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Hello, my name is Annemarie and I need your help.
I lost everything in 2007 and I need to get up and get my life back. Please read my story and help me?
Thank you

Hello, my name is Annemarie and I had life hand me a few slaps the last 7 years. The long story is underneath, but the short version is – I nearly died twice, I lost everything and now I want to get up and start over. And I need YOUR help.

Me and our Chihuahua Sokkies

I have a Virtual Assistance business in Pretoria, South Africa which had an excellent year in 2012. Unfortunately the client was abusive and I had to let him go (yeah for saying yes to myself right?). 2013 has been rough on our family and we are in a horrid financial mess.

I KNOW that given time and given finances I can turn this around. If I can stop stressing about daily expenses, end-of-the-month accounts and the bank breathing down our necks, I can make my business work – I have it in me. I survived death twice, I have overcome SO MUCH in my life – I CAN do this. All I am asking is please help me through this rough time? Every donation will help. $1 = R8 (South African Rand) give or take the exchange rate. I am working in and on my business every day – I am bettering myself by learning new skills and solutions that I can offer my clients.

All I need is time and time means I need financial breathing space. My business is my passion – I love what I do and do what I love – failure is not an option with me. Please look in your hearts (and wallets) and if you can donate – I promise you – this family will use that money to pay back the bank, buy food, repair the house, and I will prosper once again.

My full story is as follows:

A specialist diagnosed me incorrectly in 2006 and treated me very aggressively for over a year. I was admitted to hospital numerous times for a treatment the specialist believed in. At the time I worked for a boss who did not like me very much and my sick leave was refused. I ended up with double pneumonia in May 2007 and again the specialist treated me with HER treatment. That was when I ended up in a 10-day coma. I fought my way back out of the coma, but had to hear that they removed my gall bladder and I had to lie and cheat my way out of the hospital – my gut told me I would die there.

Not fully recuperated, I had to go back to work and was greeted with written and verbal warnings. The stress was horrid. I couldn’t eat or drink anything and I passed out every day. A month after I came back to work, I collapsed and my mother took me to her GP who immediately admitted me to hospital. I was too weak to be operated on and for a week and a half the doctors and specialists did what they could.

That is when I made the decision to quit my job – out of a hospital bed. After I made the decision I slowly started to get better and the doctors could operate. What they found changed my life. I never had the illnesses the first specialist diagnosed me with, my gallbladder was never inflamed so did not have to be removed. I was however extremely ill. I spent 5 weeks in hospital.

It took me 3 months to recover and I started to look for work again. I had severe PTSD for office environments and anything medical, combined with no self-belief or self confidence. I didn’t get one of the jobs because I had panic attacks at the interviews. That is when I started my own business in 2008. The first client I had never paid me – R10 000. I struggled after that with people who didn’t want to help me, pointed me in the wrong direction, etc. But in the end I found my feet and I built my business.

Amazing Admin Assist

It took me 3 years to make a profit in my business and that was barely enough to pay my medical aid and pension. Still my parents bought my groceries, other expenses, etc. 2012 has been my best year and I could pay them back 50% of what I owe them! But since December 2012 till now, October 2013 I have not had one client.

My father is on state pension and my mother doesn’t have an income. Their expenses have risen so much my father's pension doesn’t cover it anymore. I cannot afford my medical aid and pension anymore.

Because of 2007, I have various chronic illnesses which I have to live with every day. I have extreme pain and fatigue, have to drink medication which costs a fortune and some days I have no energy. I get depressed even though I am on treatment. I feel like a failure and I feel guilty because my parents are suffering because they helped me when I needed them most. My business is 5 years old and I cannot make it work.

Things we need desperate need with:

  • Our house is in desperate need of repairs.
  • Our living room carpet is through to the cement and our living room suite needs new seats.
  • Our oven and stove are broken;
  • The ceilings in the kitchen and bathrooms are peeling off and my parents' bathroom are so old it needs to be revamped totally;
  • Our 1083 Honda Ballade needs repairs but the parts are not available anymore. The starter breaks almost every 4 - 5 months and costs us hundreds of Rands to repair;
  • My cell phone is on its very last legs;
  • I do not have clothes to wear because I lost so much weight my clothes fall literally off;
  • My parents' clothes have holes in them, that is how old they are.
  • Our geyser doesn't make enough hot water for all 3 of us to bath in one day, or I have to bath early in the morning, my father early in the afternoon and my mom at night;
  • Our neighbours have a tree which they refuse to cut down, which cuts our sun in our living room and we have to switch on our lights at noon every day - that ups our electricity bill!
  • My father's health is also in very bad shape and that has various implications on our bills, from food to other groceries and medication.

We do not have enough money to buy groceries - we buy the bare essentials. My mother had to buy the basics on budget, which means we will be paying horrible interest for the next 6 months. I am struggling only to make enough to pay my medical aid and pension - the two essentials I need. I cannot stop my medical aid with the chronic illnesses I have and I've been paying my pension since I was 19 years old. I work out of bed because of the lack of energy.

I am asking you for any donations. My business has the potential to grow and I have the potential to help clients. If I can just stop stressing about 'what are we eating tonight', or not see my mother cry, I can put all my energy into my business. If I can afford my migraine medication, I will have more energy to work. Financial stress is a horrible thing to live with and with every single thing that breaks, the stress gets more. I know I can succeed in my business – I am young, I am creative and I have the passion. All I need is your help.

 Thank you for taking the time to read my story. If you need a Virtual Assistant – please contact me – and let's chat! And it you can donate, please know that I will be deeply grateful – no matter how much you donate. 




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