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Hi, My name is MaRa LuaSa O'Grady. I am a sound & energy healer, writer, earth wisdom keeper & heart activist with a soul mission to help myself and others in finding ways to live in a more unified, peaceful & balanced way.

I was born and raised in Ireland and my love for my homeland runs so deep. Some of you may know me as "Elaine" from before my spirtual name change a few years ago:) 

My journey these last 6 years, has been a deep surrendering of conditioned beliefs of how I "should" live my life and letting go into the unknown. I have been breaking down old ways of living that no longer served me in living & embodying my true gifts. My soul was pushed to listen & receive the ancient wisdom lying dormant within!

 I was intiated on the path of spirit and called to work with the land in Ireland and worldwide to help heal myself; my ancestral lineage; the land and to seed in return, new light for humanity's evolution. My mind certainly did not choose this path; my higher self and heart is in the driver's seat! I am at service completely as a vessel for Mother/Father God or source to work through me for the collective 's highest good through the gifts and forms that birth through me.

This tuning into the land opened up so much new light (insight) within me. Miracles occured as I journeyed the sacred sites through Ireland. I began to hear the voices of the ancestors; the trees; rocks; plants; the fairy realms and the myriad of being's guiding from the stars. I healed deep wounds within me that were carried in my soul from times past; particularly the Atlantean times and all that encompasses both dark/light.

I sang songs, offered prayers for the healing of the old stories that were asking to be integrated and laid to rest in the land and consiousness of the collective. 

I began to receive clear insight that I was and had been many times  a light "scribe" or "storyteller". A bridge to the energy I was receiving for others, particularly those with heart ties and karmic contracts with the "motherland" and the Irish collective soul. I was made aware that these written stories could help open & clear the heartspace and potentially activate new spiritual capacities.

Many left this "Emerald Isle" throughout time, in ways that were through trauma or hardship leaving huge soul loss in the heart of these family/soul lineages. These are calling to be healed NOW so that humanity can move forward as a WHOLE heartcentered collective. Hence, the urgency I am feeling to ground this work  ~ Book ~ asap. 

I am humbly seeking YOUR support to do this!

It is my wish, and that of the being's of light that support me in bringing this written transmission to light  and into grounded physical manifestation, that the heart of all who hear the call of reading this book be healed and new levels of consciousness opened within for the highest good of our beloved mother earth! 

Let the emerald heart open in all! 

How I need support to make this happen :~

I am currently based in Sedona, Az and I am seeking a space to live and create for a minimum of 3 months alone on the pacific northwest coast. My guidance is to be near the ocean in this area.

(Any leads on retreat spaces/house sitting/work/trade opportunities in the Pacific northwest Orcas/Whidbey/Port Angeles & surrounding natural areas etc... I would be infinitely grateful!)

The heart donations received will be distributed to the following:

  • Design/Illustration/Editing/Publishing Help ~ I will need support to help with illustrating, design & technical support for printing ($1000)
  • Living Costs for 2-3 Month Writing Sabbatical ~ I am seeking assistance to help cover some costs for rent/food/modest living for this time period to allow me to work minimally and full immersion in completing the book (Approx $2k)
  • Transport ~ at present I have no transport where I live and it is my hope to purchase a reliable 2nd hand car to allow me mobility to get to and around on my writing retreat as the public transport situation over here is not in my favour! This also helps me to transport my belongings with alot more grace, ease & flow. I estimate car costs with reg/insurance etc (Aprox $2.5K)
  • I believe in the power of co-creation and of us all supporting one another to bring forward our gifts more fully. In doing this we shift our world to a new paradigm and a more community based "tribe" support system where we can all thrive.

I have spent many years working for others and giving back on many levels. For those that are new to fundraiser of this nature ~ I am not afraid of hard work! This time is to allow the full immersion my soul seeks to enable full manifestation of some of the wisdom gifted to me!

My pledge is to support others moving forward in the creation of a land temple space that allows people to come and birth their heart projects! 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading and supporting on whatever level calls to your heart.

With humility, integrity & infinite gratitude, 

I love you, 

Blessings of light upon your heart, MaRa LuaSa



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Heartfelt Prayer of Gratitude
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Name added to emerald healing ray ceremony
  • 4 claimed
MaRa LuaSa will conduct a healing intention ceremony calling in the emerald green ray of healing to work specifically for the higher selves of those that contribute. No specifics just simple intention of this energy directed wherever source divines it needs to go!
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Name added to Abundance ceremony
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MaRa LuaSa will conduct a ceremonial intention for abundance & manifestation calling upon the angels of abundance, the leprechaun guardians & goddess Lakshmi to call forth greater prosperity for all ~ Your name will be included in this intention!
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Divine healing light transmission
  • 10 claimed
MaRa LuaSa will conduct a 15 min distant healing transmission for all who contribute for the highest good of all to receive exactly what is perfect for each one in that moment.
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30 Min Soul Oracle Reading Via Skype
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A soul oracle reading to offer reflections and guidance your soul wishes to convey for your unique path.
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HeartSpace Healing Session Via Skype 1 Hour
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HeartSpace Healing Session Via Skype X 3 1 hour
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Activated Clear Quartz Personal Crystal Included
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Soul Sacred Land Journey (8 hours) Sedona
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MaRa LuaSa will lead a customized day of ceremonial reflection for you at various sacred spots around the Sedona vortex to inspire healing, insight & connection to source ~ Vegan lunch/Sacred Sounds/Plant oils/Singing/Movement & More!
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3 Day Ireland Immersion Post Book Publishing
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MaRa LuaSa will guide you on a 3 day personal retreat immersion in the west of Ireland to connect with the soul of the land; the fairy realms and the elementals. (8 hours per day ~est. Fall 2016)

You will be nourished with wholesome vegetarian foods/superfoods/teas/Cacao/Elixers

One private HeartSpace healing session with MaRa LuaSa will also be offered to you throughout the 3 days.

* Earth wisdom & working with the deities of Ireland
*Sacred ceremony
* Toning activations on the land
* Meditation & Visualisation
* Sacred Site journeys
* Personal healing support
* 2 meals per day
* Alchemical treats
* Transport to and from your selected accommodation

You will provide:
*Transport to and from the west of Ireland
* Accomadation
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