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Human Drive in Gaza Light Gaza's Night
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Human Drive In Gaza 

Light Gaza's Night

Let us not forget the people of Gaza 

Light Gaza's Night

Gaza Strip suffers from a lack of continuous electricity due to bombing the main power station by Israel in 2006.

This shortage touched many aspects and made life hard to live. There are so many attempts to fix this problem but because of Israeli blockade it made it harder.

Gazans tried to bear this issue by finding other alternatives such as Candles, Electrical generators, and torches. These alternatives were not sufficient due to these reasons:

- Candles are so dangerous to light at home since it may burn it if care does not exist. (So ​​many death cases reported most of them kids)

- Electrical Generator needs oil that is not available all the time, and even if, is so expensive after closing Tunnels with Egypt.

- Rechargeable torch is the best solution especially if it has LED flashlights that can resist more hours. These kind of flashlights (LED) are expensive, and not everyone can afford it.


- To provide and deliver LED flashlights to the needy families. Our delivery plan will be based on families who have kids, students, and sick people.

- Part of funds will go to help some poor families

Children Have No Electrcity, No Walls, No Windows, BUT, We Can Give Them Safe Comforting Light

Help us give the children of Gaza safe light and stop the use of lit candles which cause fires

We, at Light Gaza, cannot magically make things better for all our friends in Gaza, but, we will deliver our lights and that will cut down on the needless death from fire. When children or their parents are forced to use lit candles as a means for reading, studying or simply to sooth children who are afraid of the dark this dangerous situation has caused many deaths as we learned in 2016. candles can kill when we attended the funeral of three tiny children after their bedroom caught on fire from a candle. As we stood on the charred remains of their bedroom we promised their family we would work to stop this from happening to other families by providing lights to other poor families in need.

Candle claimed the lives of three children in Gaza ..
The weeping mother . On her young


Let us not forget the people of Gaza this Ramadan.

Feed 1 family in Gaza 30 $ for a day Since the blockade on Gazait's residents have been denied or restricted from much needed aid and services. Gaza has become the most populated lands on earth. Its poverty stricken 60% of the population is food insecure with 50 percent of household income is spent on food. Muslims In Need aim to provide as many Iftar meals as possible with your generous donations to the people of Gaza. Let's give them some hope this Ramadan.

Imagine your iftar meal compared to theirs this Ramadan.

"None of you [truly] believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." Related by Bukhari and Muslim

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