~ A Time Travelers Journal, An epic tale by Autumn
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After spending years debilitated by disease and discomfort I decided to traverse the country last spring sharing my stories of Lyme, loss, triumph, pain, beauty, synchronicity and unconditional love. Traveling the East coast with nothing but ...

~ After spending years debiltated by Lyme Diease and it's side effects, losing a career, home, car, wife and so much more I decided to turn down traditional Western medicine and traverse the country last spring sharing my stories of disease, discomfort, triumph, pain, beauty and unconditional love. Traveling the East coast with nothing but my boots and backpack I have held the honor of touching so many lives through the spreading of love, stories, hugs, herbs, teas, tinctures, salts, medicinal mushrooms and more. I feel compelled to continue these travels as long as I am standing tall and in good health. With the support of the public I feel confident we will reach the West Coast spreading our music, message and methods of welness ! :)

Chattanooga, Tennessee

~ A kind word from a kindred soul ~

"Please take a moment to read his story. We met Tyler MacDougall ("Autumn") in Chattanooga, while having Briyana's senior pictures taken. It's not everyday you see a very tall, handsome lad strolling by with all sorts of foliage spread across his suit and hat. We were able to talk to him for a few moments and take a few pictures of/with him. He's originally from Nova Scotia, currently "resides" in Connecticut, and is traveling across the country with a backpack and only his two feet to carry him. He's encountered some amazing souls who've been selfless enough to offer their love, support, and gifts to him, to help him continue to travel. Sometimes, you meet someone who you can immediately tell is a pure and beautiful soul. I felt that when I met him, and it was confirmed once we became friends here on Facebook and I've read about his travels and seen all of the people he has touched with his warmth. I'm so thankful to have met you, Autumn, and as I previously said - I look forward to another day when we can meet again, share more of our stories and learn from each other. Stay safe, my friend, and you truly are an inspirational and beautiful being. Much love! " ~ Bela Fela ~

~ Cross country update ~

Chattanooga, Tennesse Novermber 2013

After finding the wallets of two fellow travelers upon awakening on the side of highway in Chattanoog, Tennessee both : Kimberley Sutton and Talbert Gray have both been gifted back their blank checks, licences, personal belongings and credit cards in just 2 days! I spent a good part of Sunday researching their names and located the right full owners. This act of kindness lead me to head to cocal health food store to spend my last $8 on a healthy meal at Enzo’s in Chattanooga. I sit down across from a gentle and well traveled man by the name of Tim Aslinger . After sharing stories with Tim for hours on end he dropped me off at the local hostel to meet the first traveler and return his belongings in which he was so greatly attached to. It wasn't the contents of the wallet but the wallet itself. He had been traveling with this wallet for some time now and was so excited when I described the brown worn leather and silver tab on the upper corner. Soon after this joyful event we went out on the town sharing more and more. Eventually we ended up at a sporting goods store where he generously purchased me a wonderful winter sleeping bag, emergency blanket, flashlight and a communal dinner with his wife . !!! Love it <3

We spoke over a healthy meal and soon after we were burning the midnight oil sharing stories once again before I went to sleep in a beautiful warm home over looking Georgia and Tennessee. The next morning we go out for coffee at his work place, meet the co-workers then out to lunch and again I am gifted just what I needed to get to the next place on my journey. On the way in to the restaurant a young man tells me of his recent predicament and the cold inclimate weather coming in as we spoke. He was in need of a sleeping bag to bare the cold front coming across the Eastern coast. I just so happened to have an extra sleeping bag in the trunk of Tim's car after our recent purchaseand some change left in my pocket to help him grab a burger. All is provided. Ask and it is given. Another live significantly changed for the better by simply sharing. This is life :)

After lunch Tim uses his mobile device to purchase a Megabus ticket to Atlanta, Georgia for only $7 sending me on my way safely along on my spiritualjourney South along the trails of the Cheerokee. Arriving in Georgia it is windy, frigidly cold and not very welcoming. Yet I have a suit and suede shoes I’ve acquired free along the way after visiting a soup kitchen and homeless shelter. This buys me time in a warm lobby of the Marriot downtown where a traveling businessman asked me about my travels and attire. Soon after he returns with a Naked green juice and cliff bar. I eagerly indulge in the gifted nutrition not sure when I will eat again. No worries

