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Fort Clux is Spreading its Wings - Please Help Us Soar. We need you to help us get operational and respond to your requests to provide the free range poultry you asked for.  I know the $ seems like a lot - each dollar is going towards equipment to make us able to grow and do this farming thing YEAR ROUND & be a part of something even bigger. See below for our itemized "Wish List".

Hi! Tom and Rebecca here, standing in awe of how time fly's when you are having fun. For those of you who know us and those who don’t and we the owners and operators of Fort Clux Farm have been working Full-Time jobs, in the Technology industry, to pay for our passion-> Egg to Business Delivery.   Who knew choosing to move away from society and to the place they would one day retire would cause a chain reaction that started with building a simple sustaining ecosystem.

  • We give hens love, food and shelter -> hens give us poop and eggs
  • We give bees love, food and shelter -> bees give honey and pollination
  • We plant a garden with fertilizer from the chickens and pollination from the bees and we have food. A little circle of life.

Simple, with purpose and sustainability.  Ahhhh, best laid plans - the passion for farming grew into a desire to bring healthy food to people.  Over the last 7 years we have grown our farm SLOOOOOWLY – there is only so much you can do before & after work and on the weekends.  In that time, we added raising Heritage Turkeys for the holidays and began a flock of Sheep.

We need your help to accelerate Fort Clux’s growth for our NEXT and crowning achievement, Fort Clux Virtual Farmers Market, “A Farm to Business Meat Delivery Services” (aka FCVFM). This year, with work and farm in toe, we have been setting up the FCVFM.  It is a subscription service that focuses on finding small farms that use humane, sustainable and green practices and connects them with like-minded consumers. What FCVFM provides is:

  • A connection to Partner Farmers, their farming practices and social media feeds.  Fall in love with your producer.
  • Meat, Poultry and Dairy from animals who are humanely raised, green and sustainably grown.
  • Support for the local community, what you pay for product goes directly to the farmer. 
  • Delivery of your order, in its own cooler, to the workplace, using safe meat handling practices.
  • Information on the farming industry and how Small Farms seem to be the only REAL alternative to what supermarkets provide today.

FCVFM is committed to:

  • Enabling small farms to continue to provide the food that is needed and wanted by the public.
  • Providing our customers an easy way to get farmers market quality meats without going to the Farmers Market. Helping to save time for the busy consumer.
  • Humane, sustainable and green agriculture – even if the farm cannot afford to be certified.
  • Becoming a trusted source for our customers, doing the due diligence to find small farms who share the values of our customers, so that our customers don’t have to.
  • Supporting local business from the counties surrounding the RTP area, investing in our community.
  • Working with our partner farmers to build on success and make more small farm products available to our community.
  • Not duplicating services which are already provided by other companies.

 - - - - - - - - - - -  OOOPS got lost in the Virtual Farmers Market - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

BACK to the request for our customer support and commitment to Fort Clux Farm… Why?  We want to be a Partner Farmer Too!  You have been asking us to bring you more than eggs, you want Free Range Meats and Poultry and we want to give it to you.  Our $$$ this year has been spent on the flock – making the birds and the sheep predator proof and starting the FCVFM business.  We need you to invest in us. 

Please donate what you can – every dollar gets us closer to our milestone purchases! What we need is to “GO BIG and NOT GO BACK”, or to buy commercial grade products and invest in you and the long haul is:

You Convinced Yet? I Hope So.  Thank you in advance for helping us out – we area a small farm struggling to build our dreams, YOU and the Virtual Farmers Market can make a BIG difference for small farms so they can continue to provide good food and for customers to actually have truth in advertising and get what they need.

Help Fort Clux Farm Soar, Break Out and Diversify & NOT Break the Bank.

I can't wait to hear you CLUCK!


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