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Hello I am needing your help to get my children back. thought I had help but they were temp friends. I need my own place again. I lost everything due to trusting. Not a mistake but a lesson. I was blessed by a "STRANGER" with a condo. Just need a start...

This is a post from Renee a good friend and mother herself about supporting me.

Remember the woman who was arrested for leaving her kids in the car while she went on a job interview? We shared her story on FB and wrung our hands about how sad the situation was. Here's a chance for you to make a difference in a similar situation. 

My fb friend Monique Au Naturale Artist is fighting to get her children back. They were taken away from her by DFACS because she faced the difficult decision that many, many parents face between working and childcare. She had a job that provided necessary money to take care of her family, but she had no childcare. Forced into a corner, she made a tough choice that had terrible consequences. Now with no income, she is fighting to get her children back. 

Although I don't know Monique that well, I can say that I've seen her hustle to do whatever possible to earn money and be present for her kids. She has done almost every job that you can do out of your home. Braid hair? check. Babysit/home daycare? check. Taxes? check. Selling dinners? check. She is always trying to make money AND be home. This is a struggle that I know many of us can relate to. It crosses all socioeconomic levels. We ALL know the struggle of working and taking care of our kids. 

If you are so moved, please either donate some funds to her or take your kids to get their hair braided. Here's an excerpt from her post:

Two ways to help: any donation money order cash or payments to thru


Lady of Braids Has the Craziest Deal that ends Sunday June 1st

All Children Cornrows are $20

Adult Cornrows are $25

With design and or beads

Add extensions only $10

All Regular size single braids and twist only $50

Micros Poetic Braids and Havana twist $100

Call me to set up appointment 7708708833

I need your help with prayers and if possible donation. 

My children were take from me on Tuesday May 6, 2014. My daughter decided to take a walk early in the morning while everyone is sleep. Was found and detained by dfacs.

I was at work at the time but my oldest son tray whose 14 and will be 15 next month and Mello was home. As well as another adult. But because she was unsupervised (how can you watch someone when everyone is sleep it couldve happen if i was at home) they are now temporary placed in foster home. Ive did my research before allowing my son to watch his sibling and the age according to GEORGIA is 8* they can be at home alone and 12 they can watch their sibling with age appropriateness. Brother 7 and sister 4 is that wrong when both are independent fot their own age

I was told that I should've found better care. Now some of y'all know me. I found "care" few months back and she let my daughter play outside and was lost found and safe thank God. I went to court morning on my birthday May 8th 2014

And again on the 23rd I was told I couldn't babysit cause of an open case had to let 2 parents go.  Also was told to let go of my overnight job so this wont happen again. WOW 2 income gone. Heres a post from a good friend of supporting me. 

Please donate thru paypal : or 6786137685 

Or money order to Monique Evans 

you can also send the letter to the email above

thanks in advance

Please pray for my kids to come home. I live thru them and for them

Yes. I know what a day to celebrate my birthday. The devil is working real hard on me with this one. But like Jesus I am not getting weak.

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