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Edgar was born Nov 9, 2017 with severely deformed back legs. This deformity has caused him to have potty issues and has stunted his growth. Edgar weighs just over 2 pounds. He needs surgery to correct his back legs so he can have quality of life!

Edgar was born on November 9, 2017.  At just over 2 pounds he is very small for his age.  This is due to his deformed back legs.  You see Edgar was born in a litter of 4 kittens...2 died within 24 hours as their deformity was so severe leaving Edgar and his healthy sister.  His sister has since grown up and has been adopted out but Edgar needs help to grow and live as normal a healthy life as he can.  His veterinarian in Maine recommended we take him to Angell Memorial in Boston which we did last Friday.  His specialist immediately said that Edgar's case is severe and made comment that they don't see many cats with this problem.  Not because it doesn't occur but because these kittens don't live due to many reasons.

The first thing the specialist did was take X-rays of Edgar's lower half.  He thought maybe Edgar's pelvic floor was deformed.  But as the SOAP (attached) reads his pelvis is perfectly formed...whew.  So while he can move about (see attached videos) the problem is that he cannot posture correctly to potty and as the attached x-rays show he was very impacted.  So he immediately underwent a deobstipation (basically had his poop cleaned out of him) and he is now on lactulose three times a day and has Miralax sprinkled on his food three times a day too.  This has helped him have softer stools several times a day.  But as Edgar grows what seems pretty innocuous now will present real problems as he continues to grow.  And actually without pottying correctly he won't grow.  But as of right now physiologically Edgar is 100% normal...meaning his organs are all functioning as they should be.  So now the time is crucial to have his legs operated on if he is to have quality of life.  The goal of Edgar's specialist is to have Edgar standing at a functional angle and bearing weight on all four paws giving him quality of life.

So on Wednesday, February 14th, Edgar will undergo surgery to correct his legs.  As the X-rays show Edgar's legs are normal down to the ankle.  It's the tendons in the ankles that are causing his knees not to bend correctly.  The specialists plan is to cut some of the tendons in the ankles thus releasing the tightness.  He could cut all the tendons to make his leg straight but then there would be no tendons to support the ankles.  So he is taking a minimalist approach.  External fixation will be preformed and Edgar will have pins from the outside place thru the bones in order to construct a straight leg.  He will have little gray plastic constructs which will help him bear weight.  The specialist said he will look funny but that's ok.  For 2-4 weeks Edgar will have the external fixators attached but only until he starts to grow correctly.  As the specialist said we are in unchartered waters and while they know the concepts and paths of physiology this case is complicated.  

Edgar will spend an overnight at Angell Memorial and at some point that second day they will allow him back into our care.  While the specialist doesn't want him running around like a kitten he wants him mobile and walking.  To see Edgar walking on the pads of his feet will be a miracle.  Attached is the estimate for this surgery as well as the bill for the deobstipation.  As you know we are a very small rescue group in Maine and we do not have this kind of money for one kitten.  You also know that I refuse to just give up on a cat because of funds.  I think many of you follow FFoM because you know we will not turn a blind eye and we will do what we need to do to raise the money we need.  In Edgar's case time is of the essence as he needs this done now while he is tiny.  We would get out there and do a bake sale or pound the pavements but it is winter in Maine and with another 12" plus of snow today we need to rely on who believe in raise this money.  PLEASE look thru the photos and videos I have posted in this fundraiser and then ask yourself does Edgar deserve a chance at a good life?  On behalf of Edgar, myself and all of FFoM...thank you. <3

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