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Hello Family, Friends, and Fans,  As most of you know, my home that I've only been in for two months, was burned up in a fire the night of October 2 into the morning of October 3rd. No one was injured and we were able to get everyone out safely. ...

*** New Updates and Pics located at the Bottom ****

Hello Family, Friends, and Fans, 

As most of you know, my home that I've only been in for two months, was burned up in a fire the night of October 2 into the morning of October 3rd. No one was injured and we were able to get everyone out safely. We're very thankful for the way the events of the night worked out compared to the fatal outcome that sort of fire could normally have had on a sleeping family. Our neighbors reacted quickly in letting us know that our porch was on fire as we lay resting in bed. Despite our best efforts with fire exstinguishers and water we were unable to contain that smoldering blaze that had already engulfed the interior of the porch. The blaze traveled inside the wall and into the 2nd floor and attic rather quickly. Soon after firefighters had the fire under control and on the decline. Though most of the house was unharmed by the actual fire the front exterior is gone and the front interior has catastrophic water damage. In short, a great deal of the house will have to be rebuilt... This will take months.

Even though I'll miss the comfort of having a new house over my head after a long and difficult Summer, I know that we'll be able to move forward and keep the dream alive. Our lives were spared because we were not the victims of smoke inhalation while we were peacefully resting. That's the one key element that I keep at the forefront of my thoughts as I deal with this difficult time. That and the fact that our neighbors kids could have been as equally effected due to the fact that their bedroom was next to the origin of the fire... There's much to be thankful for. 

The most important thing in moving forward now is to focus on finding affordable housing to move into immediately. The Red Cross has helped us out by giving us 3 nights at a local hotel so we can get our affairs in order. If we would have had insurance we could have extended our stay until we could find something new to move into. Unfortunately we did not have insurance on this new property. Very fortunately we have had a blessing in finding a new place immediately. A great friend made a couple calls and linked us up with a great local realtor who showed us exactly what we're looking for on the first try. This is were we need YOUR HELP!!! 

Most people know that I own and operate HomeGrown Studios in Cumberland County. We've provided a variety of service ranging from Audio Recording to Arstist/Business Social Media Management for many of our faithful Family, Friends, and Fans locally and abroad. Our services are affordable so that the masses can have access to the very secrets and information that deny them full access to an ever changing Music Industry. HomeGrown is By the People and For the People... Literally. That's what we're all about... The people we love and care about and the one's that love and care about us. HomeGrown views feeding a man/woman "true knowledge" as a way of giving back to the Community forever. We'd like to conitnue our Vision with your help! 

As you know, we have located a new house to move into to avoid being homeless within the next 48 hours... We have raised some of the money but we need help at raising a little more... We are roughly $900-$1000 short from our goal. We here at HomeGrown Studios KNOW that we can make this amount happen!! Joseph Chase, Nyce Buck, and Norman Woody will all be pulling togehter with me so that we can get our HomeBase back... Our new place in around the same price as the home we just lost and the Landlord is willing to work with me. We don't have much time though!!! The property is on a first come, first serve basis so it can be rented at any time... Unless we go with the money first!! That's exactly what I plan on doing Monday Morning October 7th... I know that with all of my Family, Friends, and Fans Worldwide we can reach this Goal.... If I've ever needed a show of TRUE Support, now would be the best time to Help out and make a Real Difference!! 

We're only trying to raising $1,000 by Monday Morning and we're asking you whole-heartedly to PLEASE HELP OUT!! The Goal is to have the Security Deposit paid by Monday Morning... If we have the deposit paid by then we will be able to move our undamaged belgongings into the house the same day. This is the goal... We don't have much "breathing room" as far as finances are concerned but we're pulling every last dollar that we have into making this happen. We're asking that you help out with ANY SIZE DONATION... $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever denomination is completely accepted and okay... If 100 Friends give $5 that would get us half wat to our goal. I'm humbly asking, will you please help me out? I won't be able to do it without you all... My true desire is to have the dream and vision of HomeGrown to stay strong within the Community for a lifetime. I'm hoping that the people of this fine Community and abroad are willing to help me keep this dream alive... As I mentioned earlier, ANY donation helps out. Thank You in advance for not only helping my dreams to become a reality, but for also supporting all the folks dreams that HomeGrown has been helping to come true. You are creating a ripple effect of positiveness by helping out and I thank you very deeply that. Please Inbox Me on Facebook if you have any questions or if you'd like to make a private donation instead of using our Online Donation Page. Thank You again in advance!!

~Sharaud Norman (Owner of HomeGrown Studios) ((( 

The HG Team: 
Nyce Buck ((( 
Norman Woody (((
Joseph Chase (((

S/O's to ALL the Artist of South Jersey that Support the HomeGrown Movement... If you support the growth of Culture,Music, and Unity in our Communities we appreciate and respect you as equals. Please join us by helping to keep this still growing vision alive. Thank You!

*************** UPDATE 10/08/13 ******************

Thank You for ALL the support!!! I'm greatly appreciative of everyones giving and generosity... It's truly humbling!! There are some important updates that I'd like to put out to the public regarding the Fire and our new living situation. Myself and my friend T have lost a bed, some clothes, and most important of all a roof over our heads. We worked EXTREMELY hard to find this location for living and it was definitely taken within a matter of moments. My bros Norman Woody and Joseph Chase were living with me as well... My HomeGrown Team all under one roof!! It wasn't easy but I was able to pull it off... The dream was definitely coming back together. 

Since I first wrote this our living arrangements have changed as a HomeGrown Team. Norman Woody and Joseph Chase have found other arrangements than the one's that were previously stated in this plea to the public. They were able to score a one bedroom efficiency near Joseph's old job that was ready for immediate occupancy. Please congratulate them on their quick recovery and wish them well on their new arrangements. I know that they'll do well. 

Even tho the bros Joseph Chase and Norman Woody are good, I'm not... Not yet. With the donations already made and the money I have saved my calculations are that we're about $600 from the goal of roughly $1,000. This will help me to get a down payment together for something smaller now... Hopefully I'm able to replace my bedroom set and clothes but that's not the most important thing... Getting a stable roof over my head is the number one goal. I'm currently at another bros house who is letting me borrow a roof for a little bit. Even though I'm very thankful, my mission is to become STABLE again as soon as possible.

For anyone that is willing to help but cannot do it through here please text me at 856-265-0705 or email ... I thank everyone that is helping out. And not just monetarily either. Just offering a hand has proved to help keep my spirits up during these difficult and confusing times. I haven't even had the money to remove my items from the house yet but I'm still praying that everything will fall into place somehow. Thank again everyone. Much luv and appreciation.  ~Sharaud Norman (Owner of HomeGrown Studios) ((( 


Second Floor Storage Room


Inside the Middle Beam. Start of Fire.

Inside the Middle Beam. Start of Fire.

Outside Damage Overview

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