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Hi, I am Candi,   We are in need of help to raise the rest of the monies we need to finalize the adoption of our precious Jazlin. We have raised and saved as much as we can but with the next court date for finalization approaching in 3 weeks we ...

Hi, I am Candi, 

  I am in need of help to raise the rest of the monies we need to finalize the adoption of our precious Jazlin. We have raised and saved as much as we can but with the next court date for finalization approaching in 3 weeks we need your help to get us the rest of the way there. I hope you find it in your hearts to help us make our goal and have Jazi be officially documented as a member of our family! We love her more then life itself and do not know what we would do without her in our lives. Our story is below, enjoy and thank you all for any and all help!
Minutes after Jazi was born and her umbilical cord was cut, she needed some oxygen being held by her Titi Cindy
We are the Canzoneri-Marte Family & we are in need of some help to finalize the adoption of our precious Blessing Jazlin(Jazi). Our journey began a little over 4 years ago in Jersey City, NJ where a friend of ours was pregnant with her 4th child and asked us to be her(Jazi)God Parents, it was an honor for us to say yes. So in Dec 2009 we had an eventful Christmas week, as we were back & forth to the hospital with our Angel's mother and they kept sending her home as contractions had stopped and not dialted enough. So on our last night at the hospital Dec 29th(my birthday)they once again sent her mother home, I remember telling the Doctor and the nurses this baby better not be born in the toilet at home.....Needless to say only a few hours after returning back to our house her mother was in full blown labor and once again getting ready to be off to the hospital. So I woke my husband up at 5:30am Dec 30th to help Jazi's mother walk doown the stairs while I went to pull our truck to the front door, it was snowing pretty heavily. I got in my truck and as I was coming up the block I get a call from my daughter who was 15 at the time saying "baby is here, ewww, I am never having kids" which I replied with "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BABY IS HERE!? & Good you're 15 you have plenty of time to have a baby" lol My daughter then says I don't know, but the baby is here!" So I got off the phone with her to continue my way up the block, my husband had already called 911, The Paramedics and I pulled up at the same time, I didn't even bother to park my truck, I just threw it in park in the middle of the street and ran upstairs. There she was as beautiful as can be, our precious Jazlin Imani Nykole, delivered by my husband at 6:15am on Dec 30, 2009.

Jazlin seconds after her home birth.

The paramedics said this was there New Year's Blessing/Miracle as they had just come from another call where the baby did not make it and Jazi was doing great, as they allowed one of our friends to cut the umbilical cord and continued to check on the mother to then take mother and child to the hospital. They were then taken Medical Center in downtown Jersey City, NJ and my friend Cindy & I followed behind them, as we walked into the hospital back up to the Delivery & Labor floor we ran into one of the Doctors that had sent her home only a few hours before and told them yeah HOME DELIVERY, and Thank God she was delivered on our couch and not in the toilet! Jazi was in the NICU for the first day and a half of her little life, she was thriving and doing very well she weighed 7lbs 4 ozs and was 21-1/2 inches long. So on day 2 in the hospital Mother & child are given the green light to be released and come home, one big happy family we were! Fast forward to 3 weeks later when our God dauughter's Mother asked if I can watch her while she goes to welfare to bring them all the paperwork they asked for so she can be added to her case, I of course said yes because again it was winter and way to cold to take a newborn out in. Jazi's mother had left early that morning around 7:30am and then my daughter came home from school around 4-5pm and she checks the mail on her way into the house, well in the mail the is a letter from Jazi's mother saying she wants to give custody to myself and husband. This has taken us by great surprise, we did not hear from Jazi's mother for the rest of that night, we called her family to let them know what was going on, they were not surprised as they have custody of her 1st and 3rd born child and her ex husband has custody of her 2nd born(ex's son). Court was already closed so first thing the next morning we went to the court house with letter in hand from her Mother and waited all day, seems they were checking our backgrounds out and all that good stuff and contacting the mother's family to figure out where Jazi should be placed. So finally we get before the judge at 3:30pm and we were given temporary custody of Jazi until Feb 10, 2010 when the court would have the mother in court as well since the court had found that the mother had admitted herself into the pysch ward in a local hospital. DYFS had also met us back at our home to inspect that it was good living conditions and that we had room to house the baby. We of course had plenty of room and a clean house, we were asked if we needed help to get a crib but we declined the help as we had the money to buy one for her and we had a bassinet for her at that time. So a week later was court to determine her permenant placement, her mother was also in the court. The judge must have asked her mother over 20 times if she understood what she was asking the court to do. Her mother said yes she understood that in the state of NJ there is no such thing as temporary custody, it is full custody to whom she is asking the court to grant custody to. The court also determined from the information they received from the pysch ward that we were not allowed to allow her mother to EVER be left alone with the mother as she was a person found to have several severe mental disorders that makes her be a danger to her own child as well as our own children. Visitation was at our discretion and we could terminate them at any time if we felt she posed a threat to Jazi, our children or ourselves. Needless to say the day of court 2/10/2010 was the last day we have seen or heard from Jazi's mother, it was also the last time the court/judge had seen/heard from the mother. The court had given the mother 1 year to get herself together and check in with the court in 6 months and then again at 1 year if she wanted custody back of her child along with the proof of the steps she had taken to be deemed fit to care for her child. Here we are 4-1/2 years later and have been in the process of adopting our DAUGHTER Jazlin Imani Nykole, and we are in the final stretch of the adoption process and we need help to pay for the finalization to be complete. I hope you find it in your hearts to help us raise the rest of the funds we need to finally have Jazi be officially a Canzoneri-Marte on paper, as Jazi has always and forever will be our little girl!! We do keep intouch with Jazi's family, all cousins, sister, brothers, grandprents, aunts, uncles etc.... We have a great loving extended Family and they also are in the process of adoptiong the 2 children they have had custody of for the past 4-5 years. Thank You Everyone for any and all help!! Please share our story!! Here is to Jazi becoming Jazlin Imani Nykole Canzoneri-Marte!! Next court date is in a few weeks We are praying we can make our goal for this to be the last and final court date!!

Jazi today :)

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