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Some time ago, we asked for help in getting laser hair removal in order to help Liz get surgery. With that help we were able to get six sessions with a good team that apparently did very good work according to later assessments. (Thank you to everyone who helped then!)

However, about 4 sessions in, we received updated guidelines from the surgery team that requested a larger area be hair-free. We did what we could with the original laser team, and decided to prepare paperwork and get in to do the initial consultation at the surgeons', hoping they would have insights and help.

When we went together for her first surgical consultation, we did mention that we had started laser hair removal but that the revised guidelines meant it wasn't fully completed. They didn't review her progress and were mostly not very helpful at providing information on next steps to get that completed. (Overall, it seems as though there are a lot of "interdepartmental politics" at this particular hospital that is likely holding back creating a comprehensive support system for this process. It seems as though some things have improved since that awful visit but trust levels are low and worries are high.)


Fast forward over a year...

Many phone calls have been made to insurance, to different dermatologists, and not a lot of solid information about getting insurance to pay as they should. Time was spent attempting to find electrolysis that would be covered by insurance, but this is almost completely futile as almost no practitioner can afford to do business with the dozens of different insurance agencies and even fewer end up working under doctors. 

We had an excellent consultation with a woman who is very trans positive, has experience in preparing trans women for surgery, and has even had success in getting over the insurance hurdle... Only to find out the office she is working under does not take any form of the state-based insurance plan. (Attempts to explore other plans were dead ends also, as the one plan they do take would cut her off from her primary care doctor and other resources.)

Another hospital's dermatology department was more than happy to put in an insurance claim, but it was denied because the surgery has to be approved first. Someone at the surgeon's hospital is in the process of submitting that approval. There is a lot of "wait and see" and no guarantee this will work.

This process has been long, confusing, frustrating, humiliating, demoralizing, etc. And on top of that, there is no guarantee that insurance will come through with a happy ending here, because the hair removal part of this process, despite being necessary, still exists in a conflicting policy area where it is often dismissed as "cosmetic". So I am stepping in to organize a fund to do this out of pocket. She is unable to work and I simply do not make enough to make this happen in a reasonable time table.

Surgery is integral to Liz's future health. Every setback is devastating. Dysphoria is a powerful force and being repeatedly disrespected by a system that seems either uncaring or actively hostile is mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausting.

Hair removal is the last major hurdle in getting to surgery, and it has proved to be an extremely difficult one.

That is where you come in.

One consultation we received suggested 4-5 laser sessions. These run around $150 each. It is also likely that some electrolysis will be required to clear away hair which is not responsive to lasers. This is around $85-100 a session. It's unknown how many that would require but 4 feels like a safe estimate at this time.

A goal of $1200 would put us at the safe total for for covering 5 laser sessions and 4 electrolysis sessions. (After processing fees.)

If insurance does somehow come through then money not already spent towards sessions can be used from this fund to cover related expenses like parking, gas, pre- and post-care supplies, and other out of pocket expenses related to getting to and through surgery.

Thank you so much for contributing and/or sharing. 

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