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Grant Handzlik for Governor of California 2018
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My name is Grant Handzlik and I'm running for Governor of the State of California. I believe that common sense, is common. People know what they want and are conscious of the changes that are needed in politics. I am here to make those important changes to restore California to representative politics!

  • California born and raised, B.S. International Relations from Florida State University. Union Journeyman. 23 years of business experience including 11 years of international experience. I do not represent any political party.
  • The Issues are large and the stakes are high. We must make a change to the political landscape now for our Families and Children.
  • Helping to get me into California's Big Seat means you will have a friend in office. I'm anti-corruption, I do not work for special interests. Together we will bring the "For the People, By the People" back into California politics.

Please, don't stay on the sidelines of politics. Tuning out the aspects of the things that affect us most is saying that you are happy with the way things are going presently. I know that you actually DO care! So please, make a donation now.

What We Need & What You Get

I am attempting a non traditional run for Governor of California. I do not represent Big Money Politics. So, I do things myself, like I am writing this, because things need to be done that way and to save money. The break down;

  • I have accepted the California campaign funds usage limits which are way too high at over 8 million dollars! If I need to use 8 million to get elected, it probably does not speak well of my ability to run a campaign or Govern anything at all. However, political funding is a sad reality to face and I need your help! I'm asking for $500,000.00 which will be used for a small crew of helpers, internet, print, and radio advertising as well as travel to get the word out. Not one cent will be used in any other way.
  • Im dead serious about my campaign for Governor! No man can say that he is self made as we can always attribute our successes to the works and deeds of others. For your tax deductible donations I will be sending the direct results of your donations back to you in the form of shirts and promotional packages that you can use to spread the word!
  • If I do not reach my entire goal, the funds received to date will be used on exactly the same purpose as mentioned above.

The Impact

My Campaign for Governor of California 2018 is serious, and I intend on treating serious issues that will provide real and tangible positive social impact. Your support for me will make the the difference for California and perhaps affect changes in our system as a whole.

  • In business, I have a history of driving solid revenue and process improvements while authentically reducing costs. I have solid international work experience across diverse industries with wide geographical areas of operation.
  • I want to bring my knowledge and experience into the public sphere because just doing business is not enough to bring needed positive changes to the issues that affect our jobs, families, and children.
  • If I am elected I will work of the following issues with passion and drive;

The Plan for California!

Require the mandatory labeling of GMO (genetically modified) products.Establishment of a California Education Fund with a purpose to;Make a college education free of charge for those that can show a need.Enable California's public schools, charter schools, and legitimate homeschool startups as well as adult schools to submit proposals and directly apply for funding that they need to bring a real, tangible, and real world education to our children, youth, and adults.Reduce homelessness among our youth and disenfranchised adults.

Serious workforce development and the Unionization of California’s Workforce.

Tangible Statewide Worker Protections to protect the jobs we hold so dear.

Path to State Citizenship and an end to deportations for “illegal immigrants”.

Statewide Concealed Carry program for lawful owners of their registered weapons.

Implement drug testing as a requirement for receiving EBT and other monetary benefits provided by taxpayers.

Legalization of Marijuana for controlled recreational use to pay for these programs.

Expansion of the State Department of Fish and Game and dedicate a force and budget for the protection of California’s precious natural resources.

A Real Reduction of Property Taxes.

To learn more about the details please visit:

Risks & Challenges

The challenges and risks to my campaign are many, to include funding issues. I will come face to face with powerful and very well funded candidates who will say and do anything to get elected. Additionally, the special interests who hide behind the moneymen are dangerous to me and to the public at large.

These obstacles will not stop me; because I have Faith, I believe in myself and the goodness of others, and I believe in the goals and foundations of our Great Society and because;

  • I have a history of success in the face of great adversity.
  • I am a real person with real vision and who does real work with his own hands.
  • Our future as a State and Nation depends on us, the little big guys!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help. I need help in all sorts of ways. Some of those ways are:

  • You can share my campaign and plan on social media.
  • Speak to your family and friends about me and my intentions.
  • Register to vote!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools! If you can't donate perhaps someone you know can!
  • Make your own promotional items and hit the streets!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Grant Handzlik Grant for Governor of California 2018

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