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At two years old Sammy was adopted by an older couple. Unfortunately, this couple decided to declaw Sammy. Sammy was not only declawed, he was FOUR-PAW declawed, which is the ultimate insult to any cat. Declawing is more than a larger “nail trim.” It is an amputation where a veterinarian chops off up to the first knuckle on the fingers; this is supposed to curb an animal from scratching furniture and damage walls.
In some cases, a cat won’t experience a problem from the surgery, but for many, the procedure creates lifelong pain and discomfort. A cat cannot walk or jump without having pain shoot up his arms and into his back. Because of the discomfort, some cats can start biting and peeing in inappropriate places. Many times the bones in the feet will start to regrow, causing this pain; there can also be nerve damage to the affected areas, tendons that retract and pull on the attached skin on the paws, causing the imbalance. Declawing is one of the worst things anyone can do to a cat. Sammy was one of those unfortunate cats who has experienced the problems we have outlined.

Sammy started peeing on his mom and dad’s bed and everywhere. They decided to get rid of Sammy, even considering euthanasia because they felt no one would want to take on a “damaged” cat.

Through rescue, Sammy’s life was saved yet again and has a new set of parents who want to make his life better. At first he seemed fine, but started to pee inappropriately again. He sits at times and lifts his right paw for what seems like no reason, and he cries continually at night.
Because of these odd behaviors and the new owners’ frustration with Sammy’s peeing, two rescuers took him to a specialist to check his paws. Dr. Martin of Connecticut Feline Medicine and Surgery in Manchester determined that Sammy is in considerable pain from his declaw surgery because the tendons in his front paws have retracted and are pulling the skin on his feet back and causing Sammy to walk on skin rather than his pads. He is developing calluses on that skin and cannot walk correctly. He may have developed bone growth, but the doctor was not able to determine this without an x-ray. Sammy’s peeing problem could be from the stress of the pain in his paws or it could be that he is developing crystals again. Dr. Martin feels that having declaw repair surgery where the tendons can be cut to relieve the tension will be a big help; apparently, the right paw is worse off, which is why he sits with his right paw up.

Sammy needs to get his surgery AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! The cost for a tendonectomy is around $550; if he needs bone overgrowth removal as well, the cost could be about $200 more, but that won’t be known until Dr. Martin already has Sammy in surgery. Recovery could be from one week to one month, depending on the severity of the surgery, but for Sammy’s parents, they feel it would be worth going through this ordeal so that he could enjoy the rest of his life pain-free. He may never get his crystals issue resolved completely, but reducing his stress from the pain in his paws will help greatly.

We are asking for $1,000 toward Sammy’s total care. If the surgery turns out to be less than $1,000, left over funds will be used to pay for the prescription food Sammy is on for his urinary problems, and the Nutmeg Spay/Neuter Clinic will help by having the food ordered at their cost rather than the retail cost. Your donation can help Sammy heal and lead a normal life finally. He may not get back the life he once had, but at least we can make the rest of his life happy.

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