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Jackie's New Reality
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On Dec. 3rd Jackie Wambolt was hit by a driver picking up his phone. She sustained multiple injuries that required many operations and a week long hospital stay. She can longer work until she has fully recovered, and needs your help!


Dec 3, 2013

I got hit by a Jeep today. Like a couple hours ago. I’m amazed my phone made it, but I’m pretty broken right now. I was walking home from the bus stop heading south, just before Maple Street bridge in the underpass. I was just walking on the sidewalk and this Jeep hit a light pole about ten feet away from me then hit me. He dropped his cell phone while driving and was reaching on the floor of his Jeep to grab it.  

He broke my ulna-outer forearm bone and my inner ankle bone. Along with lots of pulled muscles and tendons in my leg.


Photo of Staples Dec 3rd Dec 3rd, 2013

I can’t walk right now. Non weight bearing orders. I don't need a cast cuz I got a plate in my leg. My staples kinda popped out and I really don't need it snagging on anything.

I am thankful on this day and every other day I live that I have an amazing friends and family 


Arm Stapled together Arm

Today sucked in a lot of really big ways, among them surgery #2 and the fourth thing that needed to be repaired.  But, at the same time it has shown a dramatic improvement of my level of care at this hospital. 

“I just need a hug from or to hold the hands of those I love. I don't really need too much more than that.”


Gotta love ripping up your tendons and getting surgery. Even if it’s had plenty of time to heal and you've started walking again, just the right kind of wrong pressure can snap it, and boom you're out again for another long haul of healing then physical therapy. This particular burden I now am forced to carry, makes me very sad. I had so many things I wanted to do. So many things that could now potentially set me back once I'm healed. Do I dare risk learning how to snowboard like I wanted or surf? Even simply hiking or climbing around on small rocks could snap my tendons. My only hope is that I get lucky and can find a way to make sure this stays strong.

Dec 21, 2013


"Thanks for the sweet Christmas Grandparents, Aunts Heidi and Paulette and Mom. Made my situation happier"

Her Mom (Rene Otty):  

"That’s what we’re here for, because you are helpless, and we love you."


Situations likek these, when you're forced to stop living your life really brings out the real you. What you stand for, what will break you and what it will take to get better. It hasn't been easy, but I've been getting better so much more quickly than I anticipated. Currently, I am using a walker to get around, and I hope to not have to use my wheelchair again. 

I would like to give a huge shoutout to everyone who has helped me so far with emotional support and with the various donations I've gotten. This has been such a huge help. I could never thank you enough. :) Still, I have a long way to go, and I still need your help!  

 Jackie needs your help.  Donations will be used for the following emergency:

  • Cell Phone Bills
  • Storage fees for her belongings in in Spokane, WA. It is unknown when she will be able to walk a flight of stairs.
  • Medication and medical supplies.  The drivers insurance will only pay the final bill.  Currently she has paid over $3,000.00 for meds, wheelchairs etc.
  • Car and Insurance after she has completed all of the needed physical therapy - She will be able to use public transportation 
  • Misc. expenses: Pet Care, Shoes and Clothing to fit over the many casts and braces she will have to wear until she’s healed.... The list goes on….
  • Education - Jackie is a certified nursing assistant.  She wanted to specialize in acupuncture, Asian and American Indian homeopathic medicine that has been used for 100's of years. (Jackie is 1/2 Native American and is a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe.) One of the main requirements of the job is the ability to lift and move elderly patients.  That is no longer a reality. 

In addition an account has been set up at Jackie's bank.

Please send mail to:

Jackie Wambolt

10988 W. Thompson Rd.

Couer D' Alene, ID 83814

Thank you for taking the time to read her story.  The next time you buy a cool ring tone or that app you can't live without.  Please consider donating that money to Jackie's recovery fund.


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