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I'm reaching out for sponsors to help me with funding for a much needed surgery "Total Ab / Pelvic Recon w/ repair of 8 Hernias / removal of old stratus mesh, adhesions, scar tissue, hip fluid collections and excess skin

I am asking for your support in trying to secure funds to have" Abdominal & Pelvic Reconstruction surgery with reapir of 8 Hernias & removal of hip fluid collections  a surgery that I need to help end 24/7 chronic pain effecting my sleep, my ability to walk, sit and stand, and have normal bowel function. I have been living with all of this torture for almost ten years during many abdominal surgeries, but more so the last 4 years since the last ab/hernia repair prodecure. It is effecting everything in my day to day life, and also has a horrible effect on my husband, friends, and family.  I am a Colon Cancer survivor and have had a total of 6 Abdominal surgeries with hernia repair since 2003. They had to remove my sigmoid colon in 2003 to make sure margins were clear of the Cancer they removed. Well, I was working light duty at my career as I had hand numbness and neck down orthopedic issues also, while working light duty I had an incisional hernia come over me and had to have hospitalized and operated on for the first of many ab/ hernia repairs and soon after was pulled off my career of over 20 years, the only career I knew since 19 years old. I have been having to live on my Disability income and some petsitting from time to time that really is not enough to survive on.My husband and I have always been a team and I have always paid half of everything, but for the last ten years since loss of my career salary, we have just one salaried income in our household and it is very expensive to live where we live. We moved here in 2008 after I lost my career for 3 years, had many mounting medical bills, and his department at his job disolved and we thought moving to NYC he could go the farthest and make the most of his career and make more money. Moving here was very very hard, and still is but we have managed to secure a nice and safe place to live after struggling the first few years here. We learned to be diligent and savy when it comes to living here and have learned to be smart NYers and learned so much about NY living. My last CAT scan shows 8 ab & pelvic hernias,a long with massive scaring and scar tissues in my pelvic area which cause horrible pain day to day. I also have a failed mesh that needs to be repaired, or removed. I have swollen lymph nodes, some colon swelling and some fluid collections around my hip area. I cannot tell you the pain I have every second of every day and night that I must deal with, I have had not choice. I have been on blood thinners the last year since having a stent placedi n my Coronary Artery last April and was not able to have any surgeries because I could bleed out during any surgery. I have to walk with use of a cane most of the time, but my hands need surgery as well from CTS, trigger finger, ganglion cyst, and tendonytis. I have had shoulder surgery, knee surgery and also need to have excess skin and scar tissue removed from my hips. I have had to have injections in both hips to be able to walk at times as I have arthritis neck down and Degenerative disc disease that also can limit my mobility from day to day. Using the cane hurts my hands so much, so I try to in familiar surroundings go without the cane but in the city have to have it to secure my footing better when commuting. My surgeon that has helped me the most practices out of Atlanta GA, I live here in NY with my husband. To go have this surgery would mean flying to Atlanta and staying a month or maybe longer to recover from this surgery. I have diabetes so have been on new medications last 3 months to try to get my blood sugar low enough and also have come off of Plavix in April of this year since being put on it over a year ago from the Stent they had to place in my Coronary Artery last April as I had a 75% blockage that requierd the stent and being on Plavix for a year. I recently passed my heart stress test, been taken off the Plavix so can proceed with the hand and wrist surgery I have needed for many many years and it has just progressed and gotten worse in both hands. I have been told if they do not do procedure on my hands, I could lose use of them.  I am hoping to secure funds to be able to fly to Atlanta to have the surgeon that has done the last 3 abdominal surgeries with hernia repair operate on me as he knows my internal needs the most. Insurance may cover a lot of it, but this surgery will be very expensive, require over a month to recover from and also our medical deductable is 5,000.00.! I would also need money for living expenses for hotel room near the hospital and medications, money to fly back and forth to Atlanta for post op care or complications as I will have to wear drains for a month or more from the surgery. I have been married almost 16 years, and have been very very sick with all of these chronic and severely painful medical conditions for 12 years. I feel for my dear husband and all he has to deal with when it comes to being a caregiver and companion for a sick and disabled spouse. It has been hard since I was pulled of my career ten years ago because I cannot bring to the table my career salary that I once had when we first got married and most of my life. Along with the 7 medications I have to take each day, the co pays to see the doctors and surgeons, the medical deductables each year, plus the fact he has to live with a woman that he did not marry, I feel so sorry for him. If I can have this prodcedure and be able to have normal bowel function again one day, walk without a cane, and not live in constant agony and pain 24 hours of the day, I am in hopes I can work again if not full time, maybe part time and have a some what normal life again and be proud each day and have a sense of accomplishment again. Bowel issues and pain, hand numbness 24/7, hip pain and knee pain along with spine issues, can really really make your life a living Hell and I am always fighting off sever depression. I have no core strength, none because so many abdominal muscles have been cut away to repair hernias and remove mesh materials from past surgeries I have what is called rectus of the abdominal and pelvic muscles. It is very hard and painful for me to walk, stand up, sit down, go up and down stairs, lay down and get up. I am exhausted most of the time and I know everyone can look at me and tell I am not well. I feel and look as if I have aged 20 years in the last 5. I do not like to ask for help, but I am asking for help in securing funds to have this " Abdominal & Pelvic Reconstruction surgery with reapir of 8 Hernias & removal of hip fluid collections"  so that maybe, just maybe I can get back to normal just a little bit, not just for myself  but my husband. He has been true to me and not abandoned me and I am blessed in that sense, I know. I will be 52 this year and hope this will be the year I can walk and living without pain and maybe without the cane more ! Thank you for reading this, it is a lot and I know overwhelming to read. I have a hard time dealing with it all most days, but my faith has not left me, and I try to remain positive Thank you for reading this as I have tried condense the last ten years and what I have dealt with in just a few words, but it was still long and complicated. Thank you for caring and if you can help sponsor me in any way with the funds to get me back to Dr. Robert Miller In Atlanta for the surgery and recovery time, I would appreciate it more than you can ever know. I am thankful for what every you can help me with. Warmest Regards, Lisa ~

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