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Provide Aiden with an autism dog.
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The Hetrick family humbly and respectfully requests your support to raise money to cover the costs for training and adopting an Autism Service Dog for our 4 year old son Aiden. Due to Aiden's limited ability to communicate, venturing outside of ...

On July 26, 2010 our family of five became a family of six. We were so overjoyed our family was now complete we were blessed with our angel Aiden a beautiful and healthy 7lb 8oz baby boy.

As a baby, Aiden tended to cry ALOT! Having three kids before him I figured that he had colic, so I watched what I ate, gave him medicine when needed and tried my hardest to make him as comfortable as possible; which meant me feeding him every 30-60 minutes, swaddling him as tight was I could, and rocking him until he calmed down.

Aiden seemed to hit all of his milestones on time, crawling, walking, and even saying a few words. Until one day, one day when everything just stopped. There was no more words, there was little to no eye contact, and the interaction between him and us his family diminished. He no longer wanted to be around anyone. He would spend as much time as he possibly could in his room away from us. He was in his own little world and he didn't want us in it. It was so incredibly heart breaking watching my son who I love more then words can express change and become so distant.

As a mother, it is so hard to watch your baby suffer and not know what was going on or how to help him. Then normal typical toddler tantrums intensified, he was crying and screaming for no reason it seemed. The littlest things would upset him and since he didn't talk we had no idea what was so upsetting, or even how to fix it. His screams quickly turned in to head banging and he would slam his head into the ground or wall, he seemed to seek out the hardest solid object he could find and repeatedly slam his head over and over again, if we stopped him from slamming his head he would just bite himself. Cuts and bruises cover Aiden's body on a daily basis. I was terrified to take him in public I was constantly fearful that someone would see his cuts and bruises and jump to conclusions thinking that I was abusing my precious baby boy.

As his mom, I just knew in my heart that something was not right. At 2 ½, Aiden was diagnosed with Autism. I was devastated at first trying to figure out where I went wrong. What did I do differently that may have caused this? I came to the conclusion that I may never know and that I was not going to dwell on it. So I started to fight and fight hard for my boy, I quickly became the squeaky wheel and got my boy the help he needed. He started ABA (applied behavior analysis) one year ago and goes to preschool for special needs. He gets almost 17 hours in a preschool setting and 10 hours of behavioral therapy a week in an in home setting. He has come a long way in the last year. He has found alternatives for head banging and anxiety. He even started talking 5 months ago!!!

Aiden still has along way to go, but we will get there one day at a time, and with lots of help. Which is why we would like to purchase an Autism service dog. There are many benefits of an service dog, one is keeping Aiden safe while we are out in public, Aiden has gotten away from us more times then I would like to admit. He has put himself in danger without even knowing it. He has climbed out windows and ran into the street. He doesn't fear much at all, which is really scary. Aiden will be tethered to his dog so if he tries to run the dog will be trained to lie down and act as an anchor. His dog will provide comfort when he is having a melt down, distract him when he is stemming from sensory overload, give him deep pressure therapy when needed especially nighttime, and best of all be a best friend to him. Aiden’s therapy dog will love him unconditionally without judgment, be his connection to the world around him, and to make him feel safe when he is scared.

So please help us make this dream possible, and thanks for taking the time to read Aiden's story.


Aiden’s Mom

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Benevolent Bees will donate an assorted pack of Sierra Wildflower, Pure Orange and Orange Rough Honey from California, including freight to anywhere in the USA for donations of $100.00 or more to Paws4Aiden.
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