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Hi,  My name is Joshua Henne, everyone calls me Josh. I never thought I would be in such a hard, impossible situation in life like I am now. I have tried for a long time not to ask for this kind of help but I am lost on what to do while I wait ...


My name is Joshua Henne, everyone calls me Josh. I never thought I would be in such a hard, impossible situation in life like I am now. I have tried for a long time not to ask for this kind of help but I am lost on what to do while I wait for disability benefits. The process can take up to a year for my appeal and may still be denied. I ask for help to allow me to stay in Colorado a little bit longer so my medical needs can be addressed quickly. With this last open-heart procedure, I have no way to make money and I do not qualify for aide from the state other than medicaid right now. This is a brief story of how I got here:

In April of 2010, I was battling a hidden secret of severe depression. With a culmination of several events at once and lack of knowing how to handle my stress I felt I had one option. I attempted suicide on April 19th. This was something I never thought I would do, knowing how badly this would hurt my family and friends. At the time, I felt that if my problems would just go away, it would benefit everyone and I would no longer live with this horrible feeling I was secretly living with inside my head. After the attempt, I did not die and it hit me then that that decision was not the right one and begged for my life. I was treated for the initial injury caused by my chemical injection and also was able to check into a mental hospital to allow myself to never get into this position again and be able to deal with stress and life better.

After my stay in Lincoln and enduring a week long coma and lung procedures the prognosis was positive. 

In June 2010, after my lungs continued to fill with fluids and my heart rate was in the 140's at rest, I was sent to the Medical Center of  Aurora in Aurora, CO. I immediately underwent an open window pericardium procedure to remove fluid off the heart. The following week I had a pluerodesis surgery to stop the fluid build up in the lungs. At that time, I had a rare allergic reaction to the spray that adheres the lungs to the rib cage. This resulted in a second, induced coma. I was able to pull through and stayed 6 more weeks in the hospital after having several other issues during the stay. I went home and back to work but returned for a gall bladder removal and several pneumonia stays. I was advised to move closer to Aurora at that time.

I moved away from Nebraska and came to Colorado. After nine months, my hips were having issues and we realized they needed surgery. My job terminated me at that time and I then endured 3 hip surgeries, 2 were replacements after one failed to save the hip. I tried working on my own but could not work full days nor stand or sit for lengthy periods of time. I decided to withdraw on my retirement to pay bills hoping things would improve. Come February 2014 it was determined in needed a heart catheterization. We found the pericardium that was opened in 2010 has thickened around the heart and was causing me to retain lots of water daily for the last year and worse in the last 9 months. A tough surgery called Pericardium Stripping was completed on March 11th and I was discharged on March 21, 2014. Coming home I realized I no longer have any funds in my retirement, my life insurance has no cash value due to a loan taken out to pay bills.

I don't know what to do but reach out. Please help if you can. I have always tried to give families my all in funeral service and hope one day when I needed help I could ask. This is the most humbling, tough, embarrassing thing I have done. I do not feel as if I should get help because of what happened but I need to pay bills while I heal.

Kaleb is my 5 year old son who I adore. He makes everyday worth living and I can't afford to take care of him now. Thank God for my mom, I would be going without food rich now and everything she has done. My car will he repossessed soon because I cannot pay my Chapter 13 payments and I can't afford to do Chapter 7. I just need help until I can get healed up and disability going. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Many of you know it, some of you do not and may be surprised. Please contact me with questions. I will make it right when I can. Thank you again!

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