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This is the Collection Plate to Recover the Money Raised from the Donations and Pledges received! With Kickstarter if You Do not Get the Full amount before the end of a set period of time you do not receive any funds. There was about 881$ Raised, But ...
This is the Collection Plate to Recover the Money Raised from the Donations and Pledges received! With Kickstarter if You Do not Get the Full amount before the end of a set period of time you do not receive any funds. There was about 881$ Raised, But the Funds Pledged Went Back to the Donors. This is the Recovery Link! We asked for 10,000 for the Kickstarter. We set the Bar because we wanted to show everyone what it takes to even scrape the surface in the music industry. If The 2k Goal is met There will be a High Quality TV Ready Video Created!


The RETRIBUTION Street Campaign is the Newest Project from Artist Alias John Brown (AJB Facebook). Featuring a wide array of artistry and a broad spectrum of production By the likes of Dug Infinite, Keon Bryce, Que Billah, Mikki Boyd, Akil and Many More. It is out now and has been released Digitally on iTunes and several other premium retailers. Unfortunately Some Independent Artists reach a Glass Ceiling. With Limited funds and even more limited resources We are now raising funds to mass produce CD's, T-Shirts, Hoodies and other Promotional Materials. To properly promote the Project we need Revenue in order to secure Public Relations expanding and engaging the growing fan base. A portion of the expenditures will go to the production and editing of 2 quality music videos with intentions to be aired on MTV, BET and other major video based contemporaries.


The Plan is to promote to the fan base which consists of over 800,000 through Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, Myspace, Youtube and any and every Hip-Hop event tangibly reachable. Building the connection to the urban and suburban communities simultaneously is a difficult task but it is possible if all of the Marketing and Promotional Materials are available. AJB branches out to many unique audiences and demographics not usually accessible to the average artist.This Campaign could really have major potential if executed correctly. With a True Kick Start the Possibilities definitely are infinite!


A Professional photo shoot will take place. 2,500 Mass Produced, Replicated, Digi Packed, Bar Coded, Retail Ready CD's will be Manufactured. 10,000 fliers, and 4,000 Posters. The Album will be submitted for upgraded distribution Making the release available to 99.9% of the buying public by selling on iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify and up to 45 other streaming, download and subscription sites and all major and regional mobile networks. As well as affording P.R from a world class firm that will Manage placement, branding and evolve relationships with Major magazines, Blogs, Radio and other important outlets.


The Videos will Be Top Quality, TV ready Visuals that will display the Meaning feel, and Emotion of the songs. AJB Has Previously Made Videos on his own. They are good, We Need Tremendous! It is time for a Upgrade to take it to the next level. Here's the Promo Commercial for RETRIBUTION SC and a Couple of AJB's Latest Videos so far.





This Project will definitely cost more closer to the Maximum amount. Less Than Minimum is requested. There are millions of people who wish to live their Dream. Some of the most talented individuals never get the chance due to lack of funding. AJB is a reflection of the people, a portrait of the struggle. Showing the world that with hard work and dedication anything you can imagine is possible. Today is the day to change the life of the artist. This is how the Kick Start will be divided.

Photo Shoot= 500 $
Upgraded Distribution= 500 $
Public Relations= 5000$ +
2,500 Retail Ready CD's= 2,500$ +
10,000 Fliers= 400
4,000 Posters= 600
2 TV Ready Videos= 4,000 $ +
Subtotal= 13,500 $ minimum- 27,000 $ max

There are several challenges. Due to the fact that there is a over saturation of so called Rappers and Mc's that are neither. So many people think that they have what it takes. Every body is a artist now. Since the fans don't know who to trust they may have difficulty grasping the detailed positive energy being thrown at them all at once. They are used to vulgar, evil, degrading and disrespectful lyrics. They are so used to hearing horrible music they may put me in a category of safe or they may hear profanity and mistake it for what they already have heard. AJB sometimes feels like he has something meaningful to say at a time when the minds of most have been reduced to that of a kindergarten. No one likes to think anymore. Some wish to remain mindless some hopefully will wake up!

Knowing This AJB presses forward. There is no doubt the goals will be accomplished because of sheer will power, hard work, pure heart and determination. AJB is more than qualified. It took years of hard work to get to this point. Now with Kick Starter there is a endless potential of possibilities!
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