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Clean Energy For Northern Kenya
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Help empower women in northern Kenya by giving them access to clean energy! We will provide clean cook stoves and solar kits to women in Log-Logo and Ngurunit. It will benefit health and environment and provide income-generating opportunities.

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What we will do

We will provide 25 clean cookstoves (from Envirofit) and 10 solar kits (from BBOXX) to women in Log-Logo and Ngurunit in northern Kenya. This will help eradicate poverty by providing women with economic opportunities, reducing deforestation and health problems, as well as contributing towards education and development.

Rendille woman cooking over open fire with torch.

Who are we?

Daniel Westergren is from Sweden, and has been visiting northern Kenya frequently since the year 2000. Among other things he has helped set up a secondary school in Nyahururu for disadvantaged children from northern Kenya. His wife Salandi Westergren (born Labarakwe) was born in Ngurunit and raised in Log-Logo, where most of her family still reside.

Daniel and Salandi with some family members in Log-Logo.

We now live in Sweden and in August/September we will visit family and friends in Log-Logo and Ngurunit, as well as participating in a conference about "Education, heritage and community building" in Ngurunit, including a cultural festival.

Through direct personal experience of the rigours of collecting firewood in an area where wood is a scarcity (particularly on Salandi’s part), we have realized the dire need for clean energy. Log-Logo recently received access mobile telephony (which Ngurunit is still waiting for), but access to charging is very limited. Sadly, most people do not have good lighting in their homes when day turns to night. In addition, deforestation is visibly apparent, and we have first-hand experience of the harm that smoke from an open fire brings.

We will make sure every contribution is going 100% towards the cause. We will update you on the progress, including photos and reports from women who have received the clean cookstoves and solar kits, which we will personally deliver at no cost.

Energy poverty

In northern Kenya the household is the responsibility of the women. They walk long distances to collect heavy firewood in an area where deforestation is a huge environmental issue. When they get home, they cook over an open fire, in the kitchen with their children, being exposed to the harmful smoke. This causes diseases like child pneumonia, lung cancer, asthma, respiratory infections etc.

And as there is no electricity, the fire, expensive and harmful kerosene lamps and battery-driven torches are the only light sources in the evenings, making it difficult for children to study. There is a clear link between energy poverty and education.

"Access to energy is fundamental to improving quality of life and is a key imperative for economic development." (Energy Poverty Action Initiative brochure)

This project will address two needs of domestic energy poverty: cooking energy and lighting, as well as creating opportunities for income-generating activities for women.

Clean cookstoves

Indoor air pollution from household cooking fires causes 4 million deaths per year in the world, more than HIV, TB and malaria combined. Clean cookstoves can reduce 80% of these emissions, as well as reduce up to 60% in firewood consumption! It also reduces cooking time and fuel costs by up to 50%. 

You can imagine what this will mean to women and their households. 

Envirofit M-5000

Solar kits

The solar kits from BBOX include a battery box, which enables lighting and charging of electrical appliances such as mobile phones.

Impacts include:

  • Lighting for household chores, studying, security, preparation and selling of goods, as well as social evening activities. For example, studies have shown that with BBOXX, kids spend 40 minutes more per day for studying.
  • Charging mobile phones. Not only can the women of Log-Logo and Ngurunit charge their own phones without having to pay for the service, they can also create a small phone-charging businesses of their own, with an estimated revenue of $50 per month (charging 10 phones per day).
  • Connecting to the outside world via radio or TV.
  • Saving money on kerosene and batteries. BBOXX BB18 Kit


The aim for this campaign is to raise $3,100. It will provide the following:

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Collecting firewood is done by women, and is time-consuming and dangerous. With clean cookstoves, the time spent in collecting firewood and cooking is considerably reduced. This gives more time both for rest and to engage in income-generating activities, which the solar kits will help with. Empowering women means empowering the whole family.

Change a family's life... today!

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