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The MPower Relationship Global Women's Project
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Healing and wholeness in relationships comes in two ways, (1) coming to know yourself and (2) understanding others. The challenge is: HOW?

The MPower RELATIONSHIP PROJECT is raising funds to release an amazing tool, the MPower Journal. Please help!

We've made it our mission to launch into 2017 to complete our goal of raising funds to share the MPower Relationship Project to help, strengthen and save women all over the world.

Now through the end of January, we are continuing our fundraising because finding love and being in the dating game is the reason more women:

[1] have low self-esteem;

[2] are often abused;

[3] are single-parents raising kids alone; or

[4] are incarcerated. 

Our goal is to help more women come alive to themselves with strength and confidence to make powerful and wiser choices in life and love. Thank you in advance for helping us to reach more women with your generous contribution.

The MPower Relationship Project is about the 12 Keys of MPowered Relationships and how to use these 12 keys, single ladies, to Finding Love in Less than 300 Dates. More importantly, the 12 keys will help you find the most important love relationship you need. You see, I was there, a single woman with a bright future, and while I could get a date, it wasn’t the date that led to a lasting fulfilling relationship. I was circling in old patterns and attracting who I was, not who I wanted. When I figured it out, when I got it, is when the 12 Keys to Finding Love in Less Than 300 Dates using the MPower Journal was born.


I’m Tal Dew Shaish, the author and creator of the MPower Project . This project is about a book. No, not a book … it’s about a how using a purposefully designed journal and a journey through your life experiences, can get you to the you that you are purposed to be.

Tal Dew Shaish

This project is about an opportunity to empower women, young and old, so that when you date, how you date, how you play the dating game, is also how empowered you can be.

MPower Relationship Project

So, why is this a project? the MPower Project represents more than a book and a journey to a place called “Love”. It is truly an Empowerment Project for women who have lost themselves. So many women have determined their self-worth based on what they have been told about themselves, rather than who they really are…

  • This is what women are;
  • This is what women are supposed to do;
  • This is the kind of job that you as a woman are able to do;
  • This is what women as mothers are supposed to be, do and have;
  • This is what widowhood is about;
  • This is what happens when you’ve been the victim of abuse or assault; and
  • Because this is just what women are supposed to be.


Do you know what’s amazing about it all? Women in this process of growth cross all boundaries of race, religion, socio-economic levels, jobs, careers, and businesses.


Embarking on this journey is a familiar process for many women. Whether you are a woman who remembers any part of her personal journey towards love (or what you thought was love), or you’ve just started, or you are currently on your journey, then this tool will help you, and it will help others as well.

Women who are hurt, moving through and out of hurt can move more easily using the MPower Journal.

Help us get the MPower Journal to women and help them start the journey to an MPowered Life, and an MPowered Loving Relationship.


Our goal is to raise $25,000 and reach at least 10,000 women with this self-empowerment opportunity through book studies, workshops, seminars, talks within women’s groups, and outreach to non-profit organizations who support women in various stages and challenges in their lives.

Please help us by making your generous contribution. No contribution goes unrewarded. Find your level of an MPowered Contribution, and give NOW.


Thank you. Blessings to you!

The MPowered Relationship Project Team

 If you experience any difficulties in your payment immediately clearing, get an error message, or a message about your transaction, for Security Purposes, please contact your banking institution or PayPal. Security has been heightened during this Holiday season and we want your transaction to be as smooth as possible. Thank you in advance and thank you for your contribution to our campaign. You are part of empowering women globally and we appreciate you!

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$10 USD
MPowering Relationships eBook, by Tal Dew Shaish
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"Breakup as an Engine to Growth - From Wounded to MPowered", is one of the first MPowering Relationships eBooks written by Tal Dew Shaish. In this book, Tal relates to the fact that it can be hard to break up with someone, especially when you believed they might be the love of your life. Explore this concept with Tal, get her guidance and advice, and come out on the other side with a better understanding of yourself and how to create your next, best MPowered Relationships.
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$25 USD
Digital Version of the The 12 Keys MPower Journal
  • 6 claimed
At this level, get the Digital Version of the The 12 Keys to Finding Love in Less Than 300 Dates using the MPower Journal so you can get started right away on this mpowerment mission. You get all of the perks from the previous level as well.
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$50 USD
MPower Journal Soft Copy Book
  • 5 claimed
At this level, you will receive an autographed copy of The 12 Keys to Finding Love in Less Than 300 Dates using the MPower Journal, soft cover book, along with all of the perks of the previous levels.
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$100 USD
MPowering Relationships - THE ONE Seminar
  • 1 claimed
At this level, receive complimentary access for one to the 90-Minute “MPowering Relationships – The One That Counts The Most” Live Virtual Seminar. The relationship you have with yourself is the bedrock upon which any and all other relationships are created and sustained. In this 90-minute power-packed session, you will find out how to see yourself, your best self, inside and out. (Value $147)
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$250 USD
MPowering Relationships 4 Week Journey
  • 1 claimed
At this level, you will receive complimentary access for two to the 4 week MPowering Relationships Journey and the 12 Keys that make Finding Love in Less Than 300 Dates more than just possible, it happens. Each of the 75 minute sessions of this seminar is designed for singles, new couples and those in relationships who may be desiring to find what can bring you back together in the love relationship you once experienced, and the relationship you dream of. Get this reward, plus everything in the previous rewards categories.
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