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Hello, I am Kimu, a cosplayer from the Netherlands. In two years I will most likely retire from cosplay, I want to make those years the most memorable possible. Starting with creating some of my dreams this summer! ♥


Hello! I am Kimu Cosplayer - キム . I was born and raised in the Netherlands for 21 years. I have been cosplaying for a small two years. I am a full time student, and have two part time jobs. I am currently majoring in Dental Hygienist. Dentistry is my passion and love, next to cosplay. When I graduate as Dental Hygienist, I will most likely retire or cosplay less. Even though I love this hobby, I would not have enough time. (;* *;)

That is why I have been doing my best on achieving my own little dreams in cosplay. Because this is something that means a lot to me, thanks to everyone who I have met through cosplay When I grow older I want to look back on this, and be reminded of all the happy memories I have been able to made.


This summer, I want to make use of the free time from my studies and work on projects that I have been dreamed of for a long time. For example: Cosplay studios, professional (paid) photoshoots with international photographers & national photographers, nightshoots, professionally edited and creating a photobook. So far, I have never worked with a paid photographer before, I have never been to a cosplay studio before and I haven’t been able to create a photobook. I barely had nightshoots aswell, but there’s some I am dreaming of to do, nightshoots are incredibly hard in Europe, as the weather is very cold at night! Cosplay studios are also not a thing in Europe, atleast not in the Netherlands. I always dreamed of making a beautiful shoot

Why should I donate?

I have been actively been cosplaying for a year on my page, and I have always strived to do the same: Being the character itself. I always try to put my best effort into the cosplay, from costume, to make up and photography. This is what makes ME happy, but also YOU as fans. I hope to be able to publish even better work for you. The reason why this is a separate thing from Patreon is because Patreon is solely for my costumes. Most of them are cosplay recommendations and requests. I have two part time jobs to be able to afford the cosplays that I would like to buy by myself, and travelcosts for conventions & holidays.

What are your plans?

I have several ideas for the summer. But most of them cost quite abit, professional photoshoots cost ~50$ each shoot. Professional cosplay studios also cost ~50$ to hire for two hours. And editing CGI photos is around 50$ too All in all, that adds up to quite abit. But in the end its all worth it. I am also planning on going abroad in Europe to collaborate with a professional photographer (Smile250) to shoot a lot of summer versions of our favorite characters. I have also discussed with a professional editor who specialized in CGI to edit some of the work!

What do cosplay studios look like?

Well here are some examples!

You said you’re going to shoot with several professional photographers?

I always strive for the best of the best. I did ask some photographers for interest, but we haven't discussed everything yet until I am certain of my own budget. I will work with several professional photographers in HK/TW/UK/NL ! The more funds, the more shoots, but Asia has my priority!


So which cosplays are you going to do?

I am planning on a lot of summer-based versions because of the heat, apart from the studio shoots. I will note down a list of different series I want to do this summer! I have already thought of great ideas how to make the most out of the characters // u //


Fate/ series

Guilty Crown

Re: Zero

Kantai Collection

Love Live!

Yosuga no sora

Kobayashi’s Dragon maid

Date A Live

Youjo Senki

NieR Automata


And several more…….!!! (to be updated)



Thank you for reading up until here! I appreciate that you took your time. If you wish to support me, I have several rewards that you will be granted, as a thank you for the support!

  •          Fansign (of any of the characters I am doing during Summer)
  •          Prints (of any of the shoots I am doing during summer)
  •          Photobook (set with photos of the shoots I am doing in summer), this will NOT be a commercial sold product.
  •          Limited edition Dakimakura (of your choice)


Social media:

I do not own Winnie tsumtsum's rights but I do own the plushes XDD I love pooh!!!!!

Both photos are by   but the logo got cut off because i had to make it smaller xux!!!! check him out

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PS: This started out as a huge joke, but we only live once, so why not make this joke a reality LOL. I am totally aware that no one will ever contribute :'))))
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