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Belarus is famous for its soviet style dictatorship. The country is known as the last anchor of totalitarian regime in Europe. Everybody who comes to visit admits everything even looks very old school Soviet Union here. The same old school soviet style is in minds. Unfortunately, young people grow up absorbing the soviet style propaganda here.

My name is Vita. I am from Belarus. My believe is no wars or revolutions change lives for better but culture does.

Vita Ramanenka. At TRANZFORMER STUDIOS, Los Angeles, CA

And I know that my country still have a potential – there are young minds who want to work and develop and be a part of a future.

Meet Katherin. She is a young talented singer.

When I was young, I was lucky to have a professional internship at CNN (at the same time as when the Soviet Union collapsed). It taught me that even brief touch and getting understanding another culture greatly impacts one’s worldview. My dream is to change my country to the contemporary style of living with the help of art and culture.

Our young people need help to become different - free of dictatorship suppression. I believe also that sharing values makes the world balanced and I intend to give them a supportive hand and I ask you, please, back.

It will help if we bring a group of Belarusian teenagers for a short internship directly to the “wellspring of the freedom of creation” – to California, where young people could try to freely create their art under the supervision of world-class professionals in music and film, and open their minds to their true creative potential. And this is how young can learn to be free out of political suppression.

Please meet Phil, another one of possible 'Californian Intern'.

It would be generous if American values of Freedom of Creation could be shared with young people from my part of the world. Starting even small, with only several (up to 12 at the beginning) students from my still totalitarian country, we can bring the world to a better balance.

To teach kids is a core task.

What will be the additional outcomes of the full program?

I am also a documentary director, and will be filming everything to produce a feature length documentary which will give an exposure to the process of altering mind if we take it from a dictatorship environment and put it into freedom and give it an access to a higher level of opportunities.

And there’s more! Young filmmakers in the group will be producing video-blogs about their music mates exploring new possibilities. Everything will be going to YouTube immediately and their friends and families will watch at home and tell their friends and hopefully it will grow into further discussions and sharing ideas immediately.

The program is big and expensive. I ask you now for initial support to the project.

This support will be invested in the program development process. Several tasks must be completed during the start-up period, they are:

-          Personal visits to North American art schools that would be able to host Belarusian teenagers and one must be chosen

-          Another job is selecting teachers, coaches, studios to set up the program

-          Another very important task is to produce a pitch video that will attract a financing to cover the project in a full scale.

Why do I think the project can be successful?

-          First, I know from my own experience that programs like this definitely opens imagination and creates an aspiration to build a better life. I want to share this.

-          Second, I did work for some time with a musical group in the USA and am familiar with a world of film production and music business in California. Also, I have managed many other music and film projects, and want to share all this with young people in my country.

-          I am deeply involved in the artistic life of my country and can organize an outstanding selection of candidates.

-          During the time of Perestroika, my job was to manage charitable grants for the Glasnost Defence Foundation in Moscow which gave me experience with this side of the project as well.

The project will be implemented in official partnership with the Belarusian Music Studio Black Cat (see studios’ videos here).

You are also welcome to check some of my professional experience here.


So, I ask you, who believe we can make the world more balanced through sharing our best valuesFreedom of Creation - please, support the project and let kids grow up as free creators of a better life for all.

Thank you so much!

Truly yours, Vita.

Vita Ramanenka

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