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Living with nature. Through years of experiencing illness, I grew a passion, for not just healing myself and being self sustaining but, also in seeking a property where ALL WILL THRIVE and host healing weekends/events/ develop a self sustaining community. See the whole story


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 Through years of experiencing illness, spurning me to research natural healing, I grew a passion, for not just healing myself and being self sustaining but, also in seeking to purchase property that offers a healing atmosphere for myself, the community, our animals/family and all who visit for healing/ meditational visits. I will share my story below. I choose to view all situations as a pearl , a jump off point assisting in the creation of an enriching environment for us of all ages, and abilities. :)

I am writing and sharing my story as I am also a mother of a 23 year old daughter, who also, through illness has become disabled. Continuing to lose loved ones and meeting too many similarly debilitating continues to inspire the desire to assist further.   I use the word "disabled" loosely, as I wish not to own the energy attached with it and am constant focus on accepting my healed state. :)
Our Story:

As a result of chronic illness, both myself and daughter have chronic fatigue syndrome borderline Lupus/Palsey conditions. Just three years ago, after fighting for my daughters SSD case , without a lawyer, she received a fully favorable decision. This took two years, without any doctor support even though, I painstakingly put the labs and history together to display the truth . Within the past three years and during the past few years, after seeing many specialists with no answers, I developed Sepsis and , it was at this point, the answer for my years of suffering came to a head.  Sadly, I am not the only patient who has experienced a lack of total disclosure towards healing. I have seen my daughter suffer all of her childhood with stomach ailments , asthma, reproductive issues with no doctor concern , too many antibiotics and medicine, to a point she has begun familiar symptoms. No mention was ever made about what this DOES TO THE STOMACH LINING AND THUS, OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AS 80% OF OUR IMMUNITY IS IN OUR GUT/COLON. This I am slowly reversing through my applied researched knowledge. As time passed, my daughter would share how several of her teenage friends were developing serious digestive disorders. The beauty of having been sick so long was that I had already researched various holistic healing approaches with successful experiences, allowing me to share with others, seemingly coming from every angle. The long struggle with illness has ignited in me, a passion for knowledge of food healing, mind healing, spirit healing for ourselves, our pets, environment, wildlife, ecosystem, understanding they are all connected. 

This knowledge I share with any and all who present in need and am quite passionate about wanting to help others to heal, creating a pocket of support for the community.

Healing Art ~ Inspiration:

During these last few years while being ill, I took up the paint brush again and my paintings took on a very spiritual form. I found the work pour out of me and speak. Some of the pieces, I found, told a story of the future and for healing. One particular piece has a story. I paint abstract with no idea of what I am painting and as it forms, a story begins. At this point , I had no idea that I was painting the future. I had yet to know this about my work until I met Edgar Maldonado. This was a very intense spiritual meeting, Three months prior to meeting Edgar, I began a painting that formed a man's face, I called Shaman communing with nature. Three months later at a gathering I met a man and, the strangest dejavu came over me as I looked closer. I then asked if he was spiritual and his reply, "But did you have to ask"? I shared with him that I painted his face As he revealed, he was on experimental Cancer treatment and was in the end stages of Cancer. At this point we became freinds and I shared of my passion for natural healing. He was very interested but was so far gone. We had one of those conversations that you never forget. I shared with him my desire to gather the community, artists, children, all, to share awareness of GMO's, toxic foods, products, EMF's affect causing hyper-electric sensitivity and illness, etc. The idea was to allow all , to share/express creatively to raise awareness and support for healing all. Looking around, realization hits on just how many of us are ill and/or disabled, younger and younger. We are what we eat, mind, body, spirit, soul.

These circumstances do not have to become our life, rather a pearl, offering us a place from which to soar, to grow and create. "Necessity is the Mother of all Invention"!. I know that we can help one another. :) Edgar was very interested and, being a conga player offered to join in. Mid December, just over a year ago, Edgar passed, followed more recently, May 24th, 2014, my dearest friend followed, leaving behind two young children. 

Experiencing this growing epidemic,  I remain continuously fueled to share my research and passions on my Facebook page labeled, Beat a Drum in Truth & Healing, A Living, Co-Creative Tapestry. Here, I honor their spirit, as well asall  loved ones previously passed and, for those struggling, our entire community, who most definitely is a constant motivation. We are doing it together :)

Meet our fur babies:
A constant source of inspiration, my animal family loves to ham it up, sharing many pictures, posted on my page. :)

Personally, I have, what I affectionately call, Tanya's Ark, our dogs, cats, including momma Phoenix, pappa Cosmo and their girls, a beauty to experience over these years, Sophia, our Mallucan Cockatoo.  We include my mother's pets. She segwayed into a nursing home 5 years ago.   details about their individual stories is shared in the history of these pages, as well as my Facebook page, shared below.

As I focus on finding a home for myself, a large focus is also given to keeping the family together. I find most rentals DO NOT ALLOW ANIMALS AND THOSE THAT DO, USUALLY INSIST THE DOGS BE 35 LBS. OR LESS, THUS MONUMENTALLY INCREASING THE NUMBERS OF ANIMALS IN SHELTERS, EUTHENIZING ALARMING NUMBERS DAILY, DUE TO OVERCROWDING. I FURTHER FIND IT AMAZING THAT THE LARGER DOGS BE SINGLED OUT, AS THEY ARE THE MOST LAID BACK AND LEAST LIKELY TO DO DAMAGE. As my passion centers around animals, wishing to meld this vision, offering a secure home to them as well, that they never have to experience this. I would love to offer a section of land, fenced in , Sophia with her tree to perch, as intended, and the dogs and cats a place to safely run free, while building out the healing center.

Each one of them has a relationship, a story, and is inter-connected. I realize how equally important is is to represent our animals, keeping us together. :)

We Are What We Eat:

Extending to our pets, there is growing concerned about the nature of food that society is unknowingly feeding our animal family. The same disregard, greed, and utter toxic, parasitic protocol is also inherent in our pet food, even the "holistic" brands. I focus on labeling laws, gearing towards eliminating toxic mixed tocepherols, meal, as well as sawdust, euthanized animals, etc. from pet food.

One of the main focuses is the food pyramid/factory farming scheme, pushing acid into a system, built to slowly digest nutrients, while daily sacrificing millions, in the most barbaric of ways. I feel the apathy to these concentration camps and appreciate all of us who are awakening and productively reacting to it. It is the buildup of toxins in our system, from eating meat and dairy that has created all illness to start with, building the many branches of medicine, growing rich off of ignorance and pharmaceuticals. What many also don't understand also, is that they are consuming all the toxins flooded into the muscles, from the fear. We are what we eat. We were never meant to eat our brethren, us in a different vessel.

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