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Be Part Of The Dream – www.WheelzEventz.com!

“Your Free Internet Calendar For All Events On Wheels!”

Global Wheels Events, LLC operates website communities whose primary goal is to provide the easiest, most complete and accurate online calendar of all events on wheels! The term “Wheels Events” covers all aspects of the industry and the hobby; from Car Shows, Cruises, Motorcycle Runs, TV shows, Club Meets, Races, Rallies, Off Road, etc. Even a Tractor Pull; you get the idea!

We have already developed a successful “ Proof Of Concept” with www.SouthEastWheelsEvents.com. Whereas the extended online community; those invested in their businesses, hobbies, and dreams, have built a huge treasure trove of diverse content by contributing media featuring their interests. This is a small demonstration of the power of a collective niche of individuals, small groups and businesses, building on an online platform center for all things on wheels. It is just a sample of what occurs using the energy of a  free membership community with each adding a small piece to the whole, available to all users on the Worldwide Internet!

The design project will be supported by paid advertising by suppliers of products, parts and services. We list for free all the wheels events posted by members and users. We currently have over 7,000 active members and over a dozen main advertisers with demand growing daily.

General business growth and hobby interest in all aspects of the niche is exploding. There is always the growing demand for reliable transportation of persons and goods, of course; yet significantly this explosion is fueled by huge growth of personal expressions and passion for the aftermarket niches, and enhancing the experience with modifications. The Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) estimates that the vehicle aftermarket is worth over 200 billion dollars a year alone! www.MarketRealist.com reports that automotive part of the industry in one of the biggest spenders when it comes to advertising. All we need is small part of this to be hugely successful!

Currently there is no single source location on the Internet where all related actives and events are cataloged for easy use. We have demonstrated that we know how deliver it! In keeping with this growing demand, we are seeking to expand our operations nationwide by developing and maintaining a dedicated social networking community, www.WheelzEventz.com, for auto/motorcycle hobbyists, enthusiasts and businesses nationwide.

In addition to a complete and accurate Events Calendar, we have defined dozens of services we can provide in the following categories and more:

  • Events Operation Training & Resources
  • Racing news and analysis
  • Club Pages
  • Current events reporting
  • Consumer Product Reporting
  • Service and Product location services
  • Advertising
  • Charities (which drive much of the community based events)

We are seeking funding through this crowd-funding campaign to upgrade our software and services, and expand our regional operations.

Who Are We?

The partners Mike Thies and Steve Bracken are car guys with extensive experience in every car event known to man. They both have in depth knowledge of a wide range of cars from collector cars to exotics, as well as everyday drivers. Within the business related to the present website they gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in website design, operation and advertising sales.

Both Mike and Steve have extensive experience in business management from small companies to public corporations. They now are ready to take they accumulated knowledge and go forward into to developing a true customer centric website catering to the wheels community from the totally involved hobbyist to the businessman in the automotive industry

Present Situation

www.SouthEastWheelsEvents.com has been operating for over seven years growing a strong membership community, which provides for the bulk of the Events Calendar content. The good news is that our membership is continuing to grow, along with our advertisers and sponsors. However, due to our strong growth our current software is lacking in allowing further growth. We have now reached the point of needing software with greater capability and more space to accommodate our growth of members and advertisers.

Our short-term response to this need is the addition of an advertising directory database allowing us to offer economical advertising to any business interested. The client can utilize the automated features and enter their ad for review before posting by our Administrator. However, we need to upgrade and expand significantly, and quickly! We have now developed a prototype platform to demonstrate where we want the service to go to support the community we are growing. We are online for testing and feedback at www.WheelzEventz-beta.com.

Future Plans

In the next year, we will grow our community from one active region in the South East to multiple regions around the country! Each region will be designed around population centers, defining geographical/demographic areas; which we will license to individuals or groups to manage an area for a fee. These people will be in business for themselves we will provide the recipe for success by means of training and support materials to guide them in the operations. They will of course have their own sales group and be responsible for financial operations of their business.

We will propose a commission structure for their sales group with agreed upon sales revenue being generated by each group. Each group will also be sharing 30% of their gross revenue with our company to be used for support costs. The agreements will of course be supported by a financial performance agreement and containing a buy back agreement from our company should they fail in the business efforts.

Our Target Market

Our target market Is the ”Wheels Events” Hobbyists and Enthusiasts; as well the businesses supplying parts and services for vehicles on wheels. We have a potential of supplying information needed in a scope of almost 50 different objectives within our business model. This amounts to information and connectivity that is rich in its resources and having a wide audience appeal.

The business scope of GWE LLC is the automotive and vehicle hobbies and industries world-wide. The Company’s primary communication tool is the Internet and its connection to all digital devices. The foundation of the Company’s activities is the presentation of Vehicle Events Calendars which branches into a wide variety of services.

