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The Story of Julia, Henrik and Albert
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We met our friend Julia about a week ago. We had noticed a woman and two cats parked in the back of a local park for a couple of weeks. We had prayed and prayed about this and finally God gave us the nerve to talk with her. We said we had noticed her ...
We met our friend Julia about a week ago. We had noticed a woman and two cats parked in the back of a local park for a couple of weeks. We had prayed and prayed about this and finally God gave us the nerve to talk with her. We said we had noticed her there for a while and asked if there is anything she needed, she blurted out "a shower". She immediately recoiled with a smile and a laugh, obviously embarrassed by what she said. We asked if there was anything we could do… she said, “No thank you. I’m fine.” We asked if there was anything we could get for her... she said, “No thank you, really. I’m fine.” She introduced us to her two beautiful cats Albert (Einstein) and Henrik (Alan Trammel Zetterberg) and we talked about where they came from, the story of their names (obviously a huge Detroit sports fan) and how much they meant to her. They meant so much to her in fact, that she chose to live out of her van, moving from parking lot to parking lot throughout the day (for 78 days) because the shelters don’t allow cats. Julia told us that she was on the waiting list for low income housing across the state. She had a third call at an apartment about 20 minutes away, but she was not feeling hopeful.
We talked about life and common interests for some time and I realized I had forgotten her name. Apologetically I said, I’m sorry, I remember the cats Albert and Henrik, but I can’t remember your name!! She said, “That’s OK as long as you don’t forget about them!”

We talked about our family and how we help out at a local cat rescue. She said, “Bless your hearts! Not a lot of people will take cats! I have something for you…” She reached behind her and grabbed a bag of cat food. She handed me the bag and said, “I bought if for these guys but they won’t eat it. Please take it to the shelter!” I was in shock because we went to help this woman and we left with a donation!

We had been talking for almost an hour and the sun was setting and her time in this lot was almost up. It was time for her to rest under the lights of a local restaurant for a couple more hours before retiring in her fourth and final parking lot. We asked again if there was anything she needed. “Nope. I’ve got everything I need.”
What about the cats?
“Nope. I have food and kitty litter was on sale this week. So they are good too.”
What is your favorite meal?
“I’m really good, but thank you very much for talking with me. It was nice to meet new people and have a conversation.”

Unbelievable. She wanted nothing and we were leaving with a bag of cat food. As we left, I said we would visit again and we would see what we could do about a shower. She laughed!

We left knowing that we were going to find a way to get her that shower. We found a local hotel that accepted cats and I drove to the parking lot where I knew Julia would be. She was shocked and apologized for blurting out that she needed a shower. “I would never say that to anyone,” she said. I told her that she told me what she needed and now she was going to get it!! I told her we had booked a room. She tried to refuse. She said it was too expensive. She said she couldn’t take things from strangers. Through tears she asked, “Why are you doing this? This doesn’t happen to me.” I said, “It just did. This is what we are supposed to do. We have to help each other out right? Were you praying about it?” She told me she didn’t know how to pray. I said, “What? It’s really easy. You just talk and know that He is listening on the other end.”

Ultimately, she said that the cats don’t like change and she was truly worried that moving from the van to the hotel would be overly traumatic for them and she wouldn’t want to put them through that. She wanted to “talk to the boys” and think about it overnight.

The next day I met her at her “morning parking lot”. She laughed when I said, “Well boys, I hope you made the right decision!”
She asked, “I don’t have a choice do I?”
“Nope.” And off we went.

After checking in we helped Julia carry the cat crates in and the cat’s items (she had more for the cats than her own things!) upon opening the door, there was a sigh of relief from Julia. She could not believe it and I could see it in her tearful eyes. She was safe… and she had a shower!

Julia had a meeting with the housing director and it is looking like she may be getting into a place very soon. Julia has been at the hotel for 4 nights and with the help from my husband’s work, which was generous to give many, many bottles for her 4th night. That is where you come in… we are in desperate need to keep Julia and there until she hears from the director.

We have to keep Julia in our prayers so she can remain safe and comfortable at the hotel until we can move her in.

We are looking for donations to keep her up at the hotel for a couple more nights, help her stock her shelves when she gets her place and buy odds and ends that we know pop up when moving into a new place.

Thank You for reading.
God Bless!!
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