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Exercising is a great, if not the best, way to get physically fit, be healthier, or gets the blood pumping. This can be done alone at home during free time, but the problem with this is that space may be too limiting, plus there are no equipments at home that can help take the exercise to the next level for progression, unless of course one has a private gym at home, which not everyone has the fortune of having.  Gyms are the place to go to help people reach their physical fitness and aesthetic goals, but most gyms leave people with monotonous routine -go to the gym, lift weights, go home. This isn’t the case with Monkey Bar Gym. The Monkey Bar Gym is after the persons’ total fitness success, from strength training up to nutrition. Here are the reasons to check this gym out:

Strength Training

People go to the gym either for aesthetic reasons or developing strength. Monkey Bar Gym is not about the typical lift-then-leave training. The strength training does not need machines and use different free weights for strength progression. It’s not about lifting, but strengthening functional and natural movements. The training incorporates various means and method, including short and long term developmental goals.

Self Defense

Monkey Bar Gym is not only concerned with strength, but also with how to defend oneself during combat. MBG offers combat training such as Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing. These martial arts are not only to teach people how to carry themselves effectively out of a life-threatening or an emergency situation, but it is also a great way to sweat out and get fit. Sports such as these are great for people who like to try something new.

Fitness Conditioning

Monkey Bar Gym’s goal is to help people achieve an overall fitness. Fitness has 5 main components which are: muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility, and body composition. MBG strives to hit every component with training schematics that are proven to work. Fitness is an overall change in lifestyle- from frequent exercise to healthy eating, which in turn makes the body active and healthy, and the mind sharp.

Nutritional Health

Fitness is not all about physical training, but also about getting the right nutrition the body actually needs, given the amount training the body is subjected to. Without the proper nutrition, the body will not have the essential materials to build muscle, maintain vital functioning, and so on. Monkey Bar Gym upholds the consumption of natural and organic food to supplement the body’s needs. Natural foods are less likely to cause diseases and keep the system clean.

Personal Training

MBG provides a personal trainer that adjusts depending on the level exercises one can perform. There are different levels of exercises, and with proper training and consistency, one is able to progress to the next. MBG provides body fat evaluations, meal plans, and goals as part of the training, making the training truly personal.

These are just some of the reasons why people go here. Monkey Bar Gym aims to help people with their strength and physical fitness training through natural and functional movements, personalized training, and organic nutrition.

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