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Oh boy. Time takes it's toll and we need so many repairs. Fencing, housing for the animals and shelter repairs. We are now a 501(c)(3) EIN: 45-5214244

$280 raised of $2.5k goal
6 Years running

Care to make it a Merry Christmas for the Critters? Read more below.

$0 raised of $5k goal
94 Weeks running

Help Ring in the New Year with a happy 2019 for the Critters :-)

$190 raised of $1.5k goal
2 Years running

Running an animal sanctuary is a labor of love. But, unfortunately, it takes money to feed, house, maintain and give medical care for the animals. Any help is appreciated. To see more ways to donate click on "Read the whole story". Thanks

$95 raised of $1.5k goal
2 Years running

Who's Your Favorite Valentine? Make a donation to The Critter Place Critters. Scroll down for more info or if on a phone click on "Read the whole story.

$315 raised of $1.5k goal
2 Years running

Thanksgiving For the Critters. Help us with feed, dog and cat food, medical and maintenance for the sanctuary animals. Our average monthly costs are about $2,500 per month w/o any emergency medical care.

$245 raised of $2.5k goal
2 Years running

Please Help With a Roof for the Sanctuary Home. Dogs and cats reside in the home. I am just their caretaker. The sanctuary office and storage room/food and feed storage take up 2 rooms. Roof in dire need of repair. Read more on other ways to help. Thanks

$425 raised of $3.5k goal
3 Years running

Care to donate a buck for the Critters ;-) A Buck from all of The Critter Place fans will go a long way.

$622 raised of $1k goal
3 Years running

Please Help Me Hire Help for the Critters. With a few hours of help each day. I need to heal. Volunteers are far and few inbetween. There are several ways to donate below. Thanks

$635 raised of $2.5k goal
3 Years running

It is Karen's wish that I not give up our animals. I need help to keep that promise. For 26 years we have given sanctuary to over 500 animals. Our mission has never faltered and we need your help to continue. Thank you PayPal:

$1,705 raised of $2.5k goal
6 Years running