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I appreciate the long post……..but it’ll be worth it, I promise.


Myself and my wife, due to employment are currently living overseas in Cyprus. As some of you may, or may not be aware, the treatment of dogs in this country is, in all honesty, actually quite terrible.


A couple of days ago, a lady called Christine, who is a tireless volunteer, and owns the local pet shop, where we buy our raw food for our Beagle, had come across what can only be described as a pitiful sight and a skeleton of a Beagle.


This dog was massively under weight (approx 5kg), covered in tar, a dislocated back leg, and was very close to death. It would appear he’d taken himself into this field to be at peace in preparation for the latter.


Naturally she picked him up, cleaned him up, and started nursing him back to health. She began looking for a perfect home for him…….. my wife gave me ‘the look’, and now we have adopted our second rescue Beagle. The first being adopted whilst still in the UK. Whilst we are in a fortunate position to do so, why would we not have more dogs and offer them a good home?


The vets locally also have a deal with the shelter and treat the dogs ready for adoption for a very reasonable fee. Our adoption fee is 140 euros which includes vaccinations, blood tests, neutering and passport.


Now I’ve given you the back story about our fateful meeting, I’m a true believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason.

I’ve done some digging and got to know Christine much better. She volunteers at a local dog shelter called Dog Valley Rescue Centre.

This shelter is run on the tightest of budgets and the rate at which dogs come in is frightful.

The main issue is that the simplest of things are difficult to obtain when they rely solely on donations.

They have a generator which supplies minimal lighting and pumps the water that keeps the dogs hydrated. The issue is, the generator is not powerful enough and often breaks due to the expected output. In 38 degree daily heats, they are relying on volunteers to manually move the water.

The reason for this post is an appeal for help, to show that when people and dog communities come together then good things can happen.

We are looking to raise in the region of £3-£4000 to buy the shelter a new generator in order to alleviate some of the harder work in these hotter days. Alongside this, a new generator would mean less servicing and cost less to run. A deal has been struck with a local electronic company and he has knocked nearly £1000 off of it to help the charity.


If we can, by some miracle, surpass that amount then we can look to be helping in much more capacity. This is an initial campaign to start them off, then my wife and I will be doing more from here, but we do need your help to start us off.


Please don’t just take my word for it, look at their Facebook page, all receipts from donations are uploaded, they do weekly events, and without the volunteers, these poor pooches would simply struggle much more than they already do.


These people are truly inspirational and what they do on their tight budget is nothing short of a miracle. Without them, we wouldn’t have our own miracle.


Thank you for reading, we’ve attached some pictures of the newest addition to our family……aptly named Chaos, to go with our Bedlam.


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