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Dancing on the Tracks - To Change Lives
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“WHAT! Me dance in front of 500 people! You must be crazy!”

As the words were coming out of my mouth I knew I had no choice. I knew we were going to do it. 

You see, the cause - the reason behind it all - the amazing non-profit organisation (charity) that is changing the lives of so many kids - had already captured us.

That's our reason for doing this in the photo down below..... these amazing kids who transform when backed by people like you.

So here’s the Fundraiser in brief:

My wife and I (Garry and Tarryn Hampson) are competing in Dancing on the Tracks (with 9 other couples) - where the voting is done via donations to the amazing SAG Charity (to be introduced below).

The top 3 fundraising couples then go through to the final where the winner is chosen by a panel of judges.

And we have one simple goal with this:


We don’t necessarily want to come first - but with your help, we definitely want to raise the most for this incredible cause!!!

So please VOTE for us by donating on the right with £10 or more - and help us hit our £5,000 goal.

Garry & Tarryn Dancing on the Tracks for kids in Thembalethu - Changing Lives

We're getting out of our comfort zones (COMPLETELY!) and learning to dance (in front of people and judges).

BUT it’s you and your funding that will make all the difference!

So what’s this fundraiser all about? And how can you make an impact?

It all starts with the Sports Academy George (SAG).

This amazing organization is completely changing the lives of kids in Thembalethu, an impoverished township in George, South Africa.

As with every township there are high rates of unemployment, school dropouts, gang involvement, drugs and alcohol abuse, and crime at a young age. These kids do not have much chance of succeeding!

But SAG is changing this...

Take a look at the shocking stats of teenage life in South Africa below - AND then... Take special note of the success rate of kids who go through the SAG program: 

Teenage Life in South Africa and SAG's Results...

"6 out of 8 of our young people who have completed the SAG 5 year programme have gone on to full time employment or further education."

And no matter where you are in the world - YOU can make a 
difference to these kids!

So how does the SAG Program work?

In short: The program uses sport as a tool to mentor, educate, teach life skills, provide principles and ethics, and guide kids towards self-empowerment and success.

It helps raise up a new generation of Christian leaders.

And it gives them hope and a sense of belonging!

Watch the following videos below to get an idea of the difference you will make in their lives!

Also check out their website at "Sports Academy George" to find 
out more about SAG and the amazing work they do.

So how does the Fundraiser work? What is "Dancing on the Tracks"?

Where we come in is SAG have approached us to take part in "Dancing on the Tracks 2017", which will raise funds for these amazing, yet impoverished kids.

In short again: 10 couples, including us, learn a dance in 9 weeks. None of us are pro dancers - especially me (and our professional dance instructor Randall, is working overtime to get us ready!)

Here's myself and Tarryn hard at work, practicing...

We all then hit the dance floor in front of 500+ people at a fancy do, on the 9th June.

People vote for their favourite couple after they have danced (with cash), and the top three 'money raisers' will then dance off in front of professional judges, who will decide on the winner.

The dancing competition is simply a vehicle to get people together to support these young kids and this incredible program!

And as I've already said, our goal is not to come first - but rather to raise the most!

So What is our Goal Exactly?

Our goal is to raise a minimum of £5,000.

This will go directly to the day to day running costs in clothing, feeding, transporting and educating these young kids through the year.

Whilst our dream going forward is in fact to help SAG raise the £500,000 needed to build the school they have plans for. This School will give these young kids a real education and set them up for a life of hope and success!

Hence the reason for us running this fundrazr before the actual event.

We need like-minded people - who want to leave a legacy behind and make a difference to people who are less fortunate, but, who may not be in a position to give things such as time, skills and physical effort - to join us in this project and help by donating and sharing...

So How Can You Help?

  1. By contributing!
    Click on the CONTRIBUTE button at the top of the page and donate £10 or more. 
  2. Leave an encouraging message!...
    For us and for the kids.
  3. And By Sharing!
    Please share this project with as many like-minded people as you know - AND then challenge them to join you in making a real and impactful difference!
    You can share through the buttons just below the introduction.
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Thank You!

Thank you for supporting us!


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