Company History

The concept developed from a regional newspaper that listed car shows every Thursday for the coming weekend. One day it stopped it. It was revealed later that the person had retired and since it made no money, it was discontinued. That was March of 2010.

The first site was www.SouthEastWheelsEvents.com and received much initial acclaim. The idea then, was to set up regional sites and license them to individuals of like mind. The difficulty was that there was no immediate cash flow other than soliciting advertising dollars. The need to build some membership and Internet analytics to support such an effort, proved to consuming for most.

WheelzEventz Social Community

Facebook and other social platform has brought social media to the masses. In recent year, there has been an increasing popularity of social portals dedicated to groups that share a common interest.

WheelzEventz.com is dedicated social network portal that allows Auto/Motorcycle Hobbyist to connect with others locally, or across a network of communities nationwide. Using this portal members can:

  • Create Account & Manage Profile
  • Create Groups
  • Message & Follow Friends.
  • Search business directories
  • Post Blogs

Affiliate Community

In order to expand our growth from a local presence to a larger community, we have developed an Affiliate Community Program that allows our partners to operate under a revenue share arrangement. Each affiliate community that will consist of a regional web portal that’s based from a sub-domain (i.e. www. WheelzEventz-Florida.com) all sharing a common database. We are also using geographic location to display search results, events and advertisements based on the visitor’s zip code.

 The Affiliates earn a percentage of the revenue generated under their sub-domain. Based on conservative projections, Affiliates have the potential to generate nearly a six-figure income within two years. The web application will be hosted on dedicated server capable of handling thousands of transactions simultaneously.

Revenue Sources

A revenue model has been developed that generates revenue for the business from multiple sources.

Sales Projections

Sales, operating cost, and profits has been projected for the first three years using conservative estimates.

Goals & Objectives

We have developed a marketing strategy to secure a sizeable share of the market without a larger advertising expense. Our objectives are three-fold:

  • Secure 60,000 Members by the 2nd year.
  • Secure 5 Affiliates by the second year.
  • Generate over 3 Million in advertising revenues by the third year.

Our overall goal is to position www. WheelzEventz.com as the one-stop resource community for automotive hobbyists, enthusiasts and businesses nationally!

Funding Requirements

The principals have financed operations during the research phase. We are now seeking to raise $25,000 through our crowd-funding campaign to help fund web platform development (desktop and handheld) while implementing a membership development campaign. Each member is a vital part of this growing online community. You can participate in this initiative by joining in and making a contribution. When you contribute, you become part of this community as well as receiving one of the following perks based on the amount of your contribution.

Bronze level - $300  Rewards you with a Baseball Cap with the WheelzEventz.com logo and one Gold Star pinned on the hat.

Silver Level - $600 Rewards you with a Baseball Cap with the WheelzEventz.com logo and two Gold Stars pinned on the hat.

Gold Level - $1,000 Rewards you with a Baseball Cap with the WheelzEventz.com logo and three gold stars pinned on the hat Plus wind-breaker jacket with our Wheels Events logo.

Diamond Level - $1,500 Rewards you with a Baseball Cap with the WheelzEventz.com logo and Four gold stars pinned on the hat plus wind-breaker jacket with WheelzEventz.com logo plus your Monogrammed initials.

Platinum Level - $2,000 Rewards you with a Baseball Cap with the WheelzEventz.com logo and Five Gold stars pinned on the hat plus wind-breaker jacket with the WheelzEventz.com logo plus your Monogrammed initials and lettering recognizing you as a Platinum supporter. You will also receive a coupon for dinner for two at an excellent restaurant.

Considering the nature of this program, the size of overall target market, and the marketing strategy adopted, we are confident that the goals and objectives we have projected can be achieved using the strategy outlined in this proposal.


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$300 USD
Bronze Level
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Bronze level - $300 is a Baseball Cap with Global Wheels Events Logo and one gold star pinned on the hat.
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Silver Level
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Silver Level - $600 is a Baseball Cap with Global Wheels Events Logo and two gold stars pinned on the hat.
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Gold Level - $1,000 is a Baseball Cap with Global Wheels Events Logo and three
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Diamond Level
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Diamond Level - $1,500 is a Baseball Cap with Global Wheels Events Logo and Four gold stars pinned on the hat plus wind-breaker jacket with Global Wheels Events Logo plus your Monogrammed initials.
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$2,000 USD
Platinum Level
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Platinum Level - $2,000 is a Baseball Cap with Global Wheels Events Logo and Five gold stars pinned on the hat plus wind-breaker jacket with Global Wheels Events Logo plus your Monogrammed initials and lettering recognizing you as a Platinum supporter. You will also receive a coupon for dinner for two at an excellent restaurant.
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