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This is a campaign by friends to help save the home of our dear friend and colleague, Noreen Neu. Her home at Regina Beach was rendered uninhabitable three years ago by the landslides at the beach that affected so many homes.

There are many ways you can participate - by contributing here on the main page, or visiting any of the sub-campaigns which will be updated HERE as they are created:

1. Purchase Beautiful Handmade Gifts

2. Book a Vacation Stay at Noreen's for Summer 2018

3. Order Fresh or Frozen Handmade Meals

4.  Buy Saskatchewan Art from Authors, Painters, Sculptors and other artists



The STORY:   The Slow-Moving Disaster

Noreen Neu grew up on a farm near Hudson Bay Saskatchewan and has been working in arts and culture in Regina and Saskatoon for three decades. She’s a just- past- sixty single mom. In 2008, with her son raised and launched, she realized a lifelong dream and moved to the lake. She bought a modest little winterized cottage overlooking Last Mountain Lake in Regina Beach Saskatchewan.
Everything was fine until the spring of 2014 when the rains came and never left. At first it was nothing unusual, just another wet spring. But by early June the constant downpours had gone from normal to alarming. One day she opened the floor hatch to the cellar to discover four feet of water destroying her water heater and furnace! And then the ground began to move! Apparently, Regina Beach is built on an ancient landslide and the combination of a high-water table and constant rain had re-animated it.
Unfortunately, her house is situated in one of the most damaged areas. Many of her neighbour’s homes were damaged beyond repair. She was more fortunate. Most of the ground movement on her property affected everything around the house (her water lines, gas lines, septic system, retaining wall and front foundation), but leaving the house itself intact—so far!
With these various challenges, she hasn’t been able to live in her house full time and for almost three years. She’s been staying with friends--housesitting and couch surfing and sometimes renting and borrowing guest bedrooms. Noreen has moved more than 10 times and since she’s still making mortgage and tax payments on her house at the beach, and paying for the repairs made so far, she’s had to live like a gypsy and rely on the kindness of friends.

The Costs

None of this damage is covered by home insurance. And although there is a provincial disaster relief program in Saskatchewan, it’s designed for dramatic total loss situations like over-land flooding and forest fires. She had hoped the program would be there to help, but in the end, she was deemed eligible for just $8,000 towards the estimated $63,000 needed in repairs.
Restoring things to the way they were is not the solution, but she has found new approaches that respond to the on-going ground movement and accommodate it: a floating foundation—where the house rests on a matrix of horizontal steel beams that rests in turn on adjustable jacks, and a retaining wall system that is essentially a vertical cage of rocks that can flex and allow water to run thru it. She’s found local contractors to do the work and the fix should be permanent!

Here's the breakdown...


$1,600     Install temporary water line (paid from savings)
$5,000     Down-payment on signing of foundation contract (paid from savings)
$11,000   On completion of technical drawings & starting ground work (paid with loaned money)
$17,600   TOTAL


$11,000    Installation of steel beams
$10,185    At completion of leveling house & work on site
$10,000    Installation of water line and septic tank
$6,000      Installation of retaining wall 
$37,000    TOTAL 

To Noreen, it seems an impossible goal.  But that’s where we come in, Friends of Noreen. We call ourselves Noreen’s Gnomes. We know that nothing's impossible when it comes to looking after each other. 
We’ve organized this crowdfunding campaign, are holding fundraising events and offering products and services in exchange for donations. We want to help her restore her house and set her future back on a firm foundation.
Noreen says she is looking forward to the day when each person who contributed to saving her house at Last Mountain Lake can sit at her kitchen table with her and enjoy the view.
If you’re interested in being one of those folks, please check out the perks, volunteer opportunities and various events to see what options might work for you.
Thanks SO MUCH your support!
Noreen's Gnomes
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