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Welcome to my Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry. I know you’re very busy, so here's your TL;DR: donate money, feed kids, get nifty stuff.

Lots of people host Thanksgiving in a more traditional way. They “have people over” and “sit at the table” and “wear pants” and observe lots of other quaint traditions. I'm more of a "sit on the couch in my pajamas and watch free movies on basic cable while failing in all attempts to not spill gravy on myself" kind of gal. So we’re going to take advantage of the wonders of modern technology and do this whole thing without ever having to set eyes on one another. It works like this:

1- Donate money, from the comfort of your own home & pajamas. The amount is up to you. On your screen is a list of what you get for what you choose to donate, let it guide the spirit of your wallet.

2- Wait for it... ("It" in this case being a package containing your nifty stuff)

3- Open package containing nifty stuff. Ooh and aah at the niftiness. If the niftiness is cookie-inclusive, eat the cookies, I-didn’t-have-to-leave-the-house-so-pants-totally-optional style.

See? It’s almost exactly like you were at my house eating my food on Thanksgiving, except you didn’t have to drive all the way to my house and I didn’t have to get dressed and answer the door and it’s not on Thanksgiving.



Q: What?

A: Cookies.


Q: Why aren't you hosting this event directly through No Kid Hungry?

A: By donating directly to NKH as an individual, I am able to take advantage of an employer donation matching program, whereby we DOUBLE the amount that lands in the hands of the cause. We like this, it is a good thing.


Q: How do I know you're actually going to donate the money to NKH?

A: Strictly speaking, you're right, you don't know that at all. But I have a long history of running fundraisers, and am generally considered a trustworthy sort. You have my word that the money raised here will be donated to NKH via the Magic Employer Money Doubling Channel.


Q: How do I know your word is any good? I mean, really, how?

A: Again, strictly speaking, you don't. Which is why I offer the following option for donating, if you are more comfortable with it, or if you want to be able to write off your donation and need a receipt directly from the charity: Donate directly to NKH via their website ( the amount that matches the nifty stuff you want. You will receive a confirmation email from them. Forward that confirmation email to, along with the address where you want your nifty stuff sent. You will receive your incentives the same as if you had donated here, but the downside is your donation will not be doubled.


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Think of all the amazing things that have been accomplished over the past 20 years. Technological advances. Medical breakthroughs. All the progress that has been made.

Now think of all there is still to be done. And think about it not getting done. Think about there not being a next generation of educated minds with great ideas to carry on making the world a better place.

13 millions kids in the US struggle with hunger. That's 1 in 5 kids not sure where their next meal might be coming from. When kids are hungry, they can’t learn. When kids don’t learn, progress is not made. It’s that simple.

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$5 USD + free shipping
Crescent Roll
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Bask in your buttery flaky goodness. Pat yourself on your many-layered back. You did a good thing today, and it is deeply appreciated.

Choose this perk and I will send you a handwritten thank-you note most likely composed when I was fully awake and completely sober.
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$12 USD + shipping
Green Bean Casserole
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I don't care what anyone says, it's just not Thanksgiving without your metaphorical velvety fresh-from-the-can sauce and crispy fried onion flair.

Choose this perk to receive a signed 8x10 of the whole meal from 'The Most Ridiculous Thanksgiving Shoot ever'
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$18 USD + shipping
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Much like everyone's favorite dish where you can't tell what's bread and what's apple and what's sausage, I have difficulty telling where your awesomeness stops and the rest of your awesomeness begins.

Choose this perk and get a set of EIGHT 4x6 signed photos from 'The Most Ridiculous Thanksgiving Shoot Ever'
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$25 USD + free shipping
Pumpkin Pie
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Okay, it's not really pumpkin pie. But it IS dessert. Choose this perk and receive 2 dozen home-baked superdelicious* cookies shipped right to your door (US only to ensure freshness)

(*superdeliciousness vouched for by my mom who is totally sincere and absolutely not exaggerating because she loves me)
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$25 USD + shipping
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You are the centerpiece, the star, the juicy crispy been-smelling-you-all-day-and-now-I-just-want-to-bite-your-leg axis on which the whole meal spins.

In the nice non-creepy way.

Choose this perk and receive a signed 8x10 of the whole meal from 'The Most Ridiculous Thanksgiving Shoot Ever' AND the set of 8 signed 4x6 photos of the individual dishes
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$40 USD + free shipping
The Overfilled Plate
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You are everything, with extra gravy*. You do not stop as long as there is room on the plate to keep going. You are my people.

Choose this perk and receive ALL the signed photos, AND the 2 dozen cookies. (US only to ensure freshness)

(*I originally typed that as "grazy" and really wanted to leave it that way. We're all a little grazy here.)
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