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Hunting and gun dogs are not very well-known breeds worldwide

Try to ask people about Pointers, German Shorthaired Pointers, English Pointers or even Jura Hounds. You will be surprised how many of them have never heard of these breeds before and would certainly not consider them as family dogs.

This is far from the case. Pointers and their friends are loving and extremely affectionate dogs. They will need exercise, but equally they love a soft surface to snuggle down! They still can have a wonderful life after their "hunting career", so it is such a shame that they are often abandoned and also abused when no longer deemed “fit for purpose”. Their chance of being rehomed is a lot lower than it is for many other breeds.

Starting the charity...

We started our charity "Pointer-Friends", to try and to help as many Pointers and their Friends in need as possible.  We are also trying to work sustainably by introducing spaying & neutering programs.

Working actively and constantly in countries like Cyprus (where one of the most popular types of dogs are hunting dogs) means you need the facilities available to do so: a place like a Rescue Center to take the dogs in, work with them, feed them, give them the love they need and in the end hopefully rehome them; plus the staff and the volunteers to run the place and to do all the hard rescue work, and obviously we need the finances to afford all this.


We finally have the opportunity to start our 1st Pointer-Friends Rescue Center on Cyprus. A place where we will be able to board dogs already under our care, take in rescued dogs from other charities and continue to take in more abandoned and abused hunting and gun dogs on Cyprus, who are so in need of our help and care!

To make it a wonderful place for our rescues and many more of other organizations, we will need to do a lot of fixing, building and repairing. This will cost a small fortune, BUT: If we will all step together and fight together for it, we will be able to make it! We are sure about this!

PLEASE help us to help all these poor dogs in need! They need US!

To see first hand what we do please…

meet some of our rescues, experience why we do what we do and be prepared to fall in love:

3-legged English Pointer LISA, enjoying a happy life after her rescue:

Blind Pointer-Mix "Max", rescued on Cyprus:

CORA, confiscated and been stuck in a shelter in Germany:

Mentally disabled, but so happy with life - SOPHIE & STEVIE:

Mentally disabled SOPHIE & STEVIE - loving each other

Bow-legged KALIMERO, rescued from Bulgaria:

" BONES": German short haired Pointer who tested positive for Leishmania

After... BONES in his new home in the UK

... we are the Ambassadors for all Pointers, Hunting and Gun Dogs worldwide needing help! (And so many other dogs and breeds, as we are not closing our eyes, if they cross our ways.)

Join our adventure and be part of our team! :-)


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