freedom from the world etc.
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$264 USD
Blue Sky Golden Swan
This is a round Blue topaz fine cut - held as a pool of blue sky by the wings of this golden swan - with fine gem Amethyst and Zircon ruby
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$273 USD
Tantric Matrix Opal & Ametrine
See info at read more
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$285 USD
Your Merkabah awaits
Climb aboard this winged Merkabah and travel the dimensions of your soul. Zircon, 4 amethysts - 3 peridot, 1 opal chalice - garnet drop.
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$287 USD
A heart of stone might be good
Jewel Of the heart . Amethyst Icosahedron Clear quarts rhomboid drop

Icosahedron made of Amethyst is at the centre with an Alexandrite heart sparkling below the spinning Tantric terra prana. I tried several times to get this photo right - it still does not capture the stunning beauty of this crown jewel
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$332 USD
Tantric Vortex
2nd geometry in Ceremony 7
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$333 USD
Rose 12 side Vogel
This rose quartz double terminated 12 sided crystal style with amethysts and caped with a tantric vortex star can make a pendulum [Big} pendant and or wearable wand
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$333 USD
Star of Imortality
Also Known as Gaia Aqua Solar Star
Sterling silver - palm size - normal price 350
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$390 USD
Blue Lotus
This Blue Moon stone lotus is carved from White Labradorite with beautiful blue flash of colour as it moves - Floating on a Lake of Opals. The Tibetan style clouds carved from Black mother of pearl. -The Star is a water star THE Lotus,
Symbolically it has many meanings in many cultures, however most people if asked what it means to them would reply transcendence. Because it rises above the muddy waters it seems aloof or beyond and above that swampy origin. But for us, and why we like to use it in my Jewellery, it is Integration/Transformation - Although the Lotus seems to rise above, its roots are embedded in the depths of the swamp, it feeds on what we might think of as muck but as it integrates the underworld of the swamp with the light of day it bridges the two realities. It displays to us the observer, the beauty held in the potential of the mineral-rich mud, as it also takes our appreciation and the light of the sun back into the earth. If we
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$395 USD
Two Bees
2-bees OR not to be - this piece is for the bees- how long would we last without them -
Carved from free fallen deer horn set with natural gem zircon the central stone is a really sparkling Mexican honey opal I thought appropriate, and one of my favourite stone's
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$444 USD
Fractal Merkabah gold/c Lagre
This is a Tantric star / Merkaba / Star tetrahedron / - with 8 more Tantric stars growing on its stellations - it has a vector equilibrium nested inside an octahedron in the middle - made of brass with gold chrome plated
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$963 USD
Star of Immortality
GaiaAquaSolar Star
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Show Discontinued Perks
$432 USD
3d Seed of Life - double Genesa crystal travel siz

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