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HELP is URGENTLY NEEDED with Hay, Feed, and Vet to Bring these Beautiful Souls Back to Health and Give them the Life they Truly Deserve! The Road to Recovery will be Long and they will Need All the Support, Love and Monetary Donations that can be Spared!

 HELP is URGENTLY NEEDED with HAY, FEED, and VET to Bring these Beautiful Souls Back to Health and Give them the Life they Truly Deserve! The Road to Recovery will be Long and they will Need All the Support, Love and Monetary Donations that can be Spared! 

   We received an urgent message of 2 Horses Being Abused, Neglected, and Starved. Immediately we dropped everything, hooked up the trailor and were on the road. It was dark when we arrived and there amongst the trees stood two very frail, emaciated geldings. When I saw them my heart dropped! Living in a wooded area on a dry lot with no grass or hay. We could literally see and count every rib, with bite marks and scars covering most of their bodies. While resting their heads against us as if letting a cry out for help. They give a whole new meaning to 'skinny horse'  When I looked into their bright hopeful eyes and saw the will to live, their eyes were full of desperation, and then appreciation we couldn't get them on the trailer fast enough! 

   They could barely walk or stand... stumbling over their own Hooves. Their hooves were packed full and overflowing with manure and debree.It was very dark but with flash lights we were able to clean their hooves out prior to loading them in hopes to offer some immediate relief to help during transport. We discovered and removed a sharp object that was embedded down in the palominos hooves. They couldn't lift their legs to climb in the trailor but with the assistance of several people we were able to help them into the trailor.

  They are forever free from their abusers and will be slowly nursed back to health in a safe and loving environment, dewormed, seen by the farrier, and treated for thrush. Most of their frog was gone and the sharp object stuck in the palominos hoof left a puncture. He has some swelling and is unable to put pressure on his front hooves for long periods of time. The bone is trying to reset itself. 

   In an extreme emaciated condition they will need lots of extra feedings with added nutrition to build their appetite and turn this starvation process around. They are having a hard time chewing food. They both desperately need their teeth floated to be able to chew properly and absorb the nutrition. This expense alone costs $130. per horse. The palominos upper and lower tooth arcades are not aligned properly preventing jaw movement and chewing. Putting him at a high rish of choking. The arabian has sharp wolf teeth. These issues will have to be corrected by an Equine Dentist.

The Vet said "they were living off air" This kind of starvation doesn't happen over night and the recovery process can be long but they have strong hearts and she didn't see any reason they  couldn't make a full recovery with extensive health and medical care. With the severity of their conditions when they arrived she estimated it will take about 6 months. Now comes the hard part, raising enough funds to help them. With so many others already depending on us we really need help with this.    As you can imagine the expenses to save these 2 angels will be extremely costly and we anticipate the cost to be a couple thousand dollars or more. We can only help them if we can raise enough funds to do so.

They are on a special feed and supplements, made into a mash, and closely monitored. They will need to remain under veterinary care throughout their rehabilitation and still have a very long recovery road ahead with the first few months being the most critical time for them.

We can never say it enough, but without you,
helping these rescues would not be possible!
Please dig deep if you can...
Even the smallest of amounts helps for it adds
up and everything is truly a blessing to them!

   Could you find it in your hearts to spare $1, $5, or $10 to help these rescues? No amount is too Big or Small for it will ALL go towards their rehabilitation and is greatly appreciated!

They need winter blankets (size 62) or close to it. Emaciated horses have to work even harder than an average horse trying to stay warm in cold weather. If their body is burning most of their calorie intake just trying to stay warm it makes it even harder for them to gain weight. A blanketed horse doesn't need to burn as many calories to stay warm.

If you can help send them hay, feed, blankets, or other care items please message us for more information.

   Please Donate Today and Help Save Lives!

   If you are unable to donate you can still help make a difference just by sharing this! Please help spread the word and Share this as many times as you can! The more people who see it the better chance we have of raising the necessary funds to help save these beautiful boys!

If you consider we cannot save them all, and what difference does one or two make? You ought to know the joy of the one's who are saved! No matter how dark the storm clouds, or deep the pain of heartbreak -- never forget: we are their heroes!

Read More in this article by Ben Baugh Published in the Aiken Standard.

 Thank you for your support, it means the world to these beautiful animals!!!


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