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Andy, Amos, and Ophelia- Street dogs in Corsicana
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Corsicana TX:Andy, Amos, and Ophelia are street dogs. Andy has been homeless in Corsicana TX for 2 1/2+ years previously belonging to a homeless man who died. After 2 weeks of tracking Andy is safe but needs medical. We're still tracking Amos and Ophelia.

June 8thAndy (background) 11/2016This is a photo of Andy taken last fall right after his homeless owner died. He frequented this parking lot for a while begging chicken at a drive through but them moved on and started being sighted on the other end of the strip.

This is a photo my husband took of Andy about 2 years ago at the height of his mange. We went back to this spot every day for a week and did not see him again.

Andy May 2017This is Andy begging at a local grocery store in May of this year. When I made the connection that this was the same dog I had seen 7 months ago, and my husband phtographed 2 years ago, and the shelter confirmed he had been avoiding them for 2 1/2 years, I knew I needed to get Andy off the street. I am not a rescue, I am not even really a dog person. I am a school teacher. An individual. I went public with Andy's plight in hopes of finding someone more experienced then myself willing to help. 

On June 14th Donna Smith from Arlington TX stepped up and started to build a relationship with Andy in an effort to gain his trust. She spent several hours every day with him building trust- faithfully, for 2 weeks. 

We quickly learned Andy had a pack. Amos (white) and Ophelia (black) were living with him. Because Amos and Ophelia are still there out there, for their safety, I cant reveal their exact location.

On 6/26 Andy gave up and took his freedom ride with Donna leaving Amos and Ophelia behind.

Doesn't he look happy? The vet has determined Andy is not a senior as we had previously thought. He is probably 3 years old. He is HW+ and has your basic street dog infections including a urinary tract infection. We are committed to getting Andy the medical attention he needs and are humbly asking for monitary donations. Donatins can be phoned into the vet that is treating him: N. Arligton Animal Vet at 817-274-1811 under the name Donna Stukeleather-Smith

Or, you can donate here and the funds may be used for Andy and/or Amos and Ophelia. Their needs are not yet know but we suspect Opehelia is pregnant- just for starters.

You can see a video of Andy here: 

***WE DESPERATLY need a rescue to intake Amos and Ophelia. Please help us network them.***

Thank you for supporting Andy, Amos, and Ophelia.


UPDATE: In just 10 hours- just over $1,000 has been donated to Andy’s fund. I am overwhelmed and in tears. We took a huge leap of faith that we would be able to pay for Andy's medical. As a school teacher and a mother of 2, I don’t have $2,000 to get Andy healthy. 

The  first $1,000 will pay for Andy’s initial intake bill of $300 (testing, bloodwork, antibiotics, wormer, flea & tic, and basic vaccines) and half of his HW treatment (estimated at $1,200)!

The additional funds we seek will go towards the balance of Andy’s HW  treatment, his spay, and  a week of boarding for Amos and Ophelia until a foster/rescue can be found. Again, catching Amos and Ophelia is another huge leap of faith as we don’t have a place secured for them yet. They will be in limbo. Ophelia and Amos’s medical needs are unknown at the moment. 

Maybe we will know more about them tomorrow.

Thank you all!


This is a photo of me feeding Amos and Ophelia today (7/2/17). 


UPDATE: 7/5/2017- AMOS IS SAFE! We felt awful leaving Ophelia alone but had to snatch Amos when we had the opportunity. We'll keep working to get Ophelia safe too! Amos is at my personal vet:   Animal care Clinic in Corsicana if anyone would like to phone a donation in on his boarding and medical- (903) 872-4762. He will remain kenneled until a rescue can be found. Hopefully Ophelia will be joining him tomorrow.

This is what happens when the Atmos guy stops and says do you need help?  :)  :) This photo is Donna, my husband and the ATMOS guy air lifting Amos in a blanket stretcher to safety!


7/12/17 UPDATE: Andy is safe and Ophelia has disappeared. We fear she has gone into the woods to have her pups  :( .  Amos has been in boarding for a week. We need to get him into a foster setting so he can learn to trust again. He is confused and timid but he is a good boy, he is not aggressive. He doesn't know how to walk on a leash but the vet techs say he will follow them and we lifted him in and out of my vehicle with zero problems. Who can help foster this boy and get him out of doggy prison?I am actively seeking a rescue to intake him as well. Please share, consider fostering, networking, and/or donating. His bill thus far is $308 and increasing.


7/14/2017 Good news!!!! We caught Ophelia  and she is safe! Now I NEED HELP finding a rescue to accept them. Anyone have any connections or know of a place? Moderate funds will come with them to assist with medical. Amos has had his vaccines and was neutered this week.


7/16/2017 UPDATE: I am  in tears as I write this update.  I have worked these dogs between 1 and 6 hours, 7 days a week, Since June 8th (with the exception of 2 days I was out of town.) I am almost out of time. I am a school teacher and training begins in a week.
ANDY  has gone to rescue!!! He was very popular due to his backstory and that fact he is a big fuzzy.
AMOS & OPHELIA  need out of boarding.  Ophelia was caught Friday in the wee hours of the night!   Neither one is doing well in boarding. They are afraid and confused. I made videos with each one so you could see they are nonaggressive, they don’t bark, or growl, or even try to pull away. Please visit my facebook page to view them @ Tabitha Peters Wilkes. The videos are set to public. 
I am a school teacher. I spend what seems like my entire summer tracking these dogs, sometimes up to 6 hours in 1 day. I am not complaining. I am just trying to explain  I am out of time. School does not start for a few more weeks but I only have 1 more week before I am back from training and to move classrooms. 1 week is all the time I have to get these sweeties someplace safe.
I have reached out to literally dozens of rescues and individuals and come up empty handed. There are moderate funds that will come with them. I raised $1730 and have spent $700 on Andy (Vaccines & HW treatment), $350 on Amos (vaccines, neuter, & boarding) and only $30 0n Ophelia so far (boarding).
I appreciate you following our story and still desperately need these pooches networked.
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