Living with nature. Through years of experiencing illness, I grew a passion, for not just healing myself and being self sustaining but, also in seeking a property where ALL WILL THRIVE and host healing weekends/events/ develop a self sustaining community.

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To follow my healing work, please join me at my Facebook page and Beat a Drum for Peace, A Living, Moving, Co-Creative Tapestry! Prayers Welcome:)

People of all abilities , hands creating together, all skills forming the whole. :)

There is a proven raise in energy when gathering at the same time, with a focused intention. What happens when we all, daily , second by second and , in between, focus our thoughts, words, actions, spirit, convictions, with soul for abundance and peace?

We are doing it , all the time, allways, all ways. Just look at all of the positive around the world, joining in the truth vibration, desiring peace.

Friends of ours recently died. What I feel most , with this positive shift in energy is that all of those loved ones who left this plane are all pushing with our hearts for this positive shift. Energy never dies it just transforms into another form.

Please join me on my Facebook pages for a minute of peace at noon and midnight

Blessings to all!


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 Through years of experiencing illness, I grew a passion, for not just healing myself and being self sustaining but, also in seeking to purchase property that offers a healing atmosphere for myself, the community, our animals/family and all who visit for healing/ meditational visits. I will share my story below. I choose to view all situations as a pearl , a jump off point assisting in the creation of an enriching environment for us of all ages, and abilities. :)

I am writing and sharing my story as I am also a mother of a 21 year old daughter, who also, through illness has become disabled. ( I use the word "disabled" loosely, as I wish not to own the energy attached with it and am constant focus on accepting my healed state. :)


As a result of chronic illness, both myself and daughter have chronic fatigue syndrome borderline Lupus/Palsey conditions. Just two years ago, after fighting for my daughters SSD case , without a lawyer, she received a fully favorable decision. This took two years, without any doctor support even though, I painstakingly put the labs and history together to display the truth . Within the past two years and during the past few years, after seeing many specialists with no answers, I developed Sepsis and , it was at this point, the answer for my years of suffering came to a head. I had a submucoasal Fibrod in the lining of my uterus, blocking the colon, pressing bladder and causing a flood of other toxins to flood my system , nearly taking my life. Sadly, I am not the only patient who has experienced a lack of total disclosure towards healing. I have seen my now 21 year old daughter suffer all of her childhood with stomach ailments , asthma, reproductive issues with no doctor concern , too many antibiotics and medicine, to a point she has begun familiar symptoms. No mention was ever made about what this DOES TO THE STOMACH LINING AND THUS, OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AS 80% OF OUR IMMUNITY IS IN OUR GUT/COLON. This I am slowly reversing through my applied researched knowledge. The long struggle with illness has ignited in me, a passion for knowledge of food healing, mind healing, spirit healing and, more importantly, to share with others.

This knowledge I share with any and all who present in need and am quite passionate about wanting to help others to heal. I would like to create a pocket of support for the community, with help and have recently begun meeting with a local parish to share. THIS VISION IS NON DENOMINATIONAL, ACCEPTING WHO SHARE WITH RESPECT, COOPERATION, CONSIDERATION, LOVE. :)

During these last few years while being ill, I took up the paint brush again and my paintings took on a very spiritual form. I found the work pour out of me and speak. Some of the pieces, I found, told a story of the future and for healing. One particular piece has a story. I paint abstract with no idea of what I am painting and as it forms, a story begins. At this point , I had no idea that I was painting the future. I had yet to know this about my work until I met Edgar Maldonado. This was a very intense spiritual meeting, Three months prior to meeting Edgar, I began a painting that formed a man's face, I called Shaman communing with nature. Three months later at a gathering I met a man and, the strangest dejavu came over me as I looked closer. I then asked if he was spiritual and his reply, "But did you have to ask"? I shared with him that I painted his face As he revealed, he was on experimental Cancer treatment and was in the end stages of Cancer. At this point we became freinds and I shared of my passion for natural healing. He was very interested but was so far gone. We had one of those conversations that you never forget. I shared with him my desire to gather the community, artists, children, all, to share awareness of GMO's, toxic foods, products, EMF's affect causing hyper-electric sensitivity and illness, etc. The idea was to allow all , to share/express creatively to raise awareness and support for healing all. I then look around to realize how many of us who are ill and/or disabled and are dealing with similar circumstances.These circumstances do not have to become us our story, rather a pearl in that it can offer us a jump off point to grow and create. "Necessity is the Mother of all Invention"!. I know that we can help one another. :) He was very interested and, being a conga player offered to join in. Mid December, Edgar passed which fueled me further to take my research and passions and create another Facebook page labeled Beat a Drum for Peace, a Living, Moving, Co-Creative Tapestry. Here, I honor his spirit, who most definitely was pushing me to develop and share. We are doing it together :) Here I do daily 12:00a,m./12:00p.m daily Minute of Silence for Peace ~ Worldwide joined healing healing work for healing the world. Here I post Truth for Healing, that others learn about the ways we are affecting our environment and the ways we are affected by it, all elements, including ourselves. I post Inspiration and videos involving Truth for Healing.

I have many pictures of our animals posted on my page, sadly, I have begun to make ads for their adoption but, I am hoping not to have to do this. :). As I search for rentals, I find most DO NOT ALLOW ANIMALS AND THOSE THAT DO, USUALLY INSIST THE DOGS BE 35 LBS. OR LESS THUS PUSHING THE NUMBERS OF ANIMALS INTO SHELTERS THAT WILL THEN HAVE TO EUTHENIZE THEM, DUE TO OVERCROWDING. I FURTHER FIND IT AMAZING THAT THE LARGER DOGS BE EXCLUDED AS THEY ARE THE MOST LAID BACK AND LEAST LIKELY TO DO DAMAGE. As I focus on finding a home for myself, a large focus is also given to keeping the family together. My cat, Phoenix and I shared the birth of her 6 girls, each with a story. We have Sophia, our sassy Maluccan Cockatoo who lost two previous owners and has a permanant plucking issue. I am hoping not to have to re-home anyone that they never have to experience this. I would love to offer a section of land, fenced in , Sophia with her tree to perch, as intended, and the dogs and cats a place to safely run free. :) Each one of them has a relationship, a story, and is inter-connected. I realize how equally important is is to represent our animals and hope to keep us together. :) If I should not secure the supportive environment, I am realistic, but I keep my vision :).

Receiving support from others of various skills/healing modalities, my vision is to have a healing center where we grow organic crops as well. My hope is to gather like minded people who will share my passion and vision. Anyone who would like to offer their expertise, as well, I appreciate any sound advice or skills anyone brings to the table. :) . I thank you for sharing :) This is an opportunity for us all to put together our love for life, nature , family, community and, future generations!

knowing the power of positive focus, I ask if you will keep us in your Hearts, as I send my heart out to all! Please join in. :) My interest is in a community/partnership/joint effort where all of us , gathered together, have all necessary skills and resources where money and struggle no longer exist. As idealogical as this sounds, take a look at the qualifying facts and reasons why this is a very feasable plan. :) We may be able to purchase a small home/building with property cheap to start with. Cob/Straw Bale Hay houses are cheap and , with enough donated items and hands, knowledge, even cheaper. We can't afford the average rent on my disability check but a mortgage on a property from 20,000-60,000.00 would be very affordable! I don't qualify due to the foreclosure but, in partnership, together, all will live with more ease :) Maybe someone has a property they would like to finance/rent with options to buy or donate for the cause? With the right crew of skills, HEART, some finances, commitment, land, WE CAN DO IT! :) Thank you and bless you all! :)

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