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Help Us Build Three Dream Homes For Needy Families in Myanmar
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Our goal is to build sturdy, stable, off the ground homes with solid tin roofs and wooden floors for three needy families living in Dala, just outside of Yangon in Myanmar (Burma).

Each simple, but sturdy home costs just over $250 USD  ($330 Canadian Dollars) each. Labor and construction is being donated by volunteers. All donations to this project go to material costs, and payment processing fees/bank transfer fees. Any funds raised beyond our goal will go towards badly needed food items and home supplies for the families.

Who Would Receive New Homes?

The would-be recipients below all live in dire conditions where their one-room shacks frequently flood and are in danger of falling down. Though the homes we would build are simple, they would be a vast improvement over their current conditions and include sturdy walls, a tin roof, and a wooden floor that is raised so as to be less prone to flooding.


Daw Thein Ye by her current houseDaw Thein Ye is a 69 year-old widow who has lived in Dala since she was young. She is helping to take care of her grandsons and daughters.



Ma Phyu in her current house. Ma Phyu is a 60 year-old widow who was born and raised in Dala. She too has grandchildren that she is raising and taking care of. Her children are married and live in separate houses.



Min Thet (right) with his wife by their current house Min Thet is a 31 year-old father of three children. He moved to Dala from rural Myanmar and has lived there for 9 years. He rents a motorcycle to earn money for his family and his wife takes care of the children at home.


Who Are We?

The Aid Myanmar Society is a Canadian nonprofit organization that helps impoverished communities in Myanmar through health, education, housing, income generation, and community-building projects. We are a small group of volunteers who aim to make a difference.

Our group started as a personal vision for founder Stephen Fortner in the Summer of 2012. Earlier that year, Stephen and his wife, Marian, had visited Myanmar and discovered a small orphanage in the Dala Township, across the river from Yangon, Myanmar. This orphanage housed 18 children and was administered by Thang Khup and his wife Ruth. As of 2018 there are 34 residents at the Hope Centre for Child Development.  Read More

Kristen Palana is a professor living and working in Myanmar and also a Board Member of The Aid Myanmar Society. She's been helping needy families since 2004 and successfully funded 93 housing, health, education, and income generation projects to date through her grassroots website Aura's House as well as platforms like FundRazr and others. See her first project with Aid Myanmar (in 2016)  to send orphans to school here.

What Kind of Difference Can YOU Help Make?

Last year we were able to come to the aid of a single mother in Dala Township who also has a medical condition. Her hut that she was living in was falling down. We were able to build her a larger home with a metal roof and plywood floor. She could never stand up straight in her old home.


Tan Tan Moe's old home was in a ditch that flooded easily, had a leaky roof, and was too small to stand up in.


Her new home has a tin roof, wooden floors, and is enclosed and off the ground so it stays dry in Rainy Season.
She was so HAPPY!


What we need and what you get:

We aim to raise a total of $750 USD ($990 Canadian Dollars) to fund three new homes for three families in Dala.  

In return for your contribution, you will:

  • Have the most amazing feeling of having helped these wonderful people. (Ahhh, feel that lovely karma!) 
  • Get one of the lovely perks on the right side of this page. You can even donate on behalf of someone else in loving memory or as a holiday gift.

Your contribution will have a tremendous impact!

Other ways you can help:
There's more than one way you can help us with this.  Yes, donating even just $5 is amazing, but there are also ways that won't cost a cent:  

Spread the word!  Share this story with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter - anything will do!  Tell your classmates, your family, your soccer team, your church - tell everyone!

And thank you.  Because of you, miracles do happen!



Kristen, Stephen, and Marian of Aid Myanmar

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Personal thank you email from Aid Myanmar
Stephen and Marian Fortner of Aid Myanmar would like to thank you personally for your generous gift to help lift up needy families in Dala. Provide your email and they will be in touch with photos and updates along with your personal thank you.
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These handmade ties were handmade in Chin State in Myanmar where many residents of Dala Township come from. We can ship or deliver to most places if you include shipping costs. Please send an email or message if you have any questions or requests.
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Holiday Gift and Three Online Courses
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With this perk you'll get a card sent to anyone you choose stating that $50 was donated on their behalf to help families in Myanmar get a home. You'll also get personal FREE links to your choice of three of Prof. Palana's 22 top-rated online courses (on a variety of subjects including art, design, fundraising, soft skills, social media, and more) which you can keep or give to a friend or family member...
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Five Online Courses
Personal FREE links to your choice of five of Prof. Palana's 22 top-rated online courses (on a variety of subjects including art, design, fundraising, soft skills, social media, and more) which you can keep or give to a friend or family member...
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$330 CAD
Framed Photo With Thank You From the New Homeowner
$330 Canadian ($250 USD) buys an entire house for one family. You can be that special hero and ensure a needy family gets a new, sturdy home. You'll receive a framed photo of the house once it's built along with a personalized thank you (in Burmese) from the new home owners. You'll also get the social media shout out and personal thank you from Stephen and Marian of Aid Myanmar, PLUS five online courses from Prof. Palana (for yourself or as a gift for someone you love), PLUS that feeling of having done a good thing.
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