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Bo story starts in Southern IL. He is a young Lab/Retriever mix. He was tied to a chain for what felt like a life time to him. 3 horrible months go by. Finally someone said they wanted him. The problem was the "adopter" was in ...

Bo story starts in Southern IL. He is a young Lab/Retriever mix. He was tied to a chain for what felt like a life time to him. 3 horrible months go by. Finally someone said they wanted him. The problem was the "adopter" was in Northern, IL. So a loving group of people got together to help not only him but many others get to their rescues and homes who were waiting for them. Bo was a dream. He got to ride on the lap of one of the volunteers, see picture below. After a long day and even longer drive Bo finally meet the people who he thought would love him forever. 
Well a couple days went by, something happen, we are truly unsure what happened inside the home but we were told he turned. He bit the daughter and then went for the dad. The "adopter" called the "rescue" he got him from. That is when things really fell apart for Bo.
The "rescue" told the "adopter" to chain him up outside. REALLY!!! HELLO!!! It was 5 today, without wind chill. We are also looking at getting more snow this weekend. He is NOT in SOUTH anymore. 
The "adopter" not sure what to do. The "Rescue" was 400 miles away. So the "Adopter" called their Animal Control. They were no help. They would not take the dog from them either. So once again Bo was left to wounder what was going to happen. He was now 400 miles away from anyone he knows and in a house that did not want him anymore. 
It was cold out and dark. Bo found himself driving around with the people who were supposed to love him. But the next thing he knew he was in a very strange place. No one around and nothing but wood as far as the eyes can see. You guessed it. They dumped him. 
Luckily for Bo someone seen him. They were able to get Bo to trust them. Once he was in the truck of this guy they called Animal Control. Animal Control came out to get him. They notice that he looked like the same dog that was described to them on the phone earlier that day from someone who adopted a dog from the south. 
Bo knew he was going to be ok. He was still not sure of what was going to happen to him but for the time being he was warm. He did not give them any trouble getting in the truck or heading inside once they got to the building. He was even fine to go into his kennel. 
Once they got him settled they scanned him. He IS chipped. The chip came back to a vet in the south. So they knew who he belonged to. They called the vet to get the information and to find out what was going on. The vet gave up the name and number of the "rescue". 
Animal Control called the "rescue" to find out what was going on. After talking to the "rescue" a couple different times Animal Control was starting to question things themselves. 
We got a phone call about him from someone who knew what was going on. We called the Animal Control asking about him. They were more than pleased to hear from us. We told them that we could be there about noon to get him. GREAT they said.
When we got up there we asked what all was going on. This is what we were told from animal control...
"They got a call on Saturday around 3 pm from a man who adopted a dog. Then about 8:30 that night they got a call from the forest reserve. He found a dog in the woods. They have been in touch with the person who adopted the out and every time she talked to her her story would change, just a little but still change." 
We got all of the paperwork done and they brought out Bo. He was happy but unsure if he should be, we don't blame you boy we understand. We, Furry Monster Rescue, paid $92.50 to get him out. NOT ANYONE ELSE. As we were standing there talking to animal control I notice the hair loss around his eyes and back side. The animal control notice that too. We put OUR leash on him and as we were getting ready to walk out the door animal control asked us one more question...
Is he staying with you or going back to the other "rescue"?
My answer...
LOL "Hell NO, this guy is a Furry Monster now!"

I tell you his story because people may try to do the right thing and find a dog a new home. But when you have no intention to do it the RIGHT way then someone else is left to clean up your mess. Or a life is lost over it. 

His name is now Jack Howler. Jack due to the temperature out when he was dumped and Howler because there is a group of people who TRULY do care about what happens to animals called Howlers. Howlers are NOT rescuers. But they do help find TRUE rescues and help with transporting the animals to them. Howlers watched over him and when thing went bad they were the ones who truly cared for him and his safety. 
Jack Howler is a sweetheart, once he knows you are good, we don't blame him for being unsure. He is going in to the vet in the morning to find out what is going on with the hair loss. Once we get him cleaned up and back on the right road he will be going up for adoption, the RIGHT way, to find his TRUE forever home.

Welcome to Furry Monster Rescue, Jack Howler ♥

Pup-Date: 2/11/2014 
Jack Howler went to the doctors this morning. This poor guy is just one mess after another. Not only was he covered in flees, and has the skin loss to show it. But he also is completely infested with worms including ring worm. He is also about 10lbs under weight. Then, yes there is more, he has double ear infection and his neuter is infected too. So this poor guy is needing a REALLY good bath, wormer, cream and 3 different antibiotics. This guy was NEVER ready for his forever home. No wounder he ended up at an animal control.

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