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It started on March 12 when I came across a “death row” FB post for a gorgeous blue eyed Torbie Siamese mix cat named Clowi. She looked like she could be the love child of two of my own cats… and she was scheduled to die the very next day in a ...

It started on March 12 when I came across a “death row” FB post for a gorgeous blue eyed Torbie Siamese mix cat named Clowi. She looked like she could be the love child of two of my own cats… and she was scheduled to die the very next day in a Putnam County Animal Control “Shelter” I tend to avoid such “death row” posts as they are painful for me to see and usually there isn’t much I can do about it except contribute my “shared” to the FB void of endless shares. She had 172 of those btw. But she was HERE, in FL and practically and logistically I really could DO something for her. So I read the thread which had held no definite hope for clowi and I commented that if someone could get her to me, I would take her. I even called the “Shelter” to find out some facts, but never received an official return phone call.The next thing I knew, the thread said that this cat was being held for me and to come get her asap. So scrambled to make that happen! My very dear friend, Tammie, who fosters for her friend who has rescue, made the trip up to Putnam and with the help of her rescue friend was able to pull Clowi as well as two other pregnant cats! I’m happy to say many lives were saved that day! Tammie brought Chloe (I changed it to the proper spelling of her name) to me and the others went to fosters for the rescue.

But that was not the end of it! Since rescuing Chloe, I have been tagged in every urgent death row cat post to come out of the Putnam County Animal Control “Shelter”! And they break my heart because they MEAN IT!!!  I already have a household full of furry family members with various conditions and medical needs, an uncle staying with us because of health concerns, and I live on a fixed income. And I also have a small FB cat Page I created when I was trying desperately to save the life of a cat I adopted back in December who is still having some issues. Though I have pondered becoming a foster or a rescue before, I am not officially there yet at this time. I’m just a private citizen who loves animals, especially cats, and I help where I reasonably can.

On March 25, the was another disturbing death row post, this one, a multiple cat one, and showing up on my own FB Timeline because I accepted some friend requests from individuals in the group that posted these hoping to save the animals. I couldn’t NOT see it! Putnam was at it again, going to kill healthy animals for lack of space, this time a lovely dilute Torti and a mom with kittens!!! I read the threads, again chaos and no definite plans. They were scheduled to die March 27. More dear friends, Angela and Kayla, and I went there this time. I got to see the place myself and meet the cats there. I observed each one closely and made friends where I could. I had only brought 3 carriers. I’d wished it more when had to leave so many behind! That day, we rescued Misty, Chrystal and her 3 kittens, and Evaney, a black young pregnant cat. I was told the others were safer now from being PTS because room had been made. Tammie took Crystal and kittens, and I kept Misty and Evaney with me.

The very next day, another post and private message saying they were definitely going to kill #570, a small grey and white kitten who I knew was just scared! They labeled the cat feral. She was not! I met this cat. He started kneading when I spoke to him. He WANTED to be friendly, to be loved. And now they were going to kill him! I called and spoke to the officer and she was truly convinced this cat was unadoptable but due to time constraints she promised she wouldn’t do it that day, but the next day, if the cat were still there, it would certainly be done! Another tearful phone call to Tammie on the 27th, and she was on her way! She returned with the little grey “feral” and the two sweet tigers I had met and left the other day thinking they would get adopted because they were so sweet, but who were now also on the kill list! She also rescued a gorgeous Maine Coon and brought it to her friend’s rescue.

In 2 weeks’ time, my friends and I have saved the lives of 10 death row cats, one Maine Coon that might have ended up there, and countless unborn kittens to be. And now I need your help. As I said, I’m not a rescue, though one day sooner than I thought I might be. The local rescue that helped my friends and me pull the cats has now secured us 6 slots for low cost spaying and neutering and rabies shots. Boys appt on the 3rd. The girls are on the 9th. My fosters’ Humans will pay for their own kitties but I need help to get the rescues ready for adoption ASAP. They are separated, boys from girls, and away from my own cats right now which is hard on daily living for us and them I would think, but I had to improvise to save them and yet had to be safe with my guys. The two Tigers, Marcus and Aidan, need neutering, rabies shots, and testing for FIV before I can adopt them out. The two females that I hope aren’t pregnant; Lexi (the supposed “feral” kitten) and Misty the Dilute Torti need the same. The total for these 4 to be ready to be adopted is $240 (60 per cat). And as I said, I live on a fixed income and with many responsibilities to my own “zoo”. I just can’t swing that on my own. I’d like to get these guys ready to go to their respective loving forever homes and I want them to be comfy and happy while they await them. So I ask you, will you help me give them a second chance at a happy life? PLEASE.

These cats are up for adoption after recovery and free transport may also be available thanks to our friends at the rescue!

You can see more of these lovely kitties on our FB Page and get idea of who they are and who I am. Please come, LIKE, SHARE, and DONATE if you can <3

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