HELP ME LIVE! Petey the Dogo NEEDS life saving/changing SURGERY ASAP! Please!
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Thank you for stopping and for your time.  My name is Marcy and I am the co-owner of Petey the Dogo.  I lovingly call him piggy Petey or Mr. Pete.  I am an honest woman and teacher that is currently not working due to moving, and I desperately need your help. 


If you cannot help, I completely understand as work is slow for us right now and I know for many as well.  Every little bit helps and if you would please share this it is GREATLY appreciated!

This is about a dog who has been tested and dealt a horrible hand in life. Yet, he is still the most loving, trusting and amazing animal I have ever met! This is not just any dog, he is a REALLY  SPECIAL DOG named PETEY; A beautiful Dogo Argentino, originally rescued from the Harbor Shelter in Los Angeles, CA. My friend Sue, who is dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for dogs in need, fell in love with this SWEET GENTLE SOUL. She rescued him, literally right before he was to be euthanized and found him a home on a ranch!  A dogs dream! 

Fast forward two years... My poor Petey was likely BEATEN within an inch of his life and HIT by a car due to being ABANDONDED ON the 118 FREEWAY on a blazing hot summer day! He was PULLING HIMSELF along the asphalt with his front legs, because his back LEGS were PARALYZED and BLOODY. The shelter called Sue because she was still registered on the microchip. They did not tell her what happened to him, just that he was found. Later she learned that the man who adopted him had split with his wife, and Petey had been abandoned. No one knows what really happened.


This is when we came into Petey's life.  Our dear friend Mitzi showed my boyfriend, Jim (Jimbo to many), a picture of the dog from prior to all this, a young, beautiful, strong, healthy and happy White Dogo. He fell in love! He always wanted a Dogo. So we all headed to the West Valley Shelter in Chatsworth.

What we saw INSTANTLY brought four grown adults to TEARS! The shelter worker CARRIED Petey out.  He was a BROKEN, EMACIATED, partially PARALYZED wreck of a dog who had BEEN THROUGH HELL AND BACK! He was covered in FLEAS, his feet and legs covered in open WOUNDS and SCABS with pieces of tar stuck to his hind legs from dragging himself through the hot asphalt. His eyes and nose were sunburned bright pink.  This once beautiful, strong, healthy, happy dog, so full of life, was almost physically unrecognizable. Yet when Petey saw us, he was so HAPPY, wagging his tail even though he was being held up so he would not lose his balance. He STILL had the same BEAUTIFUL SOUL! The SAME indomitable SPIRIT! Even the shelter worker fell in love with this dog. Jim was absolutely crushed, but said the magic words, IN TEARS, “I still want him. I want to help him.” 

Jim gave him a new name, to go with his new life. He named him “Petey”, and he really is a Lil Rascal! Since then, Jim has been Petey’s champion and I have taken on that role as well. WE LOVE and RESPECT this noble dog beyond measure. Petey still struggles with his back legs and paralysis. But there is a MORE URGENT MATTER that must be HANDLED IMMEDIATELY or it could COST PETEY HIS LIFE! 


Petey has developed SERIOUS and debilitating BLADDER STONES/CRYSTALS and they have moved to his urethra. If they cause  a total BLOCKAGE, he will DIE. He needs EXPENSIVE SURGERY IMMEDIATELY! We are reaching out to our animal-loving friends/family and well EVERYONE.

PLEASE HELP US HELP PETEY! I wouldn't ask if it was for me, but I NEED to do anything I can to HELP PETEY!


We need to raise around $3000 to cover the SURGERY as well as follow-up APPOINTMENTS, x-rays, medication and special food ($89/BAG).  The food is perscription Hill's U/d diet; A special diet so he stops forming the crystals.  He is already on it in prep for surgery. I have planted a garden and will be making his food in the future, so that isn't an expense that will be forever, but necessary now.

With this surgery, YOU will HELP Petey make a FULL RECOVERY and LIVE the rest of his LIFE HAPPY, COMFORTABLE, SAFE, and VERY LOVED!  That's all we want for him after all he has been through!  Give the poor guy a break...




This money will not go towards what is needed for his back and hind-legs. For now, that is on hold. Although any money collected over and above our goal will be put towards that purpose. RIGHT NOW, we just want to SAVE PETEY'S LIFE! Any little bit will help!


I’ve attached the estimate from the vet’s office. If you are able to and would like to help, you can send your donation via PayPal to the following address:


THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity for Petey!


We look forward to the day that handsome Petey will be running as fast as he can, with that silly goofy contagious happy smile on his face!! 

Time is of the essence.  Thank you!


Humbly and with great appreciation,



(Petey's doggy mom)

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