Human Juke Box

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This item has been discontinued by Team #WeLive.

Replacing this Perk with a shenanigan of higher entertainment value!

By: Tabitha

I will perform the song of your choice while driving in the car somewhere between London and Russia.

Choose anything! Pop, classic rock, rap, indie, grunge, whatever you want! I will belt my heart out for you!

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$20 USD
Disney Karaoke
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For $20 a pop Megan will belt her heart out while driving

What could be more dramatic than songs from Aladdin being sung as we drive across the desert? Or more poignant than ballads from Mulan in Mongolia?!

Choose your song in the comments of your contribution and Megan will karaoke the crap out of it and dedicate it's posting to you.
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$20 USD
Handwritten Post-Card
  • 29 claimed
Handwritten personal postcard mailed to you from the country of your choosing:

When you choose this perk Brianna will take the time to find a post card, write you a personal note about what she is experiencing, and then send it to you from the country of your choosing along our route.

It will be a glimpse into that country and our experience, and will give you a lovely conversation piece for your home.

Please be sure to include your mailing address and desired country of post-mark.
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$20 USD
Pencil Sketch of the Day
  • 20 claimed
For $20 Alice will draw you a lovely sketch of what she saw that day on the trip. Then she will close it all up with love and send it to you from a post office somewhere between London and Ulan-Ude.

Simply choose the date that you would like for her to sketch for you and add that to the comments when you contribute! Remember to leave your address!
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$20 USD
Personalized Picture Post from Bo the Gnome
  • 19 claimed
If you know Megan, you know Bo the Gnome. This galivanting Gnome has been all over the world with Megan and he's really excited to go on the Mongol Rally! He's SO excited that he's offering to mail you a personalized photo of him from any of the amazing places Megan will be along the Team #WeLive route!

For a mere $20 you choose the local, Megan will snap a pic of Bo, and the two of them will send it to you from that country!
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$20 USD
Teach Me How To Say...
  • 4 claimed
In this Perk, Tabitha will approach a local and ask them to teach her how to say phrases in their native language.
The process will be recorded and shared in your honor.

Footage of Tabitha stumbling awkwardly through pronunciation is the real perk here.

The fun: the phrases will be things like,
"Thank you for sharing your country with me."
"Sorry about America."
"Donald Trump is a fool."
"I love coffee."
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$20 USD
Yoga Anywhere
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For a mere $20 Paula will perform yoga with and around the objects or locations or your choice.

What exactly does this mean? Here are a few ideas:

- bridge pose under a real live camel
- warrior 3 with a statue
- supported hand stand with a pillar

Specify your request in the comment when you contribute or tell her to wing it! It's up to you!
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$50 USD
Choose Your Own Adventure
  • 4 claimed
Send Tabitha on a mission of your choice. You get to make up the adventure!! You're in total control of this one!


- Send her to a local cafe to meet a new friend and ask them about their job.
- Find the local post office and find out how much it is to ship a shoe box sized package to the US.
- Find and pet a camel.
- In an open air market find _____ available for purchase.

YOU'RE THE BOSS! You pick! Make sure to include your option in the notes when you Contribute!
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$50 USD
Circus on a Car
  • 3 claimed
When you contribute $50 Paula will execute a circus pose on top of our crappy hatchback!

The process of actually this happen promises to be full of reality-show level fun and will be documented in your honor!
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$50 USD
Random Wrestling Match
  • 5 claimed
For $50 Alice will challenge a local to a wrestling match and do her very best to take them down!

Required: one willing local.
Bonus: Alice's 3 months of very recent jujitsu training.

Have the whole debacle filmed and dedicated to you!
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$50 USD
Star Wars and a Tiny Harmonica
  • 4 claimed
Megan is the proud owner of 1) a very tiny harmonica 2) a very large Star Wars obsession.

When you purchase this perk Megan will perform John Williams' theme from Star Wars on her mini harmonica in an extremely unlikely and most probably embarrassing situation.

The more times this perk is purchased the more hilarious locations and reactions can be recorded and uploaded for your viewing pleasure!
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$75 USD
Ballet Performance
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Tabitha, being a trained ballet dancer, will choose an unlikely location and perform a ballet variation from a famous classical ballet!

No pointe shoes, but FULL performance will be recorded and dedicated to you.

If you have a favorite ballet variation please note it in your comments, if not Tabitha is happy to provide one from her repertoire.
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$75 USD
How To Write the Perfect Blog
  • 4 claimed
Expert travel blogger, Alice, will teach you all the secrets of how to craft the perfect blog so maybe you too can go out and experience the world and get paid to do it.

Get one hour of training for $75.

Disclaimer: we do not promise that you'll actually become an professional travel blogger but we do promise you'll learn helpful tools.
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$150 USD
Bags, Shirts, Hats from Ministry of Culture
  • 2 claimed
Brianna, Team Linguist, also happens to be a talented and trained designer dedicated to responsible sourcing and production.

Her company, Ministry of Culture, offers a whole line of fantastic products including clothing made of hemp and other natural fibers, waxed canvas bags, and urban headwear/accessories.

For $150 you get your pick of product! Simply follow the link to the Ministry of Culture Etsy to pick your product, then specify in your contribution comment. Your item will be delivered after our return from the Mongol Rally in fall of 2016.
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