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Yusudi was built with the idea that Youth have energy; they look for a purpose and place to apply it, but often do not know the steps to reach it. We thrive to support this process of self-discovery, and the challenges it implies as we find this time to be integral to personality forming, which ultimately becomes a platform for action and societal change. We envision a world that provides holistic, creative and individualised education. Young adults will be the creators of their own opportunities and economic fulfilment. Youth unemployment will decrease together with its mental and physical consequences. We cannot wait to wake up in a society in which your gender, skin color, learning style, education level or the things that you love make you feel like you are less worthy than others and at the end lead you to do so little with the potential that you have. It’s possible, it’s really possible and we truly believe in the way that education has such a big impact on achieving that. It is where humans spend the most critical years of their lives and it has an influence on their future until they grow old. Our current service provided is the Life Skills Program. The Yusudi Life Skills Program is a well-rounded intense learning experience for young people and it provides direct employment opportunity. Working with SMEs, we combine training and an internship. In the 1st month, the trainee gets full-time training on soft skills, business skills and other practical skills required by intern-takers. In the 2nd-4th month, the trainee gets a high quality paid internship. Both the trainee and SME receive support from Yusudi within these 3 months. SMEs get coaching on how to develop the talent, and trainees’ get coaching/training for work-based upskilling. Therefore, SMEs get customized trained talent for 3 months with a possibility to employ them after and young people get practical experience, training and self-awareness to take on further career steps, and no strained costs as they pay the program cost from the stipend they earn with the SME. The program has proved to be effective for over 142 young people in over 48 SMEs since its start in March 2016.

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Yusudi, a social enterprise has created tangible impact in youth training and employment in its' first year in Kenya. We are expanding, and we look for your support in moving to a bigger space to grow our team and train more youth.

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