IT'S ILLEGAL TO BE GAY IN JAMAICA - by Dexter Pottinger Fund
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Because i am 32 & my life expectancy is 20.  

Because I was beaten and torture for being LGBTQ.

Because its illegal to be Gay in Jamaica

Because to be LGBT in Jamaica means death.  

Because Dexter Pottinger is a human being. 

Because you never see our cries on TV 

Because our existence is never mentioned

️I stand to be the voice for the those LGBTQ folks who can't speak out against injustice, hate and their own lives are marked with death. 

Support this cause to help Homesless LGBTQ folks in Jamaica with housing and financial assistance.

Each year hundreds of LGBTQ folks are killed by the Police or mobs of people and there is no where to be safe from violence in Jamaica, because the entire country is Homophobic and transphobic being supported by the law and the teachings of the church. 

@ Drop your change on this campaign. Hundreds of us are dying at the hands of the police, homophobic mobs and others who demonized LGBTQ folks existence on the island. 


Read more about Dexter Pottinger. He was my brother. He lived free in a homophobic country and pay for such freedom with his life. 

This cause is dedicated to the memory of Dexter Pottinger and your donations goes towards helping the LGBTQ community  that he inspired to be free even when it may cause us our lives.

Why being LGBTQ in Jamaica is illegal...

LGBTQ Rights in Jamaica are non-existence and our lifestyle is criminalize by the law. This making us more at risk for extreme violence as no one is prosecuted or face justice when they kill or hurt an LGBTQ person in Jamaica.

For the LGBTQ people living on the islands their lives are mark with death. They can be beaten and kill by anyone and there will be no arrest. Simple because the laws and society protects homophobic persons from criminalization, and actually justifies such killings. 


"Jamaica: I failed Oshane Gordon. I will not fail others."


Support this cause to bring hope to the LGBTQ folks in Jamaica living in hell and to help raise awareness for their plight. 


Because, the entire country is homophobic and transphobic their is literally no where to hide or escape the wrath of death and/or injustice that comes with being exposed as LGBTQ in public.

As such, support us to provide resources towards the asylum application for LGBTQ folks currently on the island that are in fear for their lives as they being persecuted by the police, other government officials with backing and support from the church.

Lets set LGBTQ folks free and help them get to safe countries that accepts all LGBTQ folks existence.  Where they can be free from injustice, rape, abused and violation of their human rights. 

  1. To prevent our fundraisers from being attack, we don't share our personal info and limit public information on our company. 
  2. This campaign is fully verified in the back end by the bank that processes donations and also by Fundrazr. If this wasn't the case our campaign wouldn't still be up. 
  3. We don't use Venmo or GoFundMe as these for-profit organizations participate in the exploitation of Black people plight. #boycott  Venmo and GoFundMe. 
  4. We started in Florida, but now, our services have expand nationwide in PDX-ATX-LA - NYC and collectively in the most homophobic countries. 

HOMELESS BLACK TRANS WOMEN FUND - is a registered non-profit that provides housing and financial assistance to homeless Black Trans Women and non-binary folks.

#housing for Homeless Black Trans Women. 

Our goal is and always will be to establish permanent housing for Trans people. However, the need to help Black Trans Women is the greatest.

  • 90 percent of Black Trans Women experience housing insecurity, homelessness, discrimination, and violation of their human rights. Because of this Black Trans Women are particularly more venerable and experience chronic homelessness on a more severe scale.

To ensure that this never happens the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund is dedicated to providing all wraparound services necessary to Black Trans Women for them to feel safe, protected and provide housing with wellness, career, and educational programs that allow Homeless Black Trans Women to achieve their dreams in safe communities and housing.

  • At the moment, our housing model includes purchasing properties. That is; apartments and houses in safe communities to provide housing to Homeless Trans Women and also, purchase land that will be developed into Trans Community housing nationwide.

In the interim, we provide emergency housing to Trans Women across all major cities nationwide via Airbnb and looking to scale this worldwide. In addition, to offering financial aid and rent relief to those who qualified as indigent Homeless Black Trans Women and non binary folks. 


Please bear in mind that this cause and its success in eradicating homelessness among Black Trans Women depends on your donations.  It's crucial that you consider supporting it for the coming months as the girls being house will need resources to help them combat the effects of being homeless and long- term financial assistance to help them gain independence. Please consider making a recurring donation. 

" Black Trans Lives Matter Everywhere Save us and Protect us. "
In the coming years, We hope to grow this fund into a nationwide funding network offering full support to Black Trans Women & queer folks worldwide.
Bear in mind, that although Black Trans Women fight in the United states is never ending. There is also millions of Trans Women & non binary folks being killed worldwide and in some countries it's illegal to be LGBTQ and is punishable by death or long prison sentences. 
" It takes one less cup of coffee or one less drink or one less night out to help us Homeless Black Trans Women with housing. 
So please support and let us grow this fund into a larger network of love and care for all Trans Women nationwide. 

*** Donations may be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

  *** Unauthorised use of the name ©Homeless Black Trans Women Fund isn't allowed by third parties or individuals.


Thanks for your support. 




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