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Each of the four strapping young boys in this photo has a goal to serve a church mission for two years at his own expense when he turns 18 years old, and is willing to work for it. You can help make it happen!

The Short Story:

  • Each of the four strapping young boys in this photo has a goal to serve a church mission for two years at his own expense when he turns 18 years old.
  • From left to right, they are Michael, Aaron, Seth, and Mark...Aaron and Seth are twins, and no, I'm not fibbing. :)
  • These boys have a strong work ethic, excellent manners, and many skills and talents that they would like to put to work to help them earn the required funds for their missions.
  • They would like to reach out to you through this fundraiser not only to request your help with their endeavor, but to earn your donations for their cause.
  • This fundraiser is their way of connecting with you!

The Longer Story:

Please let me share with you a bit about our family. When my husband and I married eight years ago, we blended a crew of seven children together. There wasn't a one of the nine of us who had not experienced some pretty rough terrain up to that point, and each of us brought with us a hope that the new chapter we were opening in our lives would be blessed with peace and happiness. Despite the natural challenges of blending a family of that size, happiness is exactly what we have found, and we give thanks to the Lord every day for bringing us all together. 

The four young men in the photo are our youngest children. Since I had the pleasure of giving birth to each of them, I've also had the perspective of seeing what they've been through from the start. With beginnings so humble and so tough, I worried how their experiences would affect their future possibilities. However, I could not be more proud of the young men they have become. They are intelligent, hardworking, thoughtful, and well-mannered. They love to serve others and to make their lives useful to God. They have chosen to be stronger than the things that have happened to them, and it makes me smile to know I get to be their mother. :)

I am an artist, designer, and schoolteacher. :) Three years ago, I developed a severe intolerance to gluten. I got very ill and ended up struggling with my health so much I had to stop teaching. It broke my heart because not only did I love it, that was my way of helping the boys save what I could for their missions. But we were again blessed. Fortunately, nothing stands between me and the foods that I love for very long, so as I felt well enough, I went to work here at home developing recipes and techniques for creating very tasty gluten-free dishes. It's a good thing I did, because a year ago, Aaron developed the same severe intolerance. He has since taken a genuine interest in learning to make good food, especially of the gluten-free variety. His brothers cook well also, and all have their specialties, which sure makes mama proud. ;)

My good husband is a veteran of the United States Army. He served our country for 26 years both stateside and overseas. After his retirement from the military, it was very difficult for him to find work to support our large family. Companies don't always recognize how military skills translate to civilian career paths. Although we had prepared for an interim of unemployment while he looked for a job, we were not prepared for it to last as long as it did, and the money we had saved from my teaching position to help the boys with their missions had to be used to get us through. The Lord has blessed my husband recently with a steady income, and we're doing our best to get back on track now as quickly as we can.

As for the boys, let me share more about them. Michael, Aaron, and Seth all do percussion at their school campuses and are insanely good at it. Michael also plays piano by ear beautifully, and composes pieces for both orchestra and marching band. Mark is learning the French horn this year in his beginner band class, and considering it is such a difficult instrument, he is doing very well at it! The four of them also sing and have performed together many times over the years. They even sang at the ring ceremony for our wedding.

They are all comedians in embryo, I must say. Their wit is quick and their humor is contagious, which certainly makes our home a more enjoyable place to be.

They are all excellent with small children, even babies, and have experience with babysitting as well as caring for the elderly and the sick.

They have worked together at a lawncare business, and do a bang-up job of mowing, trimming, edging, and weeding. In addition, they have chores here in our home and know how to do the basics very well. They are proficient at laundry, dishes, floor care, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, and even scrubbing grout. I admit I have trained them well!

They are good boys and they want to work. Let them know what they can do to earn your donation!

Some Options to Consider

  • Order gluten-free handmade artisan pastas
  • Order gluten-free handmade breads, such as pizza crusts, naan, tortillas, loaves, biscuits, rolls, muffins, scones
  • Order gluten-free homemade treats, such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies
  • Request babysitting
  • Request lawn care
  • Request household chores
  • Donate in response to a posted musical number, photograph, or video clip
  • Donate directly to their mission funds
  • Donate to promote their skills and talents
  • Donate because they are just that awesome and you'd like to cast your vote for their efforts!

Thank you with all of our hearts for supporting their cause. Each mission will cost roughly $10,000, and with Seth and Aaron leaving at the same time, it is a concern how we will help them afford it. This fundraiser will certainly help them achieve this worthy goal. We can't express in words what even the smallest contribution means to us!

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