Without panic I get on facebook and set my intentions for the evening. Warmth and shelter. A fellow DJ andmusician from London hears of situation and books me hotel room in downtown Atlanta not too far away from the Marriot. Another man, Brandon Williamson decides to partake in my journey and donates some food in the lobby to fuel my endeavors. Thank you, for your kindness and selflessness last evening it transends further then we will ever knowin this life. A cab driver tells me if I walk to this hotel I will surley have my throat slit along the way if I am not picked up by police first escorting the homeless outta towen. I challenge his fear mongering and end up having to make the trek 3 times at 3 am in the morning in below freezing temperatures with all my belongings strapped to my back. After trial and trial with reservation issues I get in. Another man in the lobby walks by and drops off pop tarts, hot pockets and trail mix after sharing stories in the lobby. Feeling so blessed I enjoy my evening last night in warth and comfort thanking god for the gifts I have received thus far. It is simply amazing what opening up you heart to others can do not only for one’s self but the ones we meet along the way in this human experience as spiritual beings. We have changed each other’s lives indefinitely as well as everyone we meet from here out, sharing our stories, of pain, triumph, synchronicity and love.

I awake well rested and fed. I notice extra bags of coffee left on the counter from the last guest….What to do with so much coffee on a frigid morning in Atlanta. Well, last night I noticed 20-30 homeless people wandering the streets outside the overbooked and crowded homeless shelter on the way to the warm hotel. I was assured they would “slit my throat” for my belongings. Yet I past them 3 times with nothing but a nod of recognition and inquisitive glances. I decide to utilize my gifts I have received and acquire some extra cups from the lobby. I make a pot of fresh coffee with love as my intent and secret ingredient. Put my laundry in the wash machine then head out to the homeless shelter to deliver warm coffee to cold strangers in early morning hours. I received blessings and smiles one after another as we shared the warmth and fresh brew on the sidewalk under the morning sun. One pot down and three to go. I walk back to the hotel and brew another pot. Head back over to the shelter and keep it pouring sharing the very blessings I had received just hours before.

This continued until I ran out of coffee. The security guard says upon my return. " You must be making coffee for the homeless, that's dangerous." I reply I am homeless. Yall provided me coffee and I have more than I need right now. That doesn't seem so dangerous to me...Next up I decide to deliver some of food left over the traveling men in the lobbies from last night. Once I ran out of pop tarts and snacks I decided to go inside the shelter with the local folks and stand in line for bologna sandwiches on white bread, cake and juice. Seeing so many unfed outside I felt compelled to suppress my physical sensations of hunger and take my newly acquired food outside to see if anyone was still hungry. Indeed they were.

Another deed done. All is provided. Abundance. Coincidently you can return for seconds when all have been fed. I noticed some people had not have the self worth instilled to go inside and feed themselves. So I get back in line and go for another round. These are the opportunities I live for. These are the opportunities provided when people make the decision to stop and help out a fellow traveler. We are all in the same boat and it’s slowly sinking. This how I want to remembered. If not for Tim Aslinger, Amy Pine, and all those who have helped me along the way, I would have never had the pleasure of meeting and greeting these fine folks. I am forever grateful for the opportunities provided by your selfless generosity and promise to continue these acts as long as the heavens allow me to walk this earth. I am releasing tears of joy as I write this. Thinking of the smiles on the faces of the homeless and left behind as a gentle man in flowers and suede shoes pours them coffee on a brisk morning in downtown Atlanta. I must wrap this up as don’t have much time on this computer at the local library. Not sure where today will lead but it has already been more fruitful than I could ever have imagined. We are not alone. There is a greater force supporting this journey and for that I am filled with joy and anticipation for those I get to meet along the way. This has been an incredible and transforming journey and I hope to share more as hike from city to city spreading love and light in any which way I am gifted the opportunity to. Thank you to all those who have lent a helping hand along the way. I have so much more to share, perhaps a video blog is better suited for the sotries I feel so compelled to share . Much love and honor. Free love, be love, BE loved Yours truly, “Autumn”

~ Hoping to get into some smaller towns down South and play for the locals who appreciate us stopping in to share stories. Looking to pick up a washboard and thimbles along the way to highlight Patches guitar playing. It’s been quite the experience. So many people speak of how miserable they are trapped in their jobs 6 days a week and no matter how much money they accumulate it’s never enough. The more ya make the more they take, I keep hearing. They give us blessings shake our hands and commend our efforts to freely in world run by slavery and debt. It feels nice to hear grown men say, “ You are my hero, I wish I would done that when I could.” It reaffirms that this is not a selfish endeavor. We are providing an example to the public that you can live your dreams within this spiraling landscape and share your experiences forever changing the lives of those you meet along the way. Students speak of their piling debt, the lack job opportunities and uncertain futures. Seeking any reason to leave the lifestyles they have been trained to accept, yet their hearts scream to walk away before it’s too late. The children smile and dance. The homeless wave in excitement to see joyful people sharing music in the streets. This is the reward. Cali is calling. Gotta keep movin ~ Much love to our supporters. Many pics should be popping up as we speak. Keep in touch. Much love from Georgia. ~ Autumn & Patches ~ Southbound!

Update: The Time Travelers Journal - An Epic Tale by Autumn'

I write to you from a quite and quaint Columbian Hostel right here in Orlando, Florida. After a farewell of fireworks and Christmas celebration on the Jacksonville River I arrive in Orlando to a Sunday farmer's market of local artists and entrepreneurs. On my first night in Orlando I am blessed with the opportunity and honor to share my first meal in Orlando with well over 250 local "homeless" outside the St. George Orthodox Church on Lake Eola over looking the festive fountain lit up up under the night's sky. Music, prayer, thanks, and a circle of interconnected hands to end the night with words of wisdom and well wishes. What an amazingly humbling experience being fed by enthusiastic children handing out water and cupcakes with soothing smiles of serenity and sincerity as they dance innocently in and out of the shamed and deprived faces of Florida.

These people are my family. We hug, we share, we fight, we cry, we smile. But we do it together and we do it daily under divine guidance. In each city I enter, I resonate intensely and so passionately with the struggling souls who wander the roads in plain sight in search of love, light and perhaps a meal to fuel their daily ventures in a cold unforgiving corporate landscape of over abundance and extreme poverty. We the people live rich for eternity while the millionaires scrape the skies if only for just a moment here on earth. I have been blessed with everything I could ever ask for in each and every town I've traversed and for that I hold my faith in this world and it's inhabitants. The people have taken me in through the opening doors of hearts. Fed I have been, clothed I been, rested, reassured and rescued. I am grateful for all those who made the conscious decision to interject into this life I live and leave and indistinguishable imprint on not only myself but everyone I meet for I share this story in every place I step foot.

The people are listening. The ears have been attuned to something new. There is so much to share! Perhaps a video is better suited, but something about writing allows for a little reflection as it pours from my fingertips. I asked the universe recently for young lady to share my building energy with and as the photos show I was indeed rewarded with just that that I yearned so deeply for, and for that I am truly grateful. What a beauty. A fellow traveler. An intelligent, intrinsic divine beauty calls me from the sidewalk to offer a warm glass a whiskey for breakfast! Thank you god. DId I not ask for exactly that! Smiling like a mother fucker right now, because this journey has just gotten ridiculously and synchronistically insane in the past few months, weeks, day, hours. I don't know all that I just wrote but I'm sure it needed to be said and shared, it appears to be quite a bit so I'll post it and read it back momentarily. SO many interactions to be thankful for, the pictures should pour in as I've met so many beautiful souls this past couple weeks. Let's hope they tag and share our experiences I love you all. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being part of this.

Please share this story. People need to see what's really going on in the world. The media news is as relevant to your lives as the weather in the Artic is to your agenda this afternoon. It's irrelevant! Be love and Be Loved. Please share. Donate if you so desire and watch your energy spread across the country through the people we meet, feed, greet and hug along the way. I wish to share more flowers with the people of FLorida so if your down for the cause I'll pick up some faux beauties locally and spread the love to the unsuspecting masses. P.S. I'm Looking for a little exchange work in Orlando so if ya have any leads hit me up!! Check out the photos, they tell an amazing story of synchronicity. So much to say. I let the pics tell it for now. Much love people, much love! I am another version of yourself. Be love. Smile often. Hug people. Give. Let go. Receive. Reciprocate. It's a brand new day. Renew. Be resilient.

- Autumn

Florida Love <3  Diggin it :)

Writting our story ;)

This very place was envisioned the morning after an amazinly insightful Amazonian ceremonial cocao and breath work class with Roman Hanis of the Patai Institute. About week later I find myself sitting under the very canopy witnessed during and after the breath work seminar. I knew simply that it was surrounded by palms, large green leaves, a bamboo structure not quite finished, nothing on the ground inside the complex, just a bamboo frame in a jungle setting and a brilliant blue orb of feminine energy. Here we are. We recently found a nudist resort and decided we need to go visit, checked it out mingled with the people, showered then met some unique and inspired land owners who felt compelled to draw a treasure map leading us to their beautiful property to build and create freely with the people. I am simply amazed by the events taken place thus far here in Orlando. The people are beautiful, the energy,  the community, the trees, the interconnected love web, the everything, just blissful. So much more to come. The turn around rate for manifestation here in Florida is ridiculous. To hold something in your mind either positive or negative  if only for a moment it seems to arrive in record time. Especially holding that thought amongst a kindred soul with the same passion, drive and intention. We share the land. We share the vision. We share the tools. We share the passion. We share the teachers. We are the students. We are building a community. Would you like to come share your dreams with us ? :) ♥    ** A word from Zac : " So at the moment I'm sitting by a camp fire under the beautiful stars with my buddy Autumn, in the middle of nowhere cooking rice. We found out about this place from some awesome people we met earlier in Tampa and sent us to their piece of property in Withlacoochee, FL which they are in the process of building an intentional community on. We were told to come out here and build whatever we want. This beautiful piece of land is a great big canvas to get creative with and to make dreams happen. This is also something that I manifested and is now a reality. I don't have words to verbalize how excited and happy I am. Everything is lining up perfectly.— with Tyler MacDougall. "

"A time traveler's Journal"
~An epic tale by Autumn~

Here are some updates from "Sanctuary Earth" an intention community we are building for the people by the people just an hour and a half outside of Orlando Florida. We are using local sustainable materials and reconstituted lumber taken down and re-purposed with our own bare hands. We have put up multiple bamboo structures, traditional yurt style frames, native American Chiki Huts, communal bamboo showers draped and weaved with palm frans, out houses, tents for all and a communal kitchen full of shared food area based on donations. Everybody eats, everybody lives, every body is loved and all are welcome. Come and be one with all. More to come. This is just the beginning and it is already a dream come true. I have spent the last couple weeks out here getting to know the land, animals, skies and the great spirits that have and will continues to roam for centuries to come. For the first time in my life I have felt the steady slow heartbeat of a tree as it translated it's beautiful story of pain and profit through the winds of change. Spending time alone as well as living in community with the ones I adore so greatly. It is truly a physically, emotionally and spiritually healing and uplifting experience. If you support what we're doing out here please share this link and get the word out. We are doing it, and doing it well I might add. Most importantly we are doing it together with the purest of intent, love, love and more love we walk the land bare foot and grounded to earth's soil we admire so dearly <3 We are traveling the coast in a Vegetable Oil fueled converted school bus attending workshops on sustainable living and perma-culture picking up priceless knowledge and fellow freedom seekers along the way. If your down for the cause shoot me a message maybe we can scoop you up along the way. Perhaps you'd like to hold a workshop yourself and share your knowledge of building, growing, healing, painting, whatever skills you'd like to pass on to be reverberated back out to the community. This is for you as well. You are all welcome to visit. See your donations in full blossom first hand. Come get your hands dirty or kick back and watch us do the work. What ever floats your boat. By simply sharing this story with the friend your helping us get our word out to the people who sit still in their homes waiting for an opportunity to make something happen in their community. Here it is. It unfolds before your very eyes, get involved, re-post. Tell us what you'd like to see in a community. Build it. Be a part of it. Be love and BE LOVE. We love you, thank for listening, thank you being, thank you for sharing. See you at the Hostel !!! <3 Up next bamboo tree huts under night sky :) Come build with us, join the family:) Much love & honor, Yours truly "Autumn"

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