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Can you imagine someone tying something around your ankle so tight that the blood cannot flow. Soon the swollen tissue begins to die. . . to slough off until only bone remains. By now the binding has fallen off with your flesh. The toes are gone, and most of the foot.  The body tries to heal as much as it can, growing some tissue over the exposed bones, but there is no skin to protect it. Only exposed flesh that cannot cover the bone. Of course there is infection. There is pain. There is the stench of rotting flesh. And you are alone. . . abandoned.

Babe was only a few months old when she was discovered hiding out at a construction site. The builder noticed her run out of the house each morning when the workers arrived. Each evening she would scavenge any food they left behind. At night she would hide in the shell of the house. In time the builder began leaving dog food out in hopes of catching her. Eventually he contacted someone he knew who volunteered with Cinderella Pet Rescue. She spoke to the Director about the homeless dog and agreed to try and catch her. Luckily she was able to gain the dog’s trust enough to take her directly to the veterinary hospital authorized by the Director.

The veterinarian indicated the wound was too severe to ever heal. Her paw was completely gone, only bones and meat remained at the base of her leg. Amputation would be her only option. Otherwise the infection would eventually claim more and more of her little body until she turned septic and died.

Thankfully, Cinderella Pet Rescue won’t let that happen to Babe. Currently her leg is being soaked and re-wrapped every 48 hours by loving volunteers. She is on medication to decrease swelling and diminish her pain. She is given antibiotics to reduce the infection in her leg before it can be amputated. She will be spayed and then the leg will be removed to give her a chance at a healthy, happy life.

Once she has healed she will be able to go up for adoption. Someone with a big heart will want to adopt this little princess who has suffered so much. Despite the abuse, the abandonment, the pain and suffering she has endured, Babe is learning to trust again. She is becoming the sweet, affectionate little girl she was born to be. In order to do that, the vet bills will be nearly $2,000.  Please help us raise the money to give this little girl the chance to enjoy life.

Cinderella Pet Rescue, organized as a 501(c)3 charity in 2009, is motivated to make a difference in our community, to find a way to help more animals experience safety, good health and hopefully, some happiness. We provide abused, abandoned and relinquished animals a chance at happy endings to their sad stories.

We are entirely a volunteer based organization relying 100% on donations and some small grants we have been able to obtain. Every year we get approximately 100 dogs and are able to feed and clean them; address their medical issues; spay/neuter them; and micro-chip them but most of all give them love in order to earn their trust. After the animals are ready for adoption, we attend various events to find their forever homes. Hopefully their will be a "Prince Charming" for all of the Cinderellas at our shelter and every animal will eventually get to have their hairy tail fairy tale come true. Please help us make that a reality for Babe